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This was a touching film. Nice take on the one-room genre, using the fear of outdoors to explain it. I'm not sure about the shots from outside though... are they allowed? Difficult genre anyway. The acting was great for Rom-Com, awkward and cheesy, and the freeze-frame ending fitted well. Loved the humour from the post-it note bits, and the clinical narration explaining what Eliot's problems were. The wire being used for making models and then for anxiety was really effective. Great job guys :D

Extremely well-produced film. The script was tight, costumes and location matched the time (not a single modern house in the background, excellent work there), and the chosen 'fad' was interesting and original. Well worth another watch :D

It's a shame it couldn't be longer - bobby's wife never made another appearance, and Mr Sameuls' cross was an element that could've used some expanding. Otherwise, it was very enjoyable and I'm impressed by what was accomplished in just 48 hours. :)