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A lot of this was really funny, and it was well-structured, and some of it exceptionally well-shot. Good performances too, and a decent plot, with a well-set-up ending. The only problem is to me it felt a bit derivative of e.g. IT Crowd or The Office, which spoiled the enjoyment a little personally; but it seems exceptionally churlish to complain about that in the context of this competition, where getting anything at all in on time is frankly a miracle. Looking forward to even bigger / better things next time round.

Some funny stuff in here, but I couldn't work out quite what was going on other than the obvious (characters having a bit of a fight, without wishing to go into spoilers), which seemed a little plot-light? The subtitling was an interesting and funny device; for me, this would have been brilliant if harnessed to more of a plot. Good fun watch, though.

This was a good fun watch. A lot of entertaining elements that didn't quite add up for me - e.g. it would have been great to have the character's somewhat roundabout approach to problem solving drive the plot a little more, and the toast party was random fun, but didn't quite go anywhere (and was a little long for my taste). But nonetheless, a lot of hard work and great ideas packed into a short space.

Interesting the other reviewer thought there were sound problems - I thought the lack of sound was a deliberate choice, which made what could have been a bit of an average story into quite a brave film, and a pretty uncomfortable but engaging watch. Some excellent camera work, and a few striking moments of acting that gave depth to what could have been one-note characters. I didn't really understand the plot, but that didn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Sorry to say I didn't think this film was that good, but definite props to the team for trying something different, doing it in an interesting way, and putting something up there that wasn't really like anything else you were likely to see anywhere. I feel pretty bad saying I didn't think it really worked, but this kind of thing is really what the competition is all about, so good on Single Sock for shooting for it.

Good fun silly animation, but maybe a little light on plot / concept. Hilarious gags, but maybe a bit more like a string of gags than a film. Still enjoyed it.

Neat and unnerving ending to the movie, and good buildup, although maybe a bit on the long side. Nice concept though. Not entirely sure where the other dimension came into it, but that seems a wee bit quibbly.

Great fun film. Positively reveled in the low-budget tack, and was all the better for it. Thoroughly enojyed it.