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Good job guys. I was hoping we were going to jump to grandpas car a bit more, that was hilarious. I see the generation gap(s) within your story and it is relatable, to me at least. Good on you guys for going outside too and not limiting yourself to and inside set.

This was really well done. I've got to see what other teams did with this genre. It was almost predictable what was coming but then it wasn't predictable because your film just became enjoyable to watch, and then when the reveal came, I forgot that's where I saw it going in the first place. Meaning job well done and it distracted me from the ending enough to keep me entertained. I know some people in the audience next to me voted for you guys.

We're going to die soon so lets do a lucky dip and do some crazy shit before it happens! Was kind of a good way to imply something has gone wrong in the world and we know the end is coming. I did think the impending doom was nuclear war though and not so much nature run amok, though I fell sorry for the poor feline getting abused. (I know / hope you didn't really yell at it) I'm rather saying it should have looked like it had a virus or something to give it a sinister look. And then, yes, lets get it on... oh wait you threw up on me. Oh well!
Good production and good job

Well done Grand Cheval. Have you guys been missing the last year or so? You guys have knocked another one out of the park. Very simple plot, though with the great dialogue and delivery it was not predictable. At one point I thought one of the characters was just going to carry out the "Job" there and then. The fact you guys also delivered the dialogue in masks was great. You couldn't give the audience any facial ques to react from and it relied on the dialogue and movement. The location and lighting was well done, I felt it all flowed very well.

OMG I dread getting musical / dance genre. Not sure if you guys wanted it but if I ever got it I would use your take on it as very good reference. This was a great job. I mean there has been musicals that have won the comp over the years with some very good production value. Your production matches ours well. That is not to say it wasn't good, just that I feel nearer to yours than some of the previous winners. You guys had a good plot, I thought the female officer was going to succumb to the groove as well, but she saved her partner. Bloody well done for what i think is a hard genre

Yep, got the genre reference pretty quickly and it made sense. The type for every emotion / situation was good. Then it got dark, and the acting was well done there which made it real dark. Whilst that was quite good, not sure if it sat well with me, so your production there did its job. Then it had the final reveal which I wanted to laugh at but I was still coming down from the anxiety of the previous scene(s). So yep, very well done.

Ahhh... you guys are the quintessential quirks of the 48hr. Ever since I am Ball I love seeing what you come up with. And those that know, know your intro reference. I might have laughed too early as your made as part of 48hr... came up early. And I thought yes! Smack the audience in the face with a wet fish. But then you continued to smack us with a dry one. My reference meaning your dry humour. I love dry humour. Another great outing by F oh F.

Well done guys. Probably others have said it and I haven't read other reviews before adding mine. The sound needed a little tweeking. The concept made sense even if just a little predictable in the end but good job

Good job team. Whilst I got what was going on it took me a while to marry it to your genre. Was the friend a robot? with the wires out of his neck? And yes probably the whole audience jumped at the scare scene so that came off really well.

What can I say. Well done. Ultra this year with the split screen element certainly presented some challenges. None least than trying to have two screens make sense or interact to one another. This must have been fun to write, film, act. I bet there were quite few laughs behind the camera and surely you guys will have a gag reel for this one. The audience reaction said it all to a great job you guys did. Awesome.

It took just a little while to establish what was happening but then made sense as the plot was revealed. Great montage with the killing and then the healing. Loved the "band aid" on the throat. Other props worked well too. Good job.

Yep, got it ! It made sense. Had me worried near the start because I thought you were doing a time travel movie. Very simple story line. And often keeping it simple is better. Well done

Well done guys. The story made sense and had some degree of flow about it. Lots of laughs in the right places that were spot on.

So he knew she was doing x videos? Started to log into her web cam? obviously to check on....? She got home late due to an extra shoot and missed the romantic tea. Got upset had a shower and made up.... outside?
Will they repeat the same scenario tommorrow night?
Hey, the audio was a bit low but so were a few last night. Not sure if we all recorded low audio or the theatre had the volume low. Neither I'm sure.
But the idea of your short got through and I understood the story. Yes the last scene was well shot. Good acting too I thought

The idea was great. Bring back the dead actress to make a film. And then your film was done in a mokumentry style. Great concept. Opened well, ended well. Being the $2 director of our team, I loved that the director had to do what had to be done. Jack of all trades perhaps. Good flow and very entertaining.

Loved it. Loved the old "I am ball" intro. Loved you did ultra and I reckon it was a damn fine job given "what I think" was probably with your limited resources. The story line worked and flowed really well. Not sure if the "cuts" in the editing was on purpose but I want to think it was because it seemed to fit better than if it was super smooth. And, if it wasn't meant to be, then repeat the last sentence. Well done F o F.

Hi guys, please don't be offended. I got lost in your story. Rather the plot. In my mind I couldn't link the sequences together, though I think I know where you were trying to take it. Maybe? I appreciate your efforts. It's not that easy to complete something in the weekend and get all the hand in etc done on time. I hope you guys had fun making your short.

I absolutely appreciate the effort it must take to do one of these movies. I just got lost in the translation. Any chance you could link your original in the ultra link page. I would love to see how the sequel fits. Ah ha, but of course, its a repeat. You evil genius you!

Fairly good overall. Great you could maintain the accents throughout for your characters. Was it deliberate to have oversized suits and shirts? For me it can be seen two ways. It works, because of the obvious young talent acting a more adult role, or the other way is, it simply doesn't. The jury is still out for me on this one fact. Not the overall story. I got that. The children's movie "Bugsy Malone" came to mind as a reference for me.
Well done guys.

The night shift radio host? It works, great idea especially for what was a night time movie. Reminded me a bit of the old Clint Eastwood movie, "play misty for me". . I'm only giving you a lower rating not for the story just a bit of overall production value. But what do I know, you should see some of our stuff. But still hopefully just some friendly constructive .... opinion. Who am I to criticise.
Well done guys

Another good effort in the Z grade genre guys. Loved the running, not running. I said it to the Goat Monarchs too. It must be difficult making a "bad" movie look good. I'm reminded of our first short back in the day and it would have easily passed for a Z- grade without even trying. Well done

I'm glad you guys got the Z grade genre and not me. It must be hard making a "bad" movie look good. Would love to have seen what you would have done without having to have the Z grade theme. I was waiting for Lisa to run out to a werewolf. Or did I just miss something, because I thought I heard a howl before she ran out of the room. Good work.

Holy Sh*t. Someone had to go there. What a crack up. I think actually the Alien baby is screwed if it was born into the Westie Bogun house. Damn, I'm going to look at all redneck westie boguns differently now. Are they all in fact aliens? Don't answer that. The mullets have ears!
Who got to clean the bathroom?

Loved the twist, and very good narrative / rhyme matching the theme. I suppose one could see it all from several angles. I thought if it's going dark as it did, that maybe this is what Christmas in the modern world is all about. I mean just ask my credit card.

Surely there's a great back story just waiting in the wings to the "cleaner" character. And how dumb were the guys. Everyone knows a chick is going to have an ankle phone, duh!
Remind me not to p*ss off my dealer, I mean Amway sales consultant. Overall, very good guys.

I too recall the original, this is a good sequel, loved the build up and tension.
Please tell me you haven't had your "time machine" in storage all this time. It certainly looked like the original. Wait, of course you didn't, you just went back in time and got it from 2014. Nice.
But wait, did it mean Eloise's mum got killed now? then what of Eloise? Oh the tragedy of time travel, I can't warp... I mean wrap my head around it all.

Ballsy move. I remember "I am Ball" the first time. What a great follow up. Much like the forgotten tennis ball you find in the long grass when mowing it and you go, oh sh*t that's right! Great to see Ball survived their journeys overall, but only to be thrown out again by some child that doesn't understand Balls history and relevance to the world! Oh well, maybe to found later in the "trilogy" and then who knows what. Thought a couple of battle scars would have looked cool, or at least an order of merit medal or similar for services to the world and betterment to all mankind. Loved it!

Well done. Got to the point and finished a bit sooner than I was ready for, so caught me a bit by surprise. But then obviously leaves you wondering. All sorts of possible future plot lines right there. Again, well done

Was that the son of muscle powder host "shotgun.co.nz"? And you guys relied on the V supplied by 48 to get you through the weekend and not something else I'm sure. What's a man at the door with and axe about? Shotgun.co.nz. Good concept overall guys.

Good job. I can appreciate your having to block a few of your outdoor scenes to accommodate your genre. Would have been hard in the "burbs" for sure. Looks like there was alot of effort for your effects and set dressing. Loved the creepy people in the field effect and the cob webs on the actors at the dinner table. Your main character did a great job of interacting with his surroundings. Good transitions from surreal to real for your character. Well done.

Very nice job guys. Grand Cheval still going strong. Dug it!

Cringe, Cringe, and cringe. But in a good way. i.e made me squirm and go eww.. ahhh... really? And if you can make me do that then its all good. Bread for toilet paper? eww.. ahh.. really? Good on your actors for showing a bit of brown eye on camera. Poor cameraman. And man I'm hoping that was nutella or some other s..t substitute. eww... ahh.. really. Could have almost been a buddy genre movie too. Well done guys. eww... ahh

The Goodfellas do it again. Great shooting and movement to compliment the good story plot. That clown! Man! I would crap myself if I encountered that in the bush, or in the street, or anywhere. Awesome job guys, loved it.

No mincing about, sharp, to the point. Action, Cut, Edit, ... put it in the can, (tupperware container). The end

Free muffin films.. well done. I've seen your films before and you guys certainly have a quirky take on things. This was well played out as usual. Good flow, good context, good end product. Laughed heaps, liked it alot, well done. See you guys next year.

Hi guys. Forgive my ignorance but I'm hoping abstract was your theme. If so, it worked. The harp motif for Harper eventually made sense, but that's only because it took me a while. I got the characters seeing each other from a distance and understood the bobbing up and down for that purpose. Definitely a different take on the rom com genre, but hey different is cool too

Nice cutting of scenes in moving vehicles. Congrats to your editor. Nice acting all round. I initially thought the duo were hiding a body in the bush or running from someone. The building they all arrive at the end was sufficiently errie to give a sense of "doom", nice. Good job frames of fury.

I've never done it, so I imagine animation must be in alot of ways harder than filming actors. I liked it. I was hoping at one stage they would open thier helmets to drink thier vodka, or insert the bottle into thier hose inlets on the suits. "Helmet fills up with vodka?". The story was a good take on the buddy genre. Nice

Definately some sound issues. I got the parallel storyline mostly which maybe could have translated better. Loved the idea of the character on the adventure which mostly matched the catchy soundtrack. Love the helmet. Nice overall job I thought.

Revenge! Yep got it! I saw the ending coming a little through half way but it didn't distract me from what was going on in the mean time. Good effort.

I said the same to "Magumba" Well done for doing your dance in those very public areas. Not sure if you done the entire dance at each location then cut them at editing or just did short portions of the dance. Either way I thought was pretty good cutting. Nice overall flow of story. Why did he waste so much of his remaing time exercising? Just wondering. PS was that you guys running into the hand in with the big ticking clock in hand?

Good on you guys for braving those very public locations in costume. I wasn't sure if the visiting dignitary was mistaken in identity though by the others. Sorry maybe it was just me, I couldn't see where he was mistaken (not taking into account the actual skin colour). A little hard to follow. Funny dialogue exchange in subtitle. Pretty fair effort overall I thought.

Hi guys, totally got the concept and as it went on without revealing the film within a film I did begin to think that it might end up revealing as it did in the end. Overall spooky enough and could well have been in the horror genre. Don't necessarily have to be adopted to be called Morgan. Don't alot of our Asian friends adopt english names to assist those of us that are pronounciatedly challenged? (is that even a word?). Morgan Foster, beats Steve or Mark.

The story was great. It's a concept I've thought can be used with all sorts of inanimate objects and translates easily and well when personifying those objects. Very good flow. I too was wondering about the used footage though. Well done.

Hi Guys, yeah sorry I felt you may have been set on a musical too regardless of what you drew. Otherwise it ran well and was catchy. I didn't quite get how the main character became more cool over time. Still a fairly good film.

To Wendy, Well said

Well done, very clean all round. Great job

I got where you guys were going with this, and with the other reviews i've submitted for this heat the concept was a good idea for the genre you drew. It's a shame it didn't translate well on the night. I'm brand new to setting up a whole production like this and I learn from the forum and bumbling through it all so don't take my review too seriously. One thing I did read and took note of was sound. I was very fortunate to have a friend lend me a mic / recorder which I learnt on the fly. I can only empathise with your sound efforts and know how much work goes into making even a basic sound "flow". Good on you and your team.

I thought the film did well given the genre it just took me a little while to understand it but it did make sense not too far from the start. Apart from the sound film made sense overall. Good job.

Time travellers reunion! Great idea. But I got a little lost. I'm sure according to your end credits you had other things distracting you for a while yet you still got a product out. Not sure if your overall project got rushed because of that or I just felt it was rushed. I still needed some answers at the end - sorry

Musical! Whew rather you than me. Hence a good effort and idea for your film. Was your tune pre recorded then synched or was it sung / played as you recorded? Was your main character an insomniac or just hangs around the ex's place late at night? I thought there was some degree of originality in your project so well done.. good ending.

Similar to "restless state", I thought the concept / context of your guys film was a good idea. I little hiccup at the start re sound & timing not sure what that was. I thought the storyline ran sufficiently to keep me watching even aside from such technicalities so job well done.

I got a little lost in the transitions of this film. I'm sure it was either difficult or plain fun moving from scene to scene but it seemed there were maybe more scenes than necessary to get the plot across. I thought the context / concept was a good idea and no doubt alot of work went into your project, good effort

Was it just me or did this film seem short? I got the idea quickly about "Vic" suffering his insomnia and felt the cuts back and forth in the lounge didn't perhaps need to be so many. I felt It could have developed into something a bit more before heading off into the taxi. Good punchline I just felt something was missing. Overall good product though

Overall I thought this was an OK film. I had wished Vic might have been cured in the end but then I suppose that's what made him the Vic-tim. Others have said it and I agree, the original song was pretty well done.

I thought this was a funny enough film though I felt the "setup" had been done before. Some clean editing, well done