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Great way to finish off the night!!
Nice simple concept that was executed rather well.
The camera work was exceptional for the most part. Well done for the sfx!
The sound was also very convincing.
Very good watch, guys!

Could really feel the enthusiasm of your team while watching this!!
Was a real fun watch with old school effects and a funny concept while conveying female representations.
It was just your technical elements that let you down, such as, camera work, sound and editing.
Look forward to seeing what you make next time because overall it was a very good watch!!

Good watch, with great visuals.
Nice acting which provided a nice voice over which was very entertaining and was able to move the story forward.
Story felt a bit much to fit within 5 minutes however.
Over all a good film though and will look forward to seeing your next outing, next year!!

Wow, this film was a throw back!
Great sfx which provided for some hilarious, fun action sequences.
Loved every second of it, at the edge of my seat.
All thought the camera, editing and sound work was pretty poor, I loved the concept you guys were going for and achieved.
Your guys films are always a great input in the 48hour challenge!

Great cinematography, concerning the colour, lighting and comp. The audio also compliment this.
The story however felt a little unfulfilling as I felt as if it could have given a bit more.
Great comedic refile and acting though!
Well done you guys!!

Definitely added in the humor department. Was laughing with tears most of time.
Loved the stunt jumps. Loved the fight scenes. Loved the simple concept.
Such good ideas in the editing department all though they weren't executed very well, as well as the visuals.
Overall, the film was a fun, funny time and I hope you guys share the same heat as me next time, to see what else you deliver!

Great The Office/Parks and Recreation styled documentary.
The film was filled with jokes of great taste all though the timing was a little off, resulting in the jokes not landing very well.
Loved the simple yet strange concept of an 'out of this world' office life.
Nothing too special in the camera work all though it didn't take anything away from the film, it definitely didn't add to it.
I see great potential here and can't wait to see what cook up next year!

Some bloody hilarious content! Great over acting! Was laughing almost the whole way through it.
Work behind the camera and jumbled plot let this film down.
Can't wait to see what you bring to the table next year, your guys films are always a good time!

Very good cinematography with very well executed colours. Loved the costume and character arcs built as well.
The out of time audio and mumbled ending prevented this film from unlocking it's true potential however.
Love to see what you guys rock out next year!!

What a great way to kick off a heat!
You guys knew what type of film you were making. It allowed for some very outrageous, hilarious moments.
More work on the audio wouldn't hurt though.

You guys are hilarious!!
Everything you want in a 48 hour film. Great sense of humor. Loved the subtitles. Great over the top performances.
The story was a little weak but the humor out-weighed this flaw.
Well done guys!

Cinematography and sound was perfect!
An intriguing story with a very well done climactic end.
Probably the best film of the night!

You really set the exemplary standard of what a 48 hour film should be. Great funny/mysterious/tense plot. Made me laugh my ass off.
Also from a technical stand-point the visuals and sound were all spot on!
Well done.
P.S - Love your enthusiasm at the heats haha.