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Out of all the films in Heat 2 this is the one I have locked away in my mind as one to show friends and family when it’s public. What a hilarious story and well thought out. Fantastic acting. The only minor issue was some quite heavy audio peaking at the beginning. Other than that this was hands down genius. I loved it! Can’t wait to show mates.

Literally turned to my teammate and said “well we’re screwed”. Someone find something wrong with this film. You can’t. It was hilarious, clever, brilliant and INSANITY to take on all those challenges and then some. Bravo Bork team, bravo.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much! These are the films that make 48hours so epic. It’s hard to review this in comparison to some of the other amazing films. For what appeared to be a film just for laughs - brilliant.

Amazing make up!!!! Incredible. I was a little lost on the story but found it entertaining and hilarious in parts. Awesome effort!