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Note: I watched this film in the Screening Room, not at the Heats.

I loved this film. The concept, the acting, the storyline, everything. The set design of the "old" storyline was perfect. As an Antique Dealer myself I was very taken with the props!

Sorry that their technical difficulties saw them withdraw. It is a great movie. Well done.

Initially I was a bit confused, but once I realised what was happening, it was all clear, all be it a bit dark... Loved the almost "Guy Ritchieesque" dream sequence where he remembers his crimes, which is causing his insomnia. Well played.

I really liked the alternative endings in this one. Great opportunities to "get off the toilet" and foil the "immobilisation" of the character. The main character was fabulous to watch - his facial expressions in particular were brilliant. Well done.
I do wish that one of the alternative endings had been the ending, instead of the end that we were given.

I was sitting next to my mum, and when this one started, she said, rather loudly, "Ooohh, this one's professional" (did you all hear her???). Mum's a pretty honest critic, so well done team! I just needed more time to read the label on the bottle at the end - can you tell us what it said??? The damsel in distress was brilliant, as was the scene behind the bushes ;)

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night because your obsessive friend is playing drums in your room. Very clever. That poor girlfriend! Really liked this one.
The scene where the friend photo bombed their photo was a highlight. Wish there had been more of those type of scenes!!!

Loved the cartwheeling, forward rolling postie. Would have liked more of that to be honest. And as a previous reviewer mentioned in the Forums, the cat lady was a hit - the best bit! Bring back the cat lady next year! It had a nice storyline, which I found easy to follow.

I found the sound on this one quite hard to hear, and hard to understand what was happening. However the people around me liked it.
Highlight was the guy with the paint can, and shots of the cyborgs(?) freezing up.
Was it the "Vic Meyers Institute" or was "Vic Meyers" the name of the disease? Confused. Sorry...

Glad we didn't get this genre, but this team did very well. Loved their shots down Queen Street, beautiful camera work. This team must be commended on their camera shots and effects. But I still have no idea what was happening in the movie...

Yes, there were some sound issues, in that in a couple of scenes the voices didn't sync with the words. But the makeup, the wardrobe, and the acting were great! It was filmed over several different locations, which made it interesting. Lots of humour, which the audience seemed to appreciate. All the elements were in, and it even had a storyline. And the music which was composed for the movie was first rate.

Note: This is my team's movie.

Felt so sorry for the old man who lost his job. He was the best actor of the night, without question. Not entirely sure that it was a musical though.....
The sign in the window would have been better if it just read "LOL", I thought the rest of the sign, suggesting that he die, was too nasty - "IMHO".

This one I loved. From start to end, I felt uncomfortably scared!
A very simple set, the inference that it was a padded cell, worked well for a movie that had only 7 minutes to get its point across.
The doll was a piece of cinema magic. And the bird sound effects were a masterstroke. Awesome.

A Students revenge on his teacher in three parts - end, beginning, middle. Great build up of slights against the child. Made you really want him to seek retribution.
Bit of a shock factor at the end. I'd rather something worse had happened to the teacher!
Very nicely filmed. Great acting by the child playing Vic and the nasty teacher.

Shopping bags full of Washing Powder/Cocaine mixed up at the bus stop, foxy foreign lady, insomniac drug mule. All components of a woman's mag, which also featured!!!
I really enjoyed this one. Lighthearted and amusing. Well done to the team!

Loved the use of the memory card as the "card". Unfortunately I was slightly confused during most of the movie, sorry, guess this one wasn't my favourite genre. On a bright note, the villain at the end was the highlight for me.