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Really great short! Congrats

This was an extremely difficult genre to nail, but if anyone knows how to do it right, it's Cidade de Dudes. Clichés were on-point and loved every moment. Story arc was fantastic!

Adding to last years success, this short feels like it should be an entire TV series. It felt stand-alone, with every moment is engaging and cast extremely talented. Cinematography was so, so good. Some of it felt rushed, but hey, it's 48 hours. Hope you make it to the finals!

One of the most touching and impressive shorts I've seen at 48 Hours in a long, long time. Although the start feels like it's pulled themes from 'Hunt from the Wilderpeople', it manages to shape a witty, unique and engaging piece that isn't scared to tackle current housing issues within Auckland. Congrats on making such a beautiful piece in such a short amount of time.