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Just watched your film. I loved your styling and characters, it was very entertaining. The green screen looked good - I wouldn't have ever guessed it was done with a phone. Something that improves a lot of films is foley. I thought this film could have definitely used some stock sound effects to break up the constant music - like when the soldier was flexing and the gun being cocked.

All in all great job. I think story wise your team has often nailed what you're going for - if you keep improving the technical side you'll be unstoppable!

One of the funniest films I've ever seen in the 48Hours competition going back to 2011. Who ever came up with the idea to have a chad and a beta working together deserves a gift basket. The delivery was hilarious and the gags in this film are some of the funniest. Having the chad throw someone up two stories through a window had me in tears and was even funnier the second and third time.

Loved the dance off - was one of them doing a wanking dance move? Loved it guys.

I think a lot of people in that heat realized that although their films might do better in the competition they don't really take any risks or have nearly as much fun as you did. My favourite of the night.

Loved the length of the opening shot - i would have been tempted to use a cutaway or another shot, so I'm very happy that you stuck with just one. I thought that the lighting was great and your final shot tracking backwards looked very professional - the music then really added to that scene.

I couldn't stop laughing at the screening every time the male YouTuber started vlogging. His energy was intoxicating. I also thought the other twos delivery were great.

I think that the ending wasn't quite as punchy as the middle. I look forward to see what you all make in the years to come!

For a second during your film i was hoping it was going to take a silly turn by just having him loop forever and ever and ever and ever and ever... and ever... That would have pushed it past boring and back into 48hours insanity. Nice concept but it fell a bit flat due to repetition.

Were we meant to think the monsters were the girls who brutalized that man? I'm not sure. I liked your lighting and I thought the intestines looked pretty disgusting which had the desired effect(?)

I think your film caters to a very niche crowd.

Did you do ultra? If you didn't I bet you wish you did. Really nice film - complimented with a great soundtrack. I thought the children acting were great.

Very funny film guys.

I thought your main actor did a great job and I really enjoyed the dirty water looking coffee and the 'biscuits - I made them myself'. I thought the gag with the singing girl was great too.

It looked good - was this shot on a GH5? Just guessing because of all the slow motion.

This film looked really nice. I thought the camera work got progressively better throughout the short, it's so refreshing to see a short shot well with a tripod! I thought the acting was excellent from all roles - you've got yourself a little star cast. I enjoyed this short, I hope you guys got nominated for something? Interested to see what this team puts in the following years - it's on my watchlist.

Also I'm so glad you didn't try to do any special aftereffects teleporty thingys.

Mmmmmm that Scottish accent really does it for me. I really enjoyed this film when I saw it at the heats, I thought your actors were excellent. Nicely shot, I found the fixing of the broken ice cream stick hilarious!
You guys have a great team intro, love the crop bars, please shoot something at that aspect ratio.

It's hard when you're a team as prestigeous as "The Eh Team". Had this been another team, I'm not sure people would have been as critical of the film, but considering their track record this one lacks that wow factor we're all use to. I still think that the film is worthy of City Finals as it is a well constructed film with no obvious techincal errors.

Good luck "The Eh Team", hopefully next year you strike gold again.

Great film guys, you should be proud of yourselves. I really enjoyed this film, the story was well written and it was well shot and edited. I have to mention the acting which was very funny, especially the lead boy (girl).
Hope to see this team next year!

Awesome take on the time travel genre. The acting was great guys, really could see the bromance between the actors. Super strong ending too, totally bittersweet. My eyes were a little misty.

Great film guys, I can tell musical wasn't your prefered genre. Wicked titles and credits, reminded me of HER. This was shot and framed well - my favourite musical of the Christchurch heats.

You guys sure know how to switch something seeming absolutely random to being something really emotional and epic. Loved the slow zoom and the music.
Keep making crazy stuff.

After watching this, you can't help but feel good. The animation style for me was really sweet, and the voice acting was excellent.
Hope to see this film in the city finals!

Thought the acting was hilarous, our whole team was laughing at the pizza boys lines. You guys turned something that should have been very crude into something clever.
I'd love to see this make city finals but who knows...

Beautifuly shot, all your frames were well composed, good job on the lighting too. The acting was good - and I really enjoyed the mime in the second story.
One of my picks for city finals, I would be surprised if this didn't make it through!

Great film guys although I think you would have loved horror. Great editing and camera work.

Probably the best intro of the entire Christchurch screenings in my opinion.
I thought you guys did really well with your genre. I'm expecting this one at the city finals!

Tricky genre guys! Good job with ball - very creepy. The real question is, how long did it take you to set up the toast wall?

Really enjoyed the acting in this one. Great take on the fantasy genre, I'm interested to see what you guys make in the future.

Totally loved this. The ending was my favourite, you guys did something really cool.

Cool idea guys, probably could have cut out some of the running through forest montages but overall good effort.

It's always a challenge in terms of workload when you receive musical, but it seems like Upshot managed to pull it off quite well. Good effort guys!

Great idea guys, was a cool way to finish the heats. I'm glad you didn't drag out the mallet bashing for 7 minutes!

There's some bad blood between Sneaky Horses and Les Cousins, and I couldn't help but feel fury seething through my veins as their film was received so positively by the audience.

Cool idea, you could see the entire team really enjoyed themselves making the film. The acting was very funny and the audience laughed a lot.

Quality acting in this film - the main actress deserves much praise for being able to understand the character she was playing which might have been a little close to home. I think this film had the best joke of the whole night, the girl attempting to bury her sister. I was surprised not to see this film make the top 3 audience favourites, but I still think this team should be proud of themselves, and I look forward to see what they'll create in the years to come.

Awesome film! my only criticism was that I felt like some of the drawings could have been cut out a little better - but I may have missed the stylistic direction. The voice acting was excellent and the audience was entertained and intrigued the entire time. Really nailed your genre in my opinion and you had a excellent ending - Sassy!

This film looked like it was fun to make. Sweet time travel effects, and cool muzzle flashes. Also loved the constant dropping of the F-bomb, totally adds to the comedic gold.

One of my favourites of the heat.

My favourite film of the night. This film was comedic gold and had the audience laughing at every possible moment. The acting was believable, and the story was really good which makes me sad you were disqualified as I'm sure you would have carved up in the audience favourites. Good use of shots, clever ideas with the reverse.

Really excited to see what this team comes up in the years to come.

Brilliant casting. Enough said.

Well I thought it was great.

Really good. Found the film emotionally engaging.

For some reason this film was hilarious. Good job guys!

Amazing and captivating.

This made me cringe. It felt awkward and stiff as if the script was written in the fifties. The audio malfunctions eg. ....ACTION actually helped them in my opinion as they created humour in what would have been a very serious film.

Great film! Must have been great fun to film! Had the audience gasping for air!

What I could imagine to be a great script and concept was pooly executed. Disappointed :(

Large amounts of money does not necessarily mean a good film. Didn't quite make the fad genre... I would have thought it to be more of a revenge movie.