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I wish wish WISH... you had water come into the room when the cup was knocked over! i was waiting for it and had it happened it would've been awesome!

lol... I came to this heats to see this teams film. Love and appreciate an animated film being made in 48 hours, and this team always knocks it out of the park.
Well done!

This team always produces a really polished interesting film. Interesting use of the ULTRA element. See you in the Finals.

Its difficult to have a film where kids are the lead actors so I appreciated this film for that ULTRA element.
The concept was great and relevant. The ending felt a little dramatic and technically wasn't as polished as I had expected for an ultra team. But good performance by the actresses.

The photos at the end of this film made it! they were great.

My favourite film of the heat. Simple animation and fun story. A shame about the sound dropping out. Had their been music to carry the images it would've been a really great little film. Still my fav of the night.

Definately one of the better films of the night. Dry humour and a great location to film in. Had a few sound issues which made it difficult to hear a lot of the dialog, but still an enjoyable film.

Great start but then ended as quickly as it started. Another film here a female is tied up and kidnapped is disappointing. Was a little confused when the film finished and then started up again. I guess this team had issues over the weekend and lost some of their footage? it felt like there was a lot missing.
Wish we saw more. if we had it would've been one of the best of the heats.

The cinematography in this film is incredible. Really beautifully framed and the lighting was stunning. Was well thought out. I'm not usually one for drug related films, but this wasn't overplayed and felt very realistic and smart. The concept was simple and well executed by the lead actor and supporting cast.
Brave film and an interesting and unexpected take on the time travel genre. Well done.

Difficult to do a film with children and pets as your leads. Well done! Nice wee film here. Loved the boys repeating the Navi's pronunciation of 'Miramar'. Nice wee film.

It's an absolute shame. One of the top 4 films of the night for me and 2 of them are disqualified. This was a fun little film from a team that I look out for every year. Great cars and a stunning backdrop with Queenstown, the card gag at the end was hilarious. Looking forward to seeing what you do next year.

Well done for doing an animation (as we know how much effort goes into this), and it was the only animation in the Dunedin heats. A great looking film that had some funny moments. I was confused by the 'Eftpos' card and it distracted from the story for me and also the Voice Overs didn't quite have me connecting with the characters. The film did look fantastic so good luck.

I feel this film could've had some really great comedic moments but unfortunately the sound let you down a little bit and I was unable to hear some of the dialog from the Vic Meyer character. Also the interlacing was distracting. I'd like to see another version where I could really hear the story and the jokes. Good luck for the competition.

I was a little confused with your story here but the lead actor put on a good performance as a disturbed young man. I feel this film would've worked well with some music to highten some of the scenes as unfortunately I felt the audience didn't connect with the story as much as you'd hoped. Good luck for the competition.

It's an absolute shame this film isn't eligible for the competition. A bed that eats Men..... such a great concept! High production values here, would've loved to have seen how far this film got in the competition. Looking forward to seeing what else this team makes.

One of the best films of all 5 heats. When this film first appeared on the screen I was like "wow... now we have a film". Very high production value, short simple story to follow and great acting from the male leads. This film had some hilarious moments, the 'Vic Meyer killings' and the 'Kill at the end' was just too funny. I also enjoyed the Insomniac element of this film. One of the most polished looking films so far good luck for the rest of the competition.

It is unfortunate about your sound. There were some lovely shots here and I was trying to engage with the story regardless. Good work for going for a period piece in 48 hours. That's not an easy thing to do.

I could see where you were going with this film and you almost got there for me. Unfortunately the bike ride up the hill didn't provide enough build up for the ending and you had some sound issues. I did think the story was very good (as most people try and over complicate sad stories) but it just didn't quite hit the emotional beats for me. Amazing shots of Queenstown and good luck for the competition.

Major sound issues with your film unfortunately (but I'm sure you knew that) and I was unable to hear the dialog and follow the film. There was some great cinematography and the lighting at that tree was amazing. Pity about your sound but good luck for the rest of the competition.

A really fun film. The flatmates were great and the low budget techno machines were bad but in a really really good way. Keep writing and making films, you had the audience laughing for most of your film. I think with a little bit more technical knowledge this team could do well. Good work.

This was a great film with a catchy tune and a sweet story. I esp loved it when all the characters were singing together in a Brady Bunch intro kind of a way... really cool. One of my favourite films from all 5 heats with high production value. There was only one time when everyone was singing and I couldn't understand what they were saying, but regardless this still stood out as one of the best films of the night.Well done for pulling off one of the hardest and most feared genres... the musical.

Great lead actor. I did enjoy this film and the scene where he cut himself was great (a bit obvious that it was makeup, but still worked well). I did engage with the lead character and generally felt his loneliness. I also got the ending and thought it came across quite clear. I'd say to watch your pacing in areas. The repetitive of the shots (eating sandwich, getting ready in the morning, walking down the steps, shutting the gate) felt like it played out a little long and we already got it. But good creepy film and good luck for the rest of the competition.

I agree with most of the reviews here. While the ending was predictable the lead male actor did a great job at connecting with the audience and bringing a very raw emotion to screen. Had a few sound issues but other then that was quite a good film.

Great that you went with a unique and original concept here but unfortunately your sound in many areas let you down and I was missing parts of the story. I did like the concept but would've been great to have some interesting camera work in here to really amp up the story. I was distracted in the wide shots by the strings. Good luck for the rest of the competition.

I did enjoy this and was quite excited to see where it was going to go. Great gags and technically was very good. I agree with the other reviews in your ending fell a little flat at the end, but I'll be checking out more of your work. Good luck for the rest of the comp

I remember your film from last year and while the story may have not been the strongest story tonight I love that you keep doing it and the make up was pretty cool. Good work for a young crew and keep going. Look forward to seeing what you do next year. Good luck.

What was the tone you were looking for in this piece? drama? comedy? coming of age? Be careful with the over all feel of your film as I felt this jumped from 2 extremes in story lines (the good deeds leading male was overly happy and the other lead was overly dramatic), when they came together at the end I didn't connect with either of them. The guy picked up his card and gave it back to him and it changed his life? I'm sorry but it missed the mark for me.

Really enjoyed your intro and also the way the line of dialog was used in this film. Quite a fun short film to watch and the older leading man was great to watch.

What was that thing with a white face? shell or wings or something? what was that? I thought it was creative how you got tangled in your sweater and the dialog of the leading male was funny at times. Be careful with your white balance, focus and overall lighting. Try to be creative with your camera shots as the GPS was the same static shot for most of the film. I felt it went a little too long but was a good clever concept, it just got a bit meh for me in the end sorry.

THEY LIT A PERSON ON FIRE!!!! I instantly text my crew to let them know that there was a film THAT LIT A PERSON ON FIRE! lol i'll give all my points for that!

One of the most beautifully filmed films of the night. High production standards would love to see what else this crew has made. The story got a little lost.

A really great film that was a stand out of the night for me. I also agree that this film would be an amazing promotional video of Dunedin as I loved many of the shots of the empty streets. The film had me captured and I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I would have to say that it felt more like a really great music video rather than a short film though. I would've loved to have seen some clever way of using the reverse footage to make the film appear as though it was moving forward??? but other then that this was one of my favourites of the night and I even went online during the heats to let other teams know to look out for the 48 film done in reverse.

This one was filmed really really well and the opening scene had me excited for the rest of the film. I enjoyed the song and felt it had been really well done for 48 hours. The 'Ass' shot made me laugh and big ups to the brave actor! I enjoyed the stealing of the clothes and the POV into the house, What started out as a strong first half unfortunately declined towards the end of the film. I wasn't sure what happened at the end and felt liked I had missed something. Looking forward to seeing what else this group can do.

Prob my favourite of the night. The cheesy intro helped to kick off the feel for the rest of the film. Lots of gags in this film which kept me smiling from beginning to end. A few issues with the lighting and also a boom in shot for quite awhile but other then that was a good funny film for a tricky genre.