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11th year I think in the competition. My approach to 48hours is to charge headfirst, upside-down while strangling robotic dragons in a lava hurricane. Not enough? You decide. I loved how much this weekend hurt me in so many ways. I encourage you to also be enlightened by the pain.


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So awesome to see in the theatre. Terrific performances too. Can't wait to see it again!

Love this team's films. Great range of locations, gags and pacing. Well done!

I think that the fast paced ULTRA teams with split screen made this film stand out to me for the wrong reasons. Although it had good acting, I was a bit bored by the black backgrounds and really was expecting more visually given this team's reputation in the competition, and outstanding team intro. I hope you guys will do ULTRA next year to up the levels in creativity under pressure, and master your craft further.

Dragon V Mouse has a history of having strong female leads. I applaud them for covering content that draws on suggestions about female pre-pubescent teenage confusion that I would not be able to do myself. Having myself grown up on time-travel classics like like Terminator 2, I found it difficult to relate to this subject content, conceivably oblivious, which is also covered in this piece by the video-game playing, sensitive and helpful males. To quote from the greatest time travel movie ever, "I know now why you cry, but it is something I could never do". Gag timing was solid and took the audience for an enjoyable ride. Full stars for an appropriate title!

As it seems, this team seems very comfortable in their element, and as a previous finalist nominee multiple times they must be surely warming up to get involved in ULTRA next year to challenge and extend their filmmaking craft.

My favourite entry of Crab Crab Crab since their Bread one. Love how the ending backfired for the main character, loved the mad-hatter type holiday entity type, especially their accent and the pacing of the gags, visually as well.

Surely, you MUST be all ready for ULTRA next year, which will give the rest of the teams some breathing space at least!

Awesome work,

Cool to see the children getting involved!
An easy to follow story, underpinned by the voice-over.
I liked how the shadow was used to explain the plan, and use of the sword. Things to watch out for when my boy gets older!
A few red herrings:
I thought the plumber might have come back to steal something, given the look at the inside of the door.
And that the plumbing / puddle might have been connected.
Maybe next time it might pay to experiment with additional lights to set a style or mood, rather than rely on natural lighting.
Well done for completing the ULTRA task!

What I liked:
-The acting of the first female character
-Guns and bullet hits
What I wanted more of:
-Over the top performances- I reckon you could have made this more insane with some maniacal over the top craziness, which is what I really enjoy seeing.
Thanks, and well done for making a film in 48hours!

I can't imagine having done this at your age- would have loved to though!
What I really liked:
-Neon signs
-Tunnel Driving
-Computer chip thing on arm
-Humans only sign
What I wanted more of:
-Cyborg wars
Well done on completing a film on your own in 48hours. I now know from my own film this year what a challenge it can be- I really admire how you have been able to pull resources and create a world that draws the audience in. Well done!

Man this was like watching a weird episode of Rick and Morty! A real breath of fresh air here.
What I liked:
-Johnny 5 robot wheel tracks
-Zapping weird alien
-Facial expressions
Not sure if it suits a theater, or more home TV, but very enjoyable if you have a sense of humour.
Thank you for sharing!!

I don't really know what to say about this.

You guys always give me such great feedback, have a 7 mini-gun salute from me anyway.


Oh man I couldn't remember this at all- until I started re-watching your upload and with the literal toilet humour, it all came flooding back!
What I liked:
-Classic romantic shots in the park
-The ending
What I wanted to see more of:
-I kept thinking the waiter would turn up again, since such a big deal had been made of him at the start- I thought that was him coming at the end!

Cool film!
I couldn't think of 13 reasons why I liked this film, but here are 6:
-Taylors Mistake
-Strong performance from the lead.
-Good use of focus
-The noise of the ocean in the background.
-Clear dialogue
-Reminded me of the Seventh Seal, which reminded me of Last Action Hero where the character from the Seventh Seal appears, which then reminded me of the scene in Last Action Hero where the mini-gun and 50cal machine guns on the helicopter shoot the elevator and windows on the building where the funeral is taking place.
Thanks Stu, my favourite one of yours yet.
Was just waiting for them to pull out a chess set.

Man this was mean as!
Having had the pleasure of sitting in on your planning meeting, I was super impressed by the collaboration and enthusiasm you all had, as well as your solid work ethic.
Well done team- Not many can claim to have made a short film in 48hours like you have.
What I loved:
-The gravestones, and focussed images.
-Zombies in frame within a frame during news report
-A solid attempt at voice-over work in the beginning
You now have a strong understanding of what is required, and will be tears ahead of your peers for the experience.
Remember to look after your school and to also look after your brave teachers and parents who worked harder than you know to make this possible!
Awesome stuff!

What I liked:
-Giant bear
-The guy with the sideburns and curly hair- cool image and great screen presence!
-Use of location- and a nail-gun used realistically!
I was a bit confused with some of the story- were the children kidnapped? Why were they in a house being renovated? Apologies for missing key moments- just having difficulty remembering back.
Congratulations on completing a film in 48hours!

I really appreciate the effort that has been put into this.
-Having children turn up to school in the weekend, in uniform.
-Utilising school resources
-Musical number
-Horesback riding
As far as improvements would go, as above with the focus on main characters at times-unfortunately all the imperfections really show up on the big screen!
Well done for completing this in 48hours! Certainly a lot of work here!! It felt like a term of work has been put in, rather than one weekend.

A guy is peer pressured into hanging out with clingy friends, ultimately making a transformation- is that right?
What I liked:
-A tricky topic to tackle. Awkwardness of opting not to go to the effort of making friends.
-The ending.
What I wanted more of:
-Some of the interior shots could have benefitted from better lighting. Also I felt the locations seemed a bit plain for what they were- is that what young people do nowadays? Personally I would probably get a bit bored hanging outside of South City Mall on my time off.
Overall it kind of reminded me of a cyber-safety video shown to kids at school, such as:

Well done for completing this in 48hours.

Cool idea. Makes me want to do a similar sort of thing next year. Made me think of Stranger things, and this:

Nice work with the smoke, but I felt it lacked continuity with the rest of the shots.
As above, I would have liked to see the dialogue translate visually onto the screen as a fantasy setting.

Well done for completing this in 48hours.

This would have been great a few years ago when the prop was a ball.
I was mesmerised by the sphere things hanging in the kitchen in one of the opening shots, but unfortunately without some stronger lights, it did get quite grainy and dark on the big screen (You can see the inside lights were turned on to possibly try and help).
Nice bike movement when it came to a sudden halt.
Well done for completing this in 48hours. I liked how it kind of vibrated when it bounced through the door, and then things were suggested of what happened in the room, innovative use of torch(?) light.
Reminded me of the rover from the Prisoner:

Next time, it might pay to spend a bit more tome on making some cool props.

Literal toilet humour!
Well done for showing commitment to your character. Haha a piece I once helped out with worked with involved a picnic bar as a poo, but before the shot was made, one of the crew got hungry and ate it. So annoying!
Well done for completing your piece in 48hours.
I was slightly confused as to whether or not the poo 'died'? Or how it died? Why did it scream at its funeral? Or was that simply returning to...the ocean? I was invested in this Mexican character but what happened to that- did the guy eat some food in Mexico and that is how it snuck through the border? Hmm, so many things to think about.

What I liked:
-Cool location
-Dedication to characters
-They were not afraid to push the boundaries
-Nice effect using the chainsaw and shadow.
What I wanted more of:
I did feel at the start there was a cop out as the chainsaw appeared to be making noises but wasn't turning, but then later it was running quickly, so I was happy again. Personally I used an electric chainsaw so it only made noises when I was actually using it.
-I was surprised to see that it was a musical- tough genre to pull off, but as mentioned above, the nursery rhymes did add mainly to the creepiness!

What I liked:
-The way the boys captured their youth. Fizzy, excess lollies, fun!
What I wanted more of:
-I felt the ending was a bit of a cop out, I was curious to see what the boys thought their jobs would be, like designing toys or playing music on a giant keyboard with their boss, or fighting aliens on a distant planet with mini-guns. I wasn't sure if this was still part of their imagination or a flash forward to them as adults, driving a car and all. (Was this the car they wanted? Sorry, I couldn't remember)
Looks like you guys had fun eating the sweet stuff! Fun times.
Well done for creating something in 48hours.

Wow this got me in the feels.
Well done guys, brilliantly executed. A lot of work here- even the subtle details of the mother bobbing in the water waiting- so haunting and foreshadowing.
Just needed a mini-gun somewhere in the film to unlock the 7 star rating from me.

As above. I can't think properly after I think about what I saw and I've seen some stuff. My favourite parts were the car smashing bits. In 2006 it was my 2nd time in the competition- I was with Gorilla Pictures and we had a car parking nazi flip an actual car upside-down. Rubix Dude and Wheelchair Mania! It made the CHCH Finals and picked up several awards.

In your short, I was hoping for more to do with the car smashing in the narrative, rather than just a randomness. I think most audience members were expected to just go with it. Gave me a bit of a headache and the whole duck thing being stolen and retrieved didn't make sense to me- maybe I missed key information due to numerous on screen distractions! Love the energy and dedication to characters though. I would like to see what would happen if your team had an arsenal of miniguns.

This purpose of this film, despite the main character's best efforts, appears to be to lead to an ultimatum where the character is caught in an uncompromising situation to the amusement of the audience.
Basically a ticking time-bomb, with shock factor included, like cutting up a cat with kitchen utilities.

Man this seemed like Joe 90- except with an adult in the lead!
After the first brain augmentation/upload/enhancement, I was distracted by watching Joe sit in the chair spinny thing while the theme song to Joe 90 played in my head.
Anyway, what I liked:
-The consequence of uploading too much information into a brain (I think)
-A lot of time was taken to try out some text motion and layers, as well as computer coding stuff.
What I craved:
A chair, surrounded by a huge spinning thing that you sit in while information is being uploaded to a soundtrack similar to that of Joe 90. For me, props is a big thing.
And a mini-gun.
Here is a URL below you can copy to enjoy Joe 90's opening sequence:

Thanks for your film- now I want to go and watch the intro to Joe 90 again.

A band of 'spare' animals procreate to produce a new creature.
I thought the opening scenes were very well polished, from the footsteps on the dock, to the cages.
Some creative use of silhouette.
I did see the ending coming, but felt slightly confused as to the outcomes of the 3 main animals and their matching offspring- how would that come about?
Well done for attempting a biblical epic, but I felt some of the less serious cutaways let this piece down, especially in comparison to the opening scenes, it felt like this short deteriorated. It also relied more heavily on the performances of the actors, rather than costumes, which led to me taking a while to process what was going on with the people in the cages (I was a bit slow in reading the signs and can't remember what the first ones said).
Where did you find the creature at the end? Or was it stock footage?
Thanks for your film,
4/7 mini-guns from me

Cool take on the Zombie Genre.
What I liked:
-The juice spilling
-Awkward cultural sensitivity
What I felt could have been improved:
It felt like I was watching a weird version of an episode from Summer Heights High with older people playing students, and co-existing in documentary style It seemed like an episode from a low budget TV show rather than a polished short film.
4/7 mini-guns from me!

Wow this was the most polished film I have seen in the competition!
Great range of locations, excellent camerawork.
Felt like I was back in Italy.
Cool props and lighting.
Dedicated performances.
Nice pacing.
It was like taking Gus Van Sant and dipping him in a puddle of Kubrik. Reminds me of ticking time-bomb films like Gerry and Elephant with purposefully long, awkward takes.

Just missing.....a mini-gun for full marks!

I really appreciate the effort this team went through to achieve their storytelling.
In particular:
-Moving not just a couch to various locations, but it looked like a whole lot of other stuff as well
-Intercutting day/night sequences to show passages of time
-Helping a couch to drink- and being brave about the continuity if there was a mistake.
-Party times!
If the girl used a mini-gun to get her tooth out after the door slam attempt failed, that is the only thing missing in order to earn full marks from me.
Well done!

I really enjoyed the quick pacing, with shots particularly at the start and more throughout cut in time to the music.
-Fun costumes, also used well for ending.
-Security guard's teethy expressions (Kind of reminds me of Brick Top a bit from Snatch).
-Hostages dancing along.
-Cool use of location and facilities.
-Blood on the shirt!
What else I would have liked to see:
The shadow shot with the sword was cool, although I would have liked to se perhaps a splatter of blood on the wall to drive it home, and I felt the fight scenes needed a bit more choreography. Tough to accomplish in 48hours!
A solid 5/7 miniguns.

Some flies discuss the seemingly impossible to comprehend scale of their universe.
What I liked:
Some fluid green screen, cut together nicely with POV of flies.
Out of focus background action from girl on bed.
What I wanted:
I felt there was no payoff as I wanted the fly to get to the poo!!
4/7 mini-guns from me.

Man this was funny!
What I liked:
Breaking the 4th wall
Biblical references
The Estuary
Suggestive ending
Improvements? I think the pot could have been more authentic. The tea-pot seemed like a lazy choice. Perhaps it would have had higher production value if some aspects of the film were taken more seriously. Hope that doesn't sound too harsh- A lot to accomplish in 48hours!
A 5/7 mini-gun salute!

Congratulations team on completing a film in 48hours.
What I liked:
The acting by the lead; justifying his actions hiding in the bushes.
What confused me: The purpose of the documentary. I appreciate it as a simpler vehicle to get a finished film made, but I just have a preference for more over-the top things. It felt like a paraody of a TV episode rather than a short film. Fun to watch though. 4/7mini-guns for all those lone soldiers out there in a similar love-stricken situation.

What I liked:
Easy to follow story with a payoff cyclical ending.
What I wanted to see more of:
Maybe more hints of others in the same predicament- I didn't quite get the pirate outfit- perhaps some more clues as to the backstories of the other characters. For example, a military helicopter pilot with a mini-gun from the Vietnam war would have been cool, even just siting there next to the pirate lady.

I loved this- this kind of thing happens more than you thing at various stops around the Port Hills. I enjoyed the editing around the final shootings. 5/7 mini-guns from me.

A few cool shots. But yeah having participated in this competition for over 10 years, the V thing is a bit tiring. Would have been better to have mini-guns. Lots of them needed to hose down the zombies.

Wow what a lot of work with the edge work around the ghost!
What I loved:
-Going through the door
Just needed an R. Lee Ermey type to shoot some bad ghosts at the cemetery with 2 mini-guns (One in each hand, like the original Wolfenstein boss).

Hi team, apologies for the harsh review, but I there are a few things that have me questioning this. Besides, I think you guys have enough support to get by.
What I liked:
-The male lead acting- some real cool subtle moments, like the glance to the camera at the kitchen sink.
-Spit in the bucket
What I really wanted more of:
-From a seasoned team, I really wanted to see more risks taken. Too many teams are playing it safe, and personally I just wouldn't go to the cinema to see a documentary. I felt the grand tour of the inside of the container was a bit of a throwaway gag that could have maybe included some more though out props. It just seemed a bit lazy to me. As well as filming in the kitchen.
What confused me was who was filming when the camera crew were 'raptured', and what was the purpose of the container as a safety place if they were raptured from within?
Next time please please please go a bit harder- the cinema should be a visual feast!
3/7 mini-guns for the camera crew disappearing.

Firstly, congratulations on creating a short in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Twist on the game show theme. Matching music.
-Cringe-dramatic feedback given by presenter- typical of those type of shows!
-Elimination rounds!
What I would improve on:
-Sound- always left to the last minute! (I didn't have time to watch mine carefully through to the end and make improvements either!)
-Some transitions were a bit repetitive- perhaps the titles could have been designed to match the heist, rather than an ominous (yet stylish) bubble/blob/smoke thing.
-Maybe some more serious consequences for the contestants who failed. (I did find the "I hate this stupid TV Show" part funny- did I quote this correctly?)
Thanks again for a fun addition to the evening.

Well done for completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Commitment by the acting crew to their characters.
-Use of school science lab to quickly establish the situation.
What I was distracted by:
-I couldn't help giggling every time the boom mic dropped into shot!
-The fight scene at the end could perhaps have been enhanced by a series of quick close ups rather than lingering wide shots, which exposed the 'politeness' of the conflict. Difficult to pull off, even for professionals in a 48hour film!
Thanks again for your film, I look forward to see what projects you tackle in the future.

Well done for completing a 48hour film!
What I liked:
-I really really enjoyed the 'Nanny from the Muppet Babies' thing where you didn't see the mother's face. Some very creative shots and a terrific way to get around using age appropriate actors, as well as possible problem solving when key acting crew are unavailable.
-A solid effort at attempting a musical. A nice twirl at the beginning, followed by a curious shot into a tree to transition(?) into the next shot.
There are a few improvements I felt could have been improved, such as the sound levels, lip syncing etc and perhaps editing could have been tighter with a wider range of cutaways etc to use, but overall a nice attempt at producing a short in 48hours.

Well done for completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Narrative was overall well paced, with effective jumps to different time periods and a good level of relevant age appropriate acting.
-The expressions: Particularly the character's EYES after the ladder incident!
What I felt could be improved:
-A wider range of close-ups/long shots, faster moving camera shots with some tighter editing could have really helped play with the emotions you want to extract from the audience.
I know how hard it is to work within the time constraints, but I felt at least you made an enjoyable short with a clear message. Well done!

Congratulations on completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Powerful message tackled. Inspirational.
-easy to follow story. ) I feel stories like this don't need to be feature length, despite what other reviewers say, as I prefer watching action spectacles on the big screen and leave dramas for television)
What I felt could be improved:
-Consider a wider range of cutaway shots/close ups etc when planning and storyboarding to help the editing flow more interestingly.
Thanks again for your input. I look forwards to see what projects you take on in the future.

Congratulations on making a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Quickly established characters
-Gunshot wounds!
-Great enthusiasm from the acting crew
What I think could be improved:
-Age appropriate actors- although the police boy had a terrific expression!
-Some shots could have been tighter- like the climbing out of the car window. Maybe consider close-ups or cutaways shots when planning/storyboards to incorporate to make editing flow more smoothly?
Look forward to seeing what projects you complete int he future!

Congratulations team on completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Colour offset. Brought back memories to several years ago when I first discovered the filter. I was mesmerised by the effect on the white (knitted?) jersey. Woah!
-The idea that the puddle was the key to unlocking the door between dimensions (I think). Cool links to other Sci-Fi themes, like that on Fringe, Stargate etc.
What I felt could be improved:
- Try editing layers for effects, like filming a background plate, then without moving the camera, place the actor in. Then merge the shots using a cool transition. See how you could use this to your advantage in the future. (If you already know this, apologies for my ignorance. I know how tough decisions can be to make in the final hours!)
Thanks again for a thought provoking short.

Cool concept- reminds me of a whole lot of similar themes drawing on the fear of technology.
What I liked:
- Great expressions form characters
- The robot family eating simultaneously- and age approprate casting for the family.
-3 characters in their stories. Apolologies, but I was distracted by a guy next to me who had his cell phone out in the auditorium the WHOLE TIME! Not sure if he was writing reviews on his phone or something. Not your fault, but I can't remember what the 2nd or 3rd stories were from the characters.
What I think could be improved:
-Age appropriate actor- while the therapist character had some great facial expressions and clear dialogue delivery, it was still obvious that they were too young to play such a professional. Perhaps in the future, have their face in shadow or out of frame. This could potentially provide an additional dimension to provide mystery/ominosity to the character.
Congratulations on making a film in 48hours! Look forwards to seeing what you projects you undertake in the future.

Well done for completing a film in 48hours!
It reminds me of the first half of Faulty Goods (2013 Christchurch Finalist)
Where a man orders a robot woman in a box to improve his life.
But I just checked and the film is not there????
Nice concept, but I felt there was more you could do with it.
Some great robotic acting from the female lead. Look forwards to future projects!

Congratulations on completing a short piece in 48hours!
I felt that while the opening shots let the film down, the narrative really stuck and grew stronger, with a solid double click ending.
I really enjoyed the whip-pans- nice work! Some great play with dialogue too, planned well to use for transitional shots.
Also a clever play on words with your title and overcoming addiciton!

Well done for completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-The opening titles, appearing with the main character.
-Quickly developed characters.
What I think could be improved:
A continuity error when the teacher was inserted, but not previously established.
A few more cutaway shots to be intercut to make the pacing flow, and to make it a bit more exciting. (I know this is hard to do when energy levels are lower, and stress is higher in the final hours!) Something to think about when storyboarding.
Thanks for your short; I look forwards to seeing what you produce in the future.

Some super technical sound wizardry at play here for a school team! I thought it sounded great in the auditorium.
What I liked:
-The serial killer character had some great expressions and good screen presence.
-The sound effects
What I felt could be improved:
-There was a considerable large portion of darkness, but I guess this added to the suspense.
-The editing could have perhaps been tighter in the end, but if you were anything like me and feeling tired at the end, I know how much harder it is to make accurate decisions in the final hours1
You guys are AWESOME for working together and creating a short film in 48hours. Make sure you look after your teachers as well, who put in a lot of their own time to make this happen, and I look foward to seeing what projects you create in the future!

For me, this team nailed a few things:
-Actors playing characters their age.
-False reveal of monster (I think this was done really well, and it carried the film to the final shot)
I felt I didn't really relate to the characters at the start; they weren't particularly likeable, but that is what makes these type of films fun: Kill off the annoying characters.
I am sure the acting will improve as time goes by, and I look forwards to seeing further films by this team. It looked like you all had a fun time making it.

The first I saw of many documentary type shorts.
What I liked: The end video shoot where the aspect ratio changed, showing the difference between the intended final music video shoot and the outtakes.
What I disliked: Some of the actors seemed a bit young for their age. Maybe next time, if you can't use older people, perhaps mask their face or have adult characters out of focus/frame.

I overheard people in the audience saying that this team's original idea fell apart, and that they were forced to make 'something' at the last minute. I felt like I was watching something out of Scared Scriptless; quick impromptu and entertaining, but I think this team realises it is a bit far off from making the finals this year. I am glad you guys had fun, and persevered to make something to show. The audience was definitely amused, and it hit the intended marks. JJ

Man I was going to use the quarry! I really appreciate the time this team has taken with their imaginative costumes and more innovative use for tinfoil than Patrick Troughton's era of Dr Who. It would be great if more teams went out of their way to take risks and do this. Actors were dedicated to their characters, and I enjoyed myself. Next time, add a mini-gun for top marks. JJ

Though I was watching an episode of Black Mirror- high production value as always from this team. What a cool house! How many secret passages does it have? Was the security footage live? So many questions. In order to improve, I would have like to see more effort with props etc, like a minigun. That's just me though. JJ

What I loved:
-The asian guy. So awesome and with excellent enthusiasm. I felt his input added to the motivations of the main character.
What I wanted more of:
-Cooler props other than bananas. A banana was a compulsory prop back in 2005. Find a way to work in a mini-gun or flamethrower next time.
Please Please Please Seigan be part of my next film! Was so cool to meet you the other night.

Thanks you for a pleasurable viewing experience. I found this piece to be a refreshing break from reality, with a well rounded ride of emotions.

Nice high quality images. Obviously there is some hi-tech gear involved with this team! Not quite sure what the deal was with multiple Santas; some of the interviews I found a bit cringy and jokes forced a bit. It would have been great to see more special effects near the end, even if they were subtle.

Unfortunately the lighting setup let the film down (Couldn't see the actor's face properly for a while near the beginning- perhaps it was intentional? but with a bit more practise with the lighting it could have been much better! It seemed a bit unusual how the main character simply forgot what he had done in his life after the film showed us- maybe he simply had no conscience and didn't realise what he did was wrong at the time? Overall I enjoyed it.

With nods to various exorcist movies, the main character develops demonic powers after being sick of having her lunch stolen regularly. Was pleased to see the arched-back payoff on the dolly-wheels. and particularly liked the neck crunches! At the end- I am not quite sure why she didn't do that in the first place! The exorcism scene with the scary priest guys were really well filmed- lived the sparks!

A fine performance from the lead. I wonder how much of the weekend had to be spent in makeup? I am a big fan of the Office (Both UK and American) and enjoyed the mockumentary style. Some shots could have perhaps been tighter, but I enjoyed the story- quite a metaphor for so many situations in life; the fads that come and go, willingness to impress, popularity contests etc.

Great re-cap of the first one- I have to admit I did watch the original and got a bit confused but the recap helped to explain it. (I am one of those viewers that needs things spelled out to me a bit). I found it much easier to follow than the original. Great to see original cast! That dance at the end was mesmerising.

Tough genre to crack- There were also some weird gender issues going on. I will need to watch again to listen more carefully to the lyrics as I was distracted by the clash of the cymbals near the end and forgot what it was about. I liked the cool transition effects.

Nicely shot piece, unfortunately the audio as out of sync and you could hear what was about to happen before you saw it. Again, not quite sure what happened in the end, are they dead and in some kind of purgatory? (Hence a character mentioning something along the lines of not needing to go to the toilet anymore? Cool baseball bat with spikes.

What a great start to the heat! Couldn't hear much of the dilalogue properly at the start (Was this intentional?) but I loved the mayhem and cheesyness. I had no idea what was going on, but enjoyed the locations and light-sabre action, even if the characters seemed non-committal at times. Stationary shopping trolley lightsabre duel!

Crab Crab Crab makes the only films in this competition I enjoyably watch more than once (other than my own ones). In fact their film last year I can't remember how many times I watched it. I really admire the sheer amount of content and effort put in. Awesome stuff!

A well laid out story within the time frame.

Congratulations on making boring everyday objects more interesting. A fridge!

I particularly liked the changes in shadow across the animations when the lighting changed.

Totally reminded me of the teeny little super guy from sesame street- combining live action and animation. Thanks for the memories!

Well done sir! A lot of effort put into this film. Many people would not have been able to pull this off singlehandedly. Would love to work someday on similar projects with somebody who has the same kind of energy and enthusiasm. Excellent stuff!

I really really enjoyed this.

I loved the sheer effort that obviously went into it. So many films seem to make it into the finals each year that simply lack the energy and awe that deserves to be on the big screen.

Keep up the great work! Love it :)

I really liked the way the text boxes came up with the phone- nice movements. I also really liked how you used a human dog. (We had a similar human dog creature so will be interested to see what you think of ours). The whole thing reminded me of a similar one last year that was in the finals- where they didn't reveal it was a dog until the end- but there were clues, like the colour of clothes so nice work for going for the animal touch. A lot of people are really enjoying the animal cuteness this year.

What I would change:
I did feel there were a lot of static shots, but they were well framed. I had to rewind the last piece of dialogue as I couldn't quite make it out- something about a rowing machine? Perhaps I would have used a match shot to work on the transition between human/dog, but what you did made sense and was easy to follow.

Final comment:
I really enjoyed the last shot of the dog food- if it was me I would have had the actor eat it for real, but I am glad you didn't as it would have made me feel sick.

I was starting to day-dream a bit during this, but (I think it was this film) there was a moment where I noticed there was a wall with heaps of movie posters on it.

One of them was Commando.

I have thought hard about this for many years and Commando is my favourite film.
It is a pure action movie where every line is limited to bare minimum in order to get to the action, or sum up the character.
"You should know, you trained me"
"Slitting a girl's throat is like cutting warm butter"
etc etc.

Top marks for having great taste in films.

Wow! What a lot of detail in the newspaper article at the start! It totally worked to set up the plot.

Loved the fantastic deadpan delivery- especially from the monk who wore a T-shirt under his robe.

Was he the thoughtful one? We used mind control in our film as well.

Only way I could have improved it would have been to include a raid from a SWAT team and a shoot out involving Monks with RPGs. Cool!

An electrician's nightmare.

Great use of children- showing their not so innocent side.
Not far from the truth either- I have been bitten by children before, even drawing blood.

Kept me guessing up to the end.

What a superb horror film!
My fellow uber-driver friend found this extremely entertaining-starting with the suggestive creepy taxi driver.
The scary thing is that these kinds of things are never far from the truth.
I liked the use of the chainsaw to free the victim from their shackles.
And then the twist- a nightmare to all taxi drivers!
Great use of blood, lighting and specific camera shots.

A girl conforms to the peer pressure.

Such a topical subject for teens all over the world.

Reminds me of my early university days of stalking people while cladded in military boots, trenchcoat and dark glasses.

Thanks for the memories.

I really liked this one- it started off feeling like I was watching an episode of a classic TV show like Coro or Eastenders. Some well seasoned characters. Good use of the wool- I appreciate the time it would have taken to prepare that. Coming up with an original song of that quality must have been difficult as well. Nice work!

I was really looking forward to this team's entry- My favourite entry from this team being 'Bearly', due to the great acting of the lead.

In this one I felt it was taken away by the gimmick POV mouse shots. Got any grapes?
I did feel let down by this one due to the gain on the screen with the lesser quality and was looking forwards to being more immersed in the role of a rodent, such as running through gib-board, dwangs and pipes and more twitching, rather than static shots. My favourite moments were when trapped in the bowl, and when the actress was playing with the noose- perhaps a channel back to her 'Bearly' character.

Perhaps having more time to convert to higher quality and setting up more elaborate shots would have enhanced it considerably.

Keep up the stellar acting performances! I look forwards to seeing more in the future!

I loved the letterbox mattes and transitions- with a bit more practice you could get some real quick and snappy shots- especially with multiple mattes and clips at once. I liked your enthusiasm. It was a bit minimalistic for me- perhaps could have been enhanced with some snappy clips of the exchange student arriving in another country, like:
Thanks for the references!

This was one of my favourites in the heat. Nice, simple, yet well rounded story with a clever ending. Lots of different locations to mix it up as well.

Really enjoyed the Scottish lad's performance. I got a bit confused when he told his apparently father that he was going to a computer course and then was at some arts and crafts thing? Maybe I wasn't listening properly, like when you listen to a popular song and think the words are different to what they actually are. A cool sequence where the paddle sticks are dropped to reveal the symbol- quite clever :)

I tried really hard to follow what was going on and struggled terribly. I am guessing that one of the guys from the video clips was the older guy looking through the window? Not quite sure if there were clues to suggest this- would have to watch it again to see.

This had a good start with some strong performances and powerful lighting. I got a bit bored in the middle, however, as the filming seemed to focus on face washing. A great twist at the end though!

I really enjoyed the silent performance of the villain. It had a real comic approach, using speech balloons to cover dialogue, which I thought was quite unique. I felt the filming/editing got a bit awkward after the cemetery scene and left me feeling slightly unsatisfied despite a terrific start.

A really pleasant to watch short. A good range of emotions resulting from good choreography puppetry. Would have been nice to have seen the film-makers go for a wider scope with more scenery and locations.

This made me quite jealous when I saw they were at laser strike. Strong acting performances from the younger sibling. The chase got a bit tiring, however and after the jet-ski sequence I felt a bit unsatisfied at the end. Worth waiting for the post-credit moment, which summed up the plot.

A funny misadventure about a recluse who dies and must earn his life back by completing a series of tasks in 48 hours.
Some awkward moments as the ball kicking sequence appears to hit harder than expected so they go with it.
I liked Death's voice, but the actual moment of death and dialogue around the banana could have been more convincing.

Plot-wise I wasn't quite sure how it fitted the genre. There were some funny responses on the eight ball which was quite good. Nicely filmed, although it was obvious when dialogue was added- the speakers in the theater are quite uncompromising!

An interesting montage/dream sequence springs to mind when remembering this and some effective studio work.
Plot-wise: I didn't like this take on the genre as I felt it a bit lewd for my taste. I didn't fully understand the parallels with the lollypop, perhaps a second viewing may help.

A really clever twist on the dance film. Although it was a one joke movie it was filmed well with appropriate sound and the various scenarios were entertaining. Well done for coping with the genre.

A good forewarning to dodgy tradesmen. I liked the plot although I felt this took a while to get started.
Editing wise a lot of shots could have been shortened a bit as I felt there was a bit of over-indulgance and over-long static shots.
All the best for next year!

This is the kind of film I can watch over and over again. Get rid of boring dialogue, I say and get straight to the action! A great start to the heat-
it plausibly didn't take itself too seriously- the audience was howling with laughter the entire way through. My favourite type of genre (If it actually is a genre).