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A piper who can't afford to purchase bagpipes is unable to compete (?) in a fictional piping competition Friday Night Lights. Said Piper is taken by his friend to a piping hall where he's advised he's had his entrance fee paid for. Cue a couple of scenes on a hill and deathbed.

Some sound and lighting issues the main root causes in this one and perhaps an explanation as to why the supporting character goes from healthy piper to deathbed would have supported the pay off.

Apart from that some great scenes to begin and end the film, the middle was just a bit muddly.

Nice effort, plot got towards it's payoff where all was not as it seemed. Technically there's a bit to work towards in terms of shot composition and getting the quality but that's what 48 hours is all about

Some fantastic Visual effects in this film and looked great on the screen. Sound was a little funny towards the end but didn't hold it back. Nice effort