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Not many 48hour films go for heartwarming and even fewer succeed with aplomb! Endearing performances help elevate a simple, silly premise into a great short.

The funniest of the movie of the night, not through well-written dialogue or clever punchlines, just fun, unadulterated silliness.

One detail that pushes this into the realm of genius; near the start there's a cut that leaves a few seconds of silence and darkness between shots. At first, the audience wondered if the projector had broken until the movie resumed. Then it happened again. And again. Until every shot was followed by a beautifully awkward pause that became hilarious through repetition and also gave the audience time to laugh after each goofy special effect.

I can't tell if the people who made this are secret geniuses or idiot savants, either way, this movie killed the audience with laughter. Ka Pai!

A major highlight! The premise is a spot-on satire of the big conspiracy theories of our times (anti-vaxx, flat earth) and all the dialogue from the tone-deaf protagonist was delivered to perfection by the lead actor who had perfect comedic timing. The mockumentary style scenes were fantastic, as was the characters thinly veiled frustrations. Gave me flashbacks to everything from Alan Partridge to This is Spinal Tap. If I had a complaint it's that the ending is somewhat abrupt but the apocalyptic climax is so funny, you forgive it. Left me wanting more! Seriously well done to all involved.

Well directed visually, particularly the chase and interrogation, but the story was predictable, even with the audio making the dialogue hard to make out (an issue with many of the films this year). If the team can write a stronger story and some better sound equipment, I'd like to see what they make next year.

A well-shot chase that doesn't really come alive until the very ending which recontextualises everything. A clever idea but the bulk of the film is just ok.

Amazing lighting and cinematography! The story itself, including the ending was somewhat lost on me until a friend explained it to me afterwards but there fun character moments throughout that made it fun to go with. Clearly a lot of talent in-front-of and behind the camera.

Maybe pick a clearer title next time. I can't actually figure out which movie was yours based on your group name. I'll give you 4 stars so I don't throw off your rating. I get that you're indecisive basterds but this is ridiculous!

Very well-shot and heartwarming. My only complaint was the dialogue was difficult to hear, particularly near the end when a crucial piece of exposition is given and I couldn't make it out. That said, even without hearing every word, this tale of sisters on a journey still managed to stir some strong emotions.

The best thing about this movie was the excellent set design, which really told a story all by itself. My main issue was the main character spends most of the movie in his office by himself with no one to talk to, so not a lot happens until his coworker invites him out to the Christmas party near the end.

Unfortunately my least favourite of the heat. The story is about two dumb teens breaking-and-entering a home in which a murder is taking place. A fun idea but it doesn't introduce it's killer or victims clearly and devolves into random screaming and anonymous corpses, not to mention one really long shot showing off the posh house they got to film in.

One thing I did appreciate was the attempt to shoot this film in seemingly one take which would have taken some careful coordinating.

Easily the best use of the splitscreen.,Showing us the ship being piloted outside the window as the two characters converse was a great conceit. The very professional red lighting balanced the charmingly low-budget (but effective) special effects. Writers and actors clearly had a great time on this.

This story of seances and romance was very sweet, even if the payoff was a little predictable. What really makes this is the cinematography! Something as simple as making a cup of instant coffee looks so gorgeous you'd think it was from an Edgar Wright movie. Clear talent in front of and behind the screen.