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Heck yeah, this is absolutely what 48HOURS is about. Really impressive effort from a high school aged team, that stood out in the heat regardless of their age. The film follows a Head Girl election process at a high school which is marred by a serious of increasingly creative murders, particularly liked the one where the murderer rubbed butter on the stairs. Just the right amount of tomato sauce blood, energetic and memorable performances from the cast - everything that makes 48HOURS great.

We relive Charlie's ridiculously turnt up, drunken night mainly via a POV go-pro in this millennial Smack My Bitch Up reboot. A few tech and sound issues made this one tough to fully engage with, but it was super pacey and tied itself up with a well executed if slightly foreseeable twist ending.

Super funny film with strong performances across the board. A mockumentary about a Conan The Barbarian style warrior who travels through modern day towns murdering puppets - while they are still on people's hands. This film was very slick with cool post production effects, and packed with plenty of great gags... most of them being about chopping off people's hands. I particularly enjoyed the supporting character who complained about the town masseuse giving massages with stumps. Pretty light on story, but not really a problem when it's this much fun.

One of the slicker films in the heat. Cohesive story, funny performances and some bloody killer lines, "I did the card already" was a highlight.
However the tone of the whole thing was brought down by some real clunker rape gags that weren't funny in the slightest. The audience weren't on board and it probably cost them the audience award. Come on guys! You're obviously funny, no need for that!

Beautifully shot and graded short film about a post-apocalyptic world where humans eat zombies. Nicky Brick is the lone adult (or older teenager?) in a house full of kids who survive off luring zombies in, shooting them and eating them. The child acting is impressive, and perhaps the film would have been darker/creepier if EVERY character had been a kid?
A slick film with a pessimistic ending, a little dull in the middle section, but totally makes up for it in its presentation.

Hugely entertaining and technically proficient film that combined One Shot with not only "The End of the World" but "Found Footage" also. Nice job! Some dudes are getting high on Nicky Brick's birthday, which is rudely interrupted by (impressive looking) comets falling out of the sky and destroying the world. There are lots of great gags - the woman Nicky is going to lose his virginity to, the use of the line in an onscreen soap opera - as well as some nice, knowing, genre references. The guy behind the camera yelling "looks like I'm filming the end of the world" was a particular favourite. A solid effort from start to finish, and the first real finals contender of the heats!

Fairly terrible sound and I think a misunderstanding of the genre kind of prevented this film from being, much of anything really. Not sure if it was deliberate to read "inspirational" as making a film ABOUT corporate, Tony Robbins style inspiration - rather than making a film that in any way inspired its audience. Deliberate or not, it didn't exactly work. Kudos for the nice motif of cardboard props.

Definitely the stand out film of the heat, and deserved Audience Favourite. A guy installs a new (2nd hand) printer into his really flash flat. The editing was compelling and the frights fairly genuine. Loved the use of the line of dialgoue coming from the printer. In fact everything the printer said was pretty awesome. Fun, concise storytelling. Rad.

A girl is interrogated for her part in multiple deaths including a couple (who did a full on awesome kiss) and a girl taking a bath in a bikini. Well staged killing scenes, but would have liked to have seen more drama from the interrogation scenes, considering it is a "crime" film after all.

This film is based on the urban legend that if you wear a scary scarf that somebody from your old school gives you outside a dairy, YOU WILL DIE. Or something.
There are some awesome blood/gore effects in straightforward effort from a young team. Really hilarious use of the line, which was great - however the tone of the film shifted from really serious to gaggy quite a lot, which interrupted the overall flow.

Definitely the funniest film of the heat. A guy is bitten by a radioactive leaf and becomes Leaf Man, a classic DIY superhero with a homemade costume (well, his mum made it). This is all told in a genre-perfect opening narration, however, the film is refreshingly quick and jumps straight into the action. There are natural, funny performances from all involved, in particular his sidekick Loud Boy. The sound was a little crappy at times, but the pure energy behind this short kept it entertaining from start to finish.

A modern fairytale with its own deep mythology and original folky theme song at the top. Very impressive. The film was compressed super-low which made it look like it was shot on a cell-phone, and the dialogue was also hard to hear as a result (which didn't help, considering how dense the story was).
Great locations, costumes and attention to detail. Hopefully the screening room version will be a little higher definition.

A serious horror film with some nice editing work. Two teenage guys buy some of the latest drugs around on the market, which turn out to be cut up green leaves that you eat. The guys and some other mates drop a leaf each, which results in one going on a rampage and killing every one. The story is told in a creative, non-linear fashion with some frightening atmospheric sound editing guiding us between the lucid and drugged scenes. Ultimately, the story was a little thin and the acting fairly unconvincing. However there was some real post-production talent and a deep understanding of genre on display here.

This film was called "Love Ouchie" in the end, I believe.
A rom com in which the ordinary guy Nicky Brick is completely uninterested in his attractive/weird librarian, a nice spin on your average rom-com. However this librarian is super crazy, and starts stalking Nicky Brick, while narrating the film as if they were together. He dates other girls. And she sees to it that those other girls DIE. Some cool death scenes and a great performance from the librarian. One of the stronger films in the heat!

Love a good underdog story! These guys made an inspirational film I guess in the style of "Revenge of the Nerds" or thereabouts, in which a massive dork-geek who can't walk properly is rejected by girl of his dreams. Probably because his courting technique involves giving her a leaf. Anyway, an inspirational facebook chat launches him into a funny training montage that teaches him the key skills when it comes to destroying poon (their words).

Totally stupid and immature, but there is good, clear storytelling on show here. Look forward to more!

Definitely had the best production values of the heats. Well paced, succinct and visually pretty fantastic, with a good horror-y video grade.
In this film, a girl's sleep is interrupted by some full-on dancing ghosts, who rock some well choreographed moves some impressive music (original?). Unfortunately that's about as much plot as there is, and for a "dance" film, it perhaps takes a little long for any dancing to happen. The only problems with this film is what it needed, what made it to the screen you can't fault. Looking forward to seeing this team again, with an on-time film and perhaps a more fulfilling story to tell.

Wonderfully creative and simple one-shot film about a young umbrella (Nicky Brick), who is let off by her loving father into the harsh, adult world of umbrella dating. Our heroine is of course unlucky in the prospective umbrella suitors she comes across, using the wisdom of her father to fend them off. Nice use of the leaf in this one to show the passing of time. The super sentimental ending was cute, but felt like it belonged to another film, as it had been pretty light up until that point.

Started off well with an understated scene where a guy replays his old video blog, when he was younger and full of life, excited about a new job. We then follow him (assumedly) to the same job, now jaded and older. Along the way he gets various food spilt on him. I have to admit I wasn't quite able to follow the story exactly. But it was well shot with some refreshing comic moments. Also, I don't remember the film being one continuous shot? Not sure if it ticked that box either.

Nice, serious film about a virus spreading around the world. Had some good scares, and a very natural feel with semi ad-libbed dialouge that only occasionally because a little yelly and incomprehensible. A solid start to the heat, and really set the tone of "everyone dies" that followed...

I liked this film, which was basically just a less preachy "pay it forward". In this film Bobby Young makes amends for his troubled childhood by starting a movement where people do good deeds and hope others pass them on. I wish more was made of the individual characters, who we didn't really learn anything about beyond their actions on screen. Ultimately though, this was an optimistic film with a positive message and frankly I wish we had more films like it in the competition.

A serial killer wants to kill his 14th victim, however he has fallen out of favour with another serial killer. The villain in this revenge film was wonderfully creepy, with a cool costume (becoming a staple of this team, who I think are somehow associated with Costume Magic). The storytelling was refreshingly clear in this film, however perhaps it was so clear that the story itself was a little too simple. That being said, it looked pretty nice and held my attention throughout. Good job.

A horror film about the rapture, which apparently resulted in zombies taking over the earth. The performances here were pretty good, one energetic guy in particular. Was unsure about the tone of it on the whole though, started off pretty piss-takey, with some hilarious gross dialogue - then went all serious on us with crying and children getting shot. Yikes.

PS. Three times was definitely enough times to watch the team intro here. Bottom of the barrel indeed :-)

Really dug the faux retro look of this film. Especially the cool VHS era team logo you guys had. After hooking me with the beginning it began to lose heat as a guy monologued for like three minutes while a (admittedly cool) car drove around the place. However, when the twist was revealed it pretty made up for it. Solid effort.