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Not my type of thing. Courtney's writing is strong, though the characterization is weak leading to an overall strong performance (i.e. the acting holds up the character and not vice versa, or, ideally, a combination of the two). It's pretty strong though, and in comparison with many school entries holds its own. Also, being a solo team is rough, and Yikes found some pretty decent work-arounds.

Definitely a team that will improve with time. I've spoken to a few of them and they seemed pretty dejected about it, but I think overall this one has a lot of really fun elements. Next time I'd like to see the team lean further into their genre.

Pretty great. 48 Hours films have a bizarre tendency to play to a crisp, no-frills approach and this is one of those; but it works in its favour: all three performances (but especially the two leads) are fantastic and the audio is some of the strongest I've seen in any 48-hours film across two years competing and a few years watching entries.

Nice concept; relatively effectively done. No complaints.

Fun to watch, but feels more like a loose collection of moments than a film - at feature length, I really enjoy movies that feel like loose collections of moments but in this five-minute format following a tangential narrative can be a struggle.

Props for actually going all-in on the musical concept. A decent lead performance in a film that culminates in an undeserved final scene.

Another heavy-handed message movie; which is a brand of movie I have a direct aversion to. Uno sequence was a big plus.

Really fun movie. The team themselves nearly ruined this for me (INCREDIBLY vocal audience members; talking about key moments before they happened so the whole audience could hear) but I'm here to review the film and not the team, so: pretty good production value (esp. for a high-school team) on the gore front, the film absolutely loses its way halfway through (what on earth happened after the chicken???) and it peaks during the opening credits. But, man, those opening credits are good.

No idea what happened.

A bit all over the place. Decent concept, and the shot of the robot-family was great. Not a fan of the heavy-handed subtext (so heavy-handed it's pretty much text), but I guess that's par for the course with this genre?

Decent, but incredibly derivative (of Black Mirror, of Lars and the Real Girl, etc.), perhaps unintentionally. Great deadpan lead performance.

One of the strongest films in this heat! The three lead actors are brutally funny. I wasn't entirely clear on the narrative the whole time but it sorted itself out by the end,and the gags worked the whole way through. Great, great, great performances, and the highlight of the heat with the drool. Nice make-up work too.

A few nice effects (the VHS filter, the nightmare sequence - nice work on the silhouette), but this team bite off a bit more than they can chew; it's all over the place tonally (lots of the crowd was laughing at moments I'm pretty sure weren't intended for laughs) and a sequence set during "P.E." class only contains three actors - obviously, you're limited by what you can work with in this comp, but it's presented in utter earnest and without the right sense of scope. But, for real: nice work on the silhouette.

A few nice obligatory drone shots, because if you have a drone why wouldn't you use it?

These fellas know I love them. I know they'll be reading this. Bless them. All of them. This film is barely a musical and barely a fish out of water movie. Tight production values (far and away the tightest *looking* film out of the high school entries I've seen) and a cohesive edit bring it together but it only barely scrapes through the genre specifications (and, on that note, the ULTRA). As a short film of its own, it's fun - as one judged against the 48hrs specs of this year, not so hot.