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Ben Guin,I love it.
The ending not so much.
He should take one for the team an actually eat grass.

YESSS! *boot shuts* NOOOO! D:

It was Funny but the credits dragged on for me,the film started to drag but was entertaining. Not part of the movie but the credits seemed really long.The characters made it interesting and that roll was good.

The Principle had an amazing voice it was cool,the scene in the gym was well lighted and the girl was funny.Although running into the principles office holding the wire he thought you took not a good idea.Nice ending but is he that short :o

The Gun effects saved this film,the fighting scene was confusing and the repeated scene was not great.

The First 1/2 was entertaining after that it was just painful.
Good job though guys.

Probably the best film shown in the heat,The Camera work was very well done and of high quality.What Fad it exactly was wasn't that clear,was it a game or was it The Game?