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This was my film. 5 stars cos I'm really cool.

Terrible. The Asian main actor trying to portray a batman voice? What was with that. Didn't work at all. The chemistry between him and the armish dude with mutton chops was eh. Eh. All I can say about the film.

Very cool film Noir sort of style, some great cinematography and editing in places made this the best film of the heat. The main issue has already been addressed and that was the fact that it was unclear how this linked exactly to fad, awesome effort though guys, should be a contendor for best teen film for Wellington.

Was an original and cool concept. Some good acting in places but a few shots seemed to drag on a bit and the start was a bit slow to get going. Hilarious credits, funniest I've seen at 48 hours.

Agree with SteelPotato 100% about sepia chase scene, it was a strange "stylistic?" choice. The natural looking acting between the two leads definitely carried the flick.

2 and a half stars solely because the concept was funny and the editing was awesome, with a half decent camera it could have been a really cool film. Next year come back with a better camera and we could have a contender.

Definitely a shame this team was disqualified. The editing definitely let it down. Despite this being funny at first it grew irritating towards the end. Original concept Kudos for that.

Very confusing story, the many shots of the main actor in different places talking to himself were confusing. Some of the original bull humour was good but wore off quickly.

To be honest I thought this film was decent with a nice twist at the end, some good product placement for sure. The acting definitely helped this film along in parts. The technical aspects could have been a bit better and one or two shots could definitely been left out, however a good effort.

Decent film, tough genre (since it is not really a genre, rather a setting restriction) was a nice idea and a good twist (despite being somewhat predictable). Seemed to be a little too short though and more blood on the wall would have been cool. Good effort though guys.

A really good effort at the horror genre. A decent storyline followed by some cool shots of fake blood and murder, etc. Especially the hand on the fairly see-through door was a very cool shot. However the acting was a bit ridiculous at times and no one seemed to notice the killer walking off from the group, as this was clear to the audience it made the ending predictable, also the final death scene went on a bit long but the sound effects used in it were quite cool. Good effort Newlands, one of the better films of heat 4

Brilliant job at the revenge genre, only two issues were that the start was fairly slow and the sound fairly poor. The wire could maybe have been used a bit more inventively but it was still a good use of the required element. The make-up on the clown was brilliant as were the insane/angry shots of the character dressed as the clown as he runs from the jeering party. Final shot was also superb, brilliantly sped up and slowed down giving it a professional look, the freeze frame was also well chosen. Really good effort guys best film of Heat 4 easily.

EDIT: Meatloaf, I am in fact not from this group at all. I just thought they did a very good job at their film and genre coupled with some good acting. The reason I may have "rubbished" on other groups films' was because they only seemed to be getting sugar coated reviews with some overly generous ratings.

Fairly dull and over-the-top storyline, the acting was bearable until the end when the russian man is killed ridiculously by being jab in the shoulder with a thin wire, he also has his pants done up when he falls over, when he was supposedly going for a pee. A better way they could have executed this scene was either by using the wire to slit his throat from behind and/or have the russian man fall forwards. The two female actors could also simply have driven away and avoided the whole problem of whether the hitchhiker was a killer or not. The only real positive was the sound quality which was decent and the russian accent which was also decent.

A tough genre to be sure, however the plot was a bit ridiculous in places and there were serveral errors. For example when the dead body is sitting in the funeral service alongside the two main actors, their conversation is clearly audible to the person seated behind who would naturally show more shock to hearing that a dead man is sitting in front of them. Secondly the dead seated man blinks when he is propped back up again. Also the main actor (the short person) continuously looks at the camera which begins to get irritating. Finally a teenage girl was used to play the mother which was only apparent upon seeing the all too welcome credits. A nice attempt though at a tough genre.

Decent film, some amusing actors and decent script in places, however using a teenager for an adult role is never a good idea despite how adept an actor they are. Some of the editing was also subpar but overall a decent effort

Where do I start? Firstly the plot was fairly boring and the acting poorly executed. Despite it being a tough genre the film could have had a lot of improvements. Especially at the end where the dancer falls over. Whether that was intended to be funny it is unclear.

Overall an uninteresting storyline, and predictable use of the included elements, except for the bent wire which had no meaning whatsoever and was a token inclusion. Early scene in classroom was far too long and fairly boring. Even managed to get a reflection of the camera in one of the characters sunglasses.