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Good editing heightened the tension of this film.

Superb execution of splatstic genre, total escalating grossness.
"Maybe we should have had a safeword" was comic timing perfection.

Brilliant take on social media / apps / devices etc. Lots of gems in this very contemporary (up to the minute) film.

Good production here with all round strong performances from the ensemble cast.

A fresh and original high school movie that ticks some classic boxes of the genre; angst, contemporary dance, actors far too old to play teens.

This probably would have been one of my favorites if they'd given a bit more character to the lead at the beginning of the film and tightened up the edit a bit more.
Good buildup of suspense.

Had some weaknesses including some unintelligible song lyrics but otherwise overall rather good.

Pity about Theresa's elbow in shot, those simple in camera tricks of the family members disappearing were otherwise really good.
Great script, well done.

Some good writing here and nice scout of locations.

I particularly enjoyed the twat musician flatmate. Great shadow shot.
Best worst movie of the heat.

The sweet clumsy couple were good characters but structurally this romance didn't quite get there for me.

Legit dark horror film with a great lead performance. Gory puddle and spooky shadow were great execution of the required elements.

Fairly memorable. The natural kid actor delivered the best performance of the ensemble cast.
Nice puddle.

My favorite part of this film was the final scene in the rain at the train station... nice pace shift to end on.

Playing out a bit average, the sudden twist redeemed its entertainment value. Making the best of a bad situation was rewarded with big audience laughs.

Good lyrics.
Pity about some of the dull interior sets.

Another stand out film from this heat if just for the fab location & props. VHS Love!
Best puddle shot of the heat!

Fairly decent photography of an otherwise cliche horror.

Wonderfully fucked up idea for an anti-romcom.

Ticking wonderful and awful boxes at once, this trashamation is a contender for best worst movie.

Nice use of locations and costumes. The woman walking alone at night was a bit of a cliche victim but the duo of paranoid idiots were on the mark for this genre.
If they came out the back of Reading Courtenay shouldn't they be heading up Opera House Lane from the other end? ;-)

Fab story, concept & execution.
The idea for this short stood out in the heat as original and well developed. Great performances, set & sound/music.

I actually saw one of this teams production stills on social media and was thinking oh dear, not another 'boys with toys', gun toting, American imitating, macho fest :-s
Well I sure guessed wrong! This story was really fun with a witty script and two fab female characters.

One of the most well crafted films of this heat with nice photography and great sound editing. I struggled with the character arc a bit as the guy was so aggressive, he didn't show enough remorse to redeem himself enough to deserve being rescued by Lucy. It's a bit cliche, but it gives audiences a more satisfying emotional journey.

Great concept with fairly decent execution. Story could have been a little clearer, was probably a bit difficult to follow due to the sound mix. The theatrical version was a bit jerky, unlike the virtual experience which was brilliant.

Classic sequel not as good as the first film. But hats off to any team who undertake Ultra!

I love a good puppet film and this script just got funnier and funnier. "Hardy haa"

The team intro was a smart inclusion in this super cute animation.
The great simple story idea had a real honesty to it. Nice film.

A spooky soundtrack added a mysteriousness to this highly stylized film.

This was a great take on the "making a 48Hours film" trope that we've seen a few times before. A fun mockumentary that was a real crackup in some places.

Superb alien horror movie with great spfx. Worthy of city finals I reckon.

I had low expectations as this film got underway but then it leaped up a notch with a hilarious "Weekend at Bernie's" style of puppeteering dead dad in classic movie scene reenactments for a school homework assignment. A surprisingly quick and funny film.

Mild mannered Hattie gets revenge on the patriarchy in this lovely animated paper puppets film.

This drama was a fairly good production with strong performances but fell flat with its weak ending.

Poking fun at themselves and filmic conventions, this rough around the edges animation was a fun sequel.

Unusual horror with an engaging lead actor unfortunately let down by poor sound mix.

Classic Moffilaide, unfortunately let down by a slightly muffled dialogue track.

The highlight of this odd grim reaper film was the cinematography and cool transitions & vfx.

This below average film was redeemed by a good rock musical soundtrack.

In the future a rigid insurance policy will keep you well protected... even when you're trying to kill yourself. This premise resulted in a deadpan quirky film. I loved the cardboard bionic prosthetics and the vfx.

Really nice character development of the failed sound recordist and fun treatment of mixing up the Wilheim scream. I think this was a clever film and well received by the audience. I didn't like the plot unfolding with the murdering but I get why the writing went there.

This film was pretty good with some nice locations and high end costumes. The story felt a bit flat for me.

This film had a lot going for it, good performances from the two leads and it included a nice tonal shift from the awkward couple to; uh oh this bloke is dodgy.

I misinterpreted this film to begin with because of the team name High Anxiety, I surmised we were following a character who was hiding from her house mates due to having an anxiety disorder, I was completely confused by the knife and arrest to begin with.

This was a good original film. I particularly liked the dumping of the "garbage" shots. I think they needed to cut the candidates sequence quite a few beats earlier, it was really good but then it began to drag but that's a small criticism as this film looked like a lot of work for the editor and they did some very good work. The mystery built up to a good reveal, I liked the full body wrapped in Christmas paper, nice image to finish with. Bravo.

Hilarious! This film was a gem.
Sending up Y2K was a brilliant idea. This film was brimming with comedy gold: 1999 retro, p.o.v. pissed at a party, zombie or hungover (who cares, what's the diff?), splitting a napkin between three in desperate need of loo paper. This was great execution of great ideas and by far the funniest film of the first four heats.

Completely bonkers (in a good way) ghost cops film. Went to unexpected places and a good laugh for the audience.

Average but endearing.

Shoo in for a best cinematography nomination. This film kicked off with a great opening sequence with a car at dusk driving in to the night with a foreboding like the beginning of The Shining . Followed by three young people on a quest to find a missing person reminiscent of Stand By Me. There were brief moments where this film wavered a little but they'd established a quality production which carried it through. Rounded out with a great ending of Blair Witch creepiness.

I had no idea what was going on in this film, partly because it was almost inaudible. All credit to them for heading out on location though, great landscape.

Potential finals contender here. This was a great production with a very witty script and clever concept.

I loved the originality of this film and the characters, especially the deadpan performance from the lead actress.

Doing a sequel was ideal for this 'Ultra challenge' team, picking up with the explorer falling down the crevasse was a great opening.
Bongo's production values have ramped up a notch since their previous entries and this latest animation was stunning. Funnily enough I kind of missed their slow paced awkward style which is such a superb part of their comic timing (Let's Play, 2015). Some of the funniest audio in this film was almost drowned out by the audience already in fits of laughter.

This was a well written character study with very good performances, from the female lead especially. Some subtle makeup on the choking victim (eg blue lips) would have been great to see to really finesse the scene.

Pretty rough but A for effort :-)

That was ULTRA nailed.
But without a guide to the elements they were including, the achievement was a bit lost on the audience. I recognised the character name and line of dialogue but would have benefitted from doing my homework and watching their previous film first.

Rough around the edges but shone nonetheless.

My favorite of the heat, really well done. I loved the story and the execution.

Nice style of art-house animation.

Good one. Well written, quality film with just the right amount of production value.

From the opening shot you could tell we were in for something special. This film was stunning, best set/props and cinematography of the heat.

Strong performances from the two leads were the highlight of this cheerful film.

Pulled off a good concept.
Fab opening scene of an airplane dog fight, great/crappy VFX.

Good smash-cut!
Great locations.

This was a witty little film.

Wolfgang gets a weirdo new flatmate who is an amateur video blogger.

Tied in very well as a sequel.

Dry, dark and clever.

I didn't much care for this one but the rest of the audience seemed to really enjoy it, may well have had the most laughs in the heat.

This film managed to pull off crazy without alienating the audience. They executed some really great visuals but didn't hit the mark with their genre; z-grade.

Pretty good contender to open the heat. Nice work all round, camera, costumes, locations, buckets of blood. Didn't think the Wilheim scream was used very well, probably a missed opportunity there.

Visual stand out of the heat. Top notch costumes and VFX.

Loads of nice little details in this film. Probably the best Wilheim scream of the heat and a really good musical score throughout.

Nicely shot and other that some low dialogue pretty good sound edit & mix.
Well integrated with what I'm assuming was the previous film though not a conventional narrative or sequel.

Best smash cut of the heat!
The scene down Courtenay Place was cool.

Good simple concept, just didn't flow very well.

Good little technique of kicking off with a shot that is confusing to the audience which we then come to understand at the climax of the film; who is this guy....and what is on his face?
Nice photography included a nice montage of nice Wellington spots.

This team delivered on a great concept. This had the gem of something I could see as a stand-alone funded short. My scribbled note from the heat; "they nailed that... whatever it was".
Keep at it clever Daguerreotype, I'm already keen to see what you make next year!

This films introduction of the character Charlie was so well done. It's the kind of film that's a bit fucked up but it works.

Realistically the only contender for finals in this heat, Couch Kumaras are in that league of 48 veterans who deliver beyond the average competitors.
A wholly enjoyable film, I particularly loved the opening setup. Did they cast that actor from Mr Robot?

It's uncanny that I happened to be watching some old black & white footage by David Attenborough the day before seeing this short. The vintage stylizing was bang on.
Packed with great elements (I loved the p.o.v. of the feet shots) this film came very close to nailing it. Has Wild Card potential for sheer fun & wackyness.

Nice locations used, looking good up on the big screen. Nice use of the prop too.

With a clearer soundtrack, this otherwise good looking film may have been more engaging.

This was a pretty good looking film but I was lost with the plot, the notes I made in the dark say fencing, bee sting, Blair Witch. When the violin score kicked in I thought that was very cool... but then it went on a bit too long.

There were some well crafted props and clever shots in this one and a very nice nod to the weekend weather.

So cool & wonderfully short!

Great film to start of the heat. Nice work with the web page and the writing on the package for reveal of the character name & line, well done creatively there. Cool to see lots of Wellington on screen, the Paramount cameo was superb.
Felt it strung out a little too long. Probably would have worked just as well with only one gag scene of the guy out with the doll. I'd have ended on the laugh at the website and then tucked just a couple of the doll date scenes in to the credit roller. They worked so well you didn't need a lot of them.

Oh I laughed so hard, that comic delivery was great.

Rigid yet engaging performances from a stunning ensemble cast.

Yay, great locations! and nicely shot. So refreshing to see someone has gone out and captured some diverse settings.
Two thumbs up for genre and prop.
Great dialogue.

Great visuals and then even more great visuals on top of those!

Nice script and very good performances.

Clever film, nicely executed.

Frikin hillarious, great doco send up.