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1983: Star of Tomorrow Award. Presented by the National Association of Theater Owners. 1987: Saturn Award for Best Actor in "The Fly"


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Me, Jeff Goldblum, was in disguise at the city finals and the heats for this fantastic film.
I wanted to meet the makers, but they missed out on me, JEFF Goldblum!
But! wasn't this film great! a flimsy concept, built around resentful friends.
It's just a shame Ash wasn't Jeff Goldblum instead.

10/10 Goldblums

Aha! It's me Jeff Goldblum.
I enjoyed this as much as any other Goldblum movie.
Dark, Satirical and Charming.
The Actor was almost as good as one Jeff Goldblum.
The Concept was strong as a Goldblums strong Arms
Could have had more Jeff Goldllum in it.

10/10 Goldblums

This one gets 10/10 Goldblums.