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Absolutely drawn into this film being a dark topic was shot very nicely, quality performance by the lead actress was very moving a definite stand-out in the heat.

Great story was entertaining from start to finish really nice combination of storytelling and acting hopefully get to see this on back on the big screen!.....Oh and Mr Mackie absolutely HILARIOUS Damn Drunk LOL ;)

Musical always a tough one to crack so well done to this short was quite funny and nicely paced for the competition well deserving of a top 3 placing in the heat :)

Certain elements were good and others were impacted by time restraints otherwise a very entetaining short film!! :)

I loved this film because it was different from everything else in the heat, the music just added more to the trippy sort of feel i got from it, would love to watch this after having a huge joint!!!! ;) hope this team gets together for next year!!

This was wrong for all the right reasons if thats fair to say made me laugh at the situations the guys would come up with!!! hahaha

loved the comedy in this one absolutely felt for the characters and just couldn't stop laughing great work was hoping this one would go through!!

I thought this came together quite well considering the genre which was given fair to say it did fit the category and the part at the end was a good link oh and the gate keeper lol was hilarious!!