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Awesome makeup and special effects. Love the old Black and White movie style. I say this film should be in the semi finals for sure. Well done for a great film.

Female lead is definitely one of the best female actors in the competition so far and has done a wonderful job of playing this character. Overall Team 10/10 rating from me and i definitely want to see you in the finals. Well done.

This film is one of the best films i have seen yet. Beautiful moving film and such a good reunion film. great acting from all of the cast. Such a shame it was disqualified :( Well done Scratch Negatives. Want to see more from you guys in the future.

So nicely done. Main actor was awesome and the girls were so cool. had a good laugh especially with the ending.

Absolutely fantastic. Loved every second of the film. Right down to the ending. Teddy was cool as. Editing very nice and really funny. Well done.

Great reunion movie idea. I believe this film stood out as the most unique thought out films of the heats i have seen so far. The leading actors were believable and very clever and the film was shot beautifully. Well done team see you in the finals.

Very Nicely done. i love the nerd getting the girl and what he has to do to get her. Green Screen effects very nicely done and as above added to the humor. See you in the finals guys. Well done

Best Horror i have seen in the competition so far. Acting was outstanding and so was the story. Definitely need to see this one in the finals. Well done Team Del Sur

Great work from the team, Both main actors gave an outstanding performance, very convincing and very funny. Sound was excellent as well as cinematography. See you guys in the Finals Well done.

Team Sinistral did a brilliant job, The Main actor did a brilliant job, he played his emotions really well and definitely deserves a spot in 'best Actor category" The stunt work was excellent and the supporting cast did a fine job and Cinematography Sound and Lighting Top notch. Overall i think this film deserves a spot in the finals. Well done everyone.

I think the team did a brilliant job putting this film together. What is nice about this film is the brightness and colour. The happiness and love that clearly went into the film and the subtle Musical touch added to the film. It definitely stands out and i believe this film has a spot in the Semi finals. Well done ASAP team.