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Had To Add A Review On This Film, Because It Was One Of My Favorites. Loved The Whole Dialogue, And There Was Never A Dull Moment. It Didn't Drone On Or Get Dull, And All Though It Was A Little Predictable, It Didn't Feel That Way.

I Did Not Get To See This Film In Person, But What I Saw From My Friends Video Footage, This Film Was Gorgeous. I Loved The Shots But It Was A Little Odd When Half The Voice Over Wasn't There. I Would Love To See This Film Again With Better Editing And All Voice Over. Definitely Had An Impressive Professional Feel To It.

After Reading Your Team Note, I am Shocked To Hear The Film Was Only Thought Of Until Mid Saturday. It Was Definitely Worth It For The End Product, As I Loved The Story And The Scatter Of Humor. Great Way To Pull Off This Genre, As It's Not The Easiest To Do.

You Had Me At Horror Comedy And Left Me Speechless. A Great Way To Kick Off Heat 3 With A Bang.

Pretty Great Film. Very Creative And Original, And The Ending Was A Little......Shocking, To Say The Least.

I Love The Eh Team! Loved Your Film Last Year, Love This Film The Same. It Did Seem To Not Establish A Connection For The Characters, Which Left Me A Little Underwhelmed. But It Was A Great Film, Just Needed To Be Developed More.

Awesome Film. Loved The Match Cut. Sound Quality Wasn't Too Great, But Loved The Shock Ending, As It Is Quite A Difficult Genre That You Pulled Off Well. Great Actors, Awesome Shots, Overall A Pretty Great Film.