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Excellent Monster in this film. Loved the foley as he walked around too. Really gave the impression he was big!
The young actress was a bit of a stand out too, she did a great job of delivering her lines and looked so happy with her new found colour powers.

Felt the "don't over look someone because they are different" theme was a bit strong, but the voice over was well delivered and well written.

Enjoyed the rhyming rap lyrics and the say it then see it happen style. Fits the Heist theme very nicely.
I was a little disappointed in the amount of 'musicalness' in the film though, it's a very hard genre to pull off though.

After the first rap things seem to be quite confusing and I lost track of what was meant to be happening.

Liked the black and white look and the following shots with the camera when the gangsters were walking around shooting people.
Made me feel close to the action.

Some great lines in this film some of my favourites:
"Coach keeps making us work out, but I'm fit enough as it is!"
"If we went next week we could have a whole few weeks more"
"I do want to go, just not with you"

Big props to you for managing to fit in a 10 year story line and not shy away from the homosexual relationship theme.

Enjoyed the unique camera angles with things like camera on the out side of the car & the stunt driving (hope that was done in controlled conditions!)
Hospital scene was great, location & prop scouts did really well there!

Ending left me confused.

I enjoyed the idea of using time travel to fix up minor mistakes like knocking over a cup.
Story wise I was left confused though, where did the time travel power come from, the actor didn't seem overly mostly unaware that the day was repeating.

Loved the concept of 'a Cindy' and the flatmates causal comments about it being yet another tech toy.
Good music choices helped set the scene.

Sound could probably have used a little bit of work, but over all really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed some of the comedy early the film.

The silhouette shot was a good idea and unique angle.

Felt like the story could have used some more depth.

This was really nicely shot, great cinematography and did a great job of building the horror tension side.
Personally I felt like it was lacking some of the comedy angle for the 'horror comedy' but other than that an excellent film!

Really loved the art work and feel of this. The narrator's clothing and setting was a really nice touch, as was the little signs in the shots like "deeper into the woods", "Really bloody deep into the woods" etc
I agree with comments about story dragging a little in the middle, but over all was one of my favourites from the heat.

Visually this was awesome! The smash cut into a desert scene was amazing. Best smash cut I saw.
I was not entirely sure on the over all cohesiveness of the story but was a brilliant effort.

I'm a sucker for a good voice over. The black and white effect definitely added to the feel of the movie.

10 points for making an engaging puppet movie (preparing for that category from last year?)

Personally found it hard to get past the cringy content but no one could claim you didn't do a great job.