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A bold decision that I enjoyed. This film worked well for the audience it screened to, and it has made the short list, so the judges obviously didn't mind the take, I hope it gets into finals as it might inspire others to go in these sorts of directions which is fun the audience, overall well made as I have come to expect from this team

Well shot well scored well made, and an interesting take on wrong place wrong time I liked it and can't really fault anything in particular but there wasn't the x factor, helpful feedback i'm sure probably a tighter edit at times at other times the lingering added to awkwardness

Good coming of age plot, well made, could have been a tighter edit to keep the pace up but well done

The concept of this is great for a short film it was well made reasonably funny and good twist, well done

Did you want musical? an interesting take on generation gap, fun and well done generally at times the rap was difficult to understand,

I liked this film a lot the story was cute and perfect for a short film there were no real issues technically, and some good work in the frozen time shots, I think this has a shot at best school team

I don't know if a conspiracy theory mockumentary really nails the genre, generally the audio of the interviewer was quiet and some of the cuts were random

I liked the premise of this film, it was the right sort of idea for this genre in 48 hours, a couple of things that would have made it a bit better would be more dynamic shots and watching the audio which peaked during the party scene, overall the story was good

To me it seemed like this film suffered a bit from the 48 hours time pressure and while it was a good film it needed some extra polishing to bring it up a level,
The audio at the beginning was LOUD, the levels changed throughout the movie, a sound effect on the punch would have helped and as others have mentioned the randomness of cuts particular at the end overall an enjoyable funny story

Some very well done effects the green screen, the changing of volume of the announcers voice as we move into the room was a great detail that can often be missed in the rush of 48 hours,
an amusing cross over that only of the audience would have understood, one critique is that the vem bot voice while it did sound unnatural it was quite difficult to understand

A well shot movie with a that 70 show vibe including the canned laughter, not sure if it really nailed the genre but not bad

Funny movie one of my favourites from the heat well shot good make up, minor point why does the guy fall off his bike ?

This film captured the emotions many families probably have toward the holidays and is so far unique in this approach, the monologue scene would have been strong with some reaction shots from the sister, the end may have also benefitted from a brief parallel shot of what the lead did instead overall a good short film

Sitcom, an interesting approach, i think if your going to do it you have to go even harder, more canned louder laughter, pauses to let the laughter fade. Going through all the jokes to the point were it became predictable was good in terms of the sitcom but not really the best in terms of telling a short film, good burn effect on the neck and overall an enjoyable funny movie

This was a good warm hearted movie, unfortunately it might suffer as this premise was done in the last few years ago but the team had full sized sock costumes, putting that to one side this was well shot and managed to tell a heart warming story with out dialogue well done

funny gross movie, the middle suffered slightly and might have been better if everyone was a bit grosser in the cut aways overall well shot good sound and probably going to be in for one of the best top down shots

a great take on the real time and it was a good change to character in the final shot, the film was often restricted by shots possible in an actually moving car which should have probably just been faked to allow for more dynamic shots this also effected the audio recording, the petrol station scene gave an opportunity that could have been much more, also a minor detail but the gps voice was really annoying and i thought it was going to lead to something but it didn't

This genre has provided some variety of approaches there is some great close ups and greats shots and editing at points at other parts it needed a bit more polishing good dedication of the actor in the credit scene overall and enjoyable film

This theme of younger generation spending to much time on the phone has been common in this genre this movie has done the best job of it that I have seen so far, it had some good shots however often heads would be cut off and slightly wider shots might have been better if possible, also at time some of the shots last to long and it could have benefitted from a tighter edit. The very end seemed to be jarring or slightly cut off the audio was fading out but the picture just kind of cut I thought the scene had a little bit more that could have played out, Overall a good movie

A funny movie, well made in terms of sound camera work and editing, a few minor points on the story, it is set up kind of mockumentry vlog style but not really established why the cast talks to the camera also the end seemed like it was just the most convenient way to end the film i thought the set up might have led to the new couple making a viral workout video together or a shot of the daughters celebrating there success in finding the father love

Cleverly named and some funny moments at times all sound was removed complete which sounds strange in the cinema at other times it sounded unnatural in terms of direction and volume overall an enjoyable story that was well shot

Overall well shot, the unicorn expert seemed to be pretty randomly put in the middle might have been better at the start, Some slight improvements to sound the voices at time sounded unnatural in terms of volume and direction from camera and there was some peaking during walking, was the unicorn supposed to be in the background of the final interview shot ??

enjoyed the premise of this film well shot, acted, good sound, edit and costume, but it was lacking an x factor still enjoyable

This film may have benefitted from only focusing on the dance element rather than trying to fit musical elements in

This movie suffered from only having one shooting location funny twist at the end mixed in with weird insults throughout

I really like this film easy to follow complete short film with good production on all levels, the movie was funny and intentionally awkward at points and it worked well

Good use of music, good sound and camera work, seemed like it would have benefitted from leaving the room to let more time pass but overall good and enjoyable

I enjoyed this movie, lots of fun, a minor note that the conscience voice should have been her own if possible and it could have had a stronger end if there was development/growth shown in the characters decision however it was a good laugh moment as it was but overall well shot and acted

The twist at the end didn't really fit with the genre and at times the volume of the voice seemed unnatural, there was some good character development in the movie and it shot were good although they could have been more dynamic

Some nice shots and good audio i don't know if it went cringey enough but it was a good comedy

This film had a strong premise and had some good shots such as a creative topdown shot however the story lacked through the middle and end

good intro, well shot at points, throughout it had nice music and pretty good sound levels

257 .... a well shot movie however the character motivation was difficult to understand at more than the surface level

keeping sound levels on and even and camera stability would have helped make the telling of this unique story better, I would like to rewatch now that I understand the concept more fully

This did not really nail the genre of dance - would have been good to see the competition - nice top down shot in credits

I thought the story would of had time to develop if there hadn't been half of the the time shown as bloopers

This team used what they had and made it work and they shouldn't be affriad to ask cafe' to make the tea scene more realistic. camera was often out of focus and at one time there was a lot of focus on the importance of minor story points and not the overall story

This film went through a few stages, a lot of time was time on establishing the government signs and more time should have been spent on character development and story as the motivations were unclear some nice shots throughout

A small set up in one of the presumably future jumps as to how and why he is going back might have made a big of the difference in this film which could not be faulted on technical elements, overall enjoyable

Strong team good film, feel like it suffered from only having the dark room and the hallway sets, but overall good

Great funny movie with good and creative editing, the mockumentary really let you use those split screens naturally however I believe as the premise of a mockumentry already breaks the wall then you should have gone further to break the wall the really nail the requirement, but what is the use of giving feed back on something never likely to happen again overall i loved it

Another never know what to expect film from this team, enjoyable funny and good edit. If reading the song from scripts could have been avoided it would have helped

Funniest movie of the night a tighter edit would helped and sound levels very loud at points, overall i loved it

I liked this movie a strong take on the real time movie - strong acting, good concept, high quality some of the things I have come to expect from this team

the split screens strong at many points pointless at others, forth wall break at the end weakened the movie

hope to see this in the finals a good quality complete short film

an experienced team who make good movies, one note was that the film spent a long time in the VR black background and could have had some changing sets or spent more time in the later part of the film

A real time movie should begin with an exciting event instead of leading to one, the long shots of random typing people walking and talking on phone were very very long, the edit should have cut the start of each shot so the actors don't look like they have just been told action, by completely dropping the audio and only having it during talking it made the long shots seem even longer

I believe part of the secret identity movie is to establish both identities, this film never introduced the 'real life' and i believe it suffered because of that, camera, sound and edit were good

Great cringey comedy I enjoyed, minor note that the sound on the third guy seemed loud even though he was further from the camera and it felt unnatural but overall well done

This film took some turns with Great special effects, I was kind of expecting a person to take form at the end or even a voice might have helped give it a clearer story and end

Look forward to seeing this again at the finals great complete short film that delivered in every element, it was funny and the best fourth wall break so far as well as a unique used of the split screen

Great production quality easily the best in the heat as you would expect from an experienced team, maybe i didn't pay enough attention to the bottom split for most of the movie but it seemed under used most of the story was just told to the audience there was no real character development, so far a few ultra teams broke the 4th wall as the end of the film I believe this is the easiest option and it would have been better if it was done in a more clever and unique way

I enjoyed this movie it was fun, was night two a partner swap night, if so that could have been clearer, good sound and camera but a bit more editing could have really made this shine

I bit more focus on the set up and the news at the start would have helped this movies premise given its very loose take on the genre good sets props make up and costume, would have been a stronger film if it was a different genre just didn't nail any of the tropes

A contender for best costume for sure, the audio was quiet at time, and possibly some more polishing of the edit required, the story could have been clearer but I may have missed some key subtitles at the start it doesn't work well with a one view and review in the theatre approach I am doing

I liked the montage music played on the recorder, you know breaking the forth wall was only required for ultra right ? some funny references but relied heavily on people understanding this to tell your story

at times this film was difficult to hear but overall was fun

The story was quite unique and could have been clearer, the opening song had very heavy bass consider the environment it plays in might not always be ideal, an interesting take on the genre with literal time travel being an important feature, the black and white change was good if it was meant to be a nod to classic cinema you might want to check the travel dates a bit more (this also apply to mr rump) is there a reason the film title wasn't said in the final shot ? i think it would have been good

The film had a good story and was well shot at the start some of the background volume was overpowering the dialogue the very end seemed slightly over the top 'crime' a your fired vibe might have given better resolution to the character relationship, I think it will have a shot at best school team

A cute story the best note is better audio it can be quite jarring to go from no sound to bring in audio only when there is talking and some sound effects would have helped the crash

well shot as expected from team dolphin there were some sound levels inconsistent at points and the second cam not always very interesting or dynamic but when it was it was great, there were good parallels between the characters at points and the entry of the third person played well with the split screen use that had been set up it seemed it end in a rush shortly after that point

Well shot with nice overheads and effects a tighter edit would have given the movie a better pace, I don't know if the peer pressure vibe was an appropriate take on the coming of age genre but overall an enjoyable movie

The team took a short sharp take on the genre which was unexpected with the slow and well shot build it would have been interesting to carry on and see the effect the event had on the rest of the characters day

Have been watching this team for a few years now and sound level issues continue to disrupt the experience, and the overall story could be clearer, basic things like why are the three characters sleeping in a small office and not beds really take away from the reality the film is trying to portray

A short sharp and to the point time travel movie with plenty of laughs, I look forward to seeing this team develop, seeing the team intro I assume 48 hours isn't your only film this year
at times minor technical inconsistencies in colouring at times, the audio was very clean was it adr ? some good editting overall, look forward to more complex storeys in the future

Good costumes and some funny moments this team could work on the sound levels, and some more dynamic and wider shots, I didn't specifically notice any of the compulsory elements which could either be good or bad and tropes of the genre could have been stronger, there would have been more time to develop the story further without the montage overall it was enjoyable and looked fun

An enjoyable movie, however unsure how it will be judged as Ultra using the AI as a new born. Really liked the status updated in the bottom corner a nice touch

I really enjoyed this film, good story, well shot good job

Vlog’s / mockumentries have been a feature of this year maybe it’s the vlogging culture maybe it’s the lazy af millennials who don’t know how to film either way the puddle was over the top and the film could have been better

I really enjoyed this film, some minor issues but keep it up

A well shot film with no audio or sound issues that perhaps could have improved the story. We start with an OCD guy who is marking off calendar days who then given the genre looks to be receiving a message from the future, the film then pivots in to a conspiracy theory movie with the police style photos and connections with string and post its. To really hammer home a message of passing time we have a painful calendar crossing montage which makes you questions why the OCD crossing was there and why we are seeing this shot. The ending was the strong point of the film as a youngish man is taken in to a mental hospital, and is later walked by as an old man when a new patient arrives, again making me question what was the point of the calendar montage.

As others have mentioned lighting and sound issues effected this film did it start with a zombie killing the lead ? if so it seems slightly out of place with the rest of the film as its not brought up again throughout the dating was the final idea supposed to be that if he didn't get another soul he was good but by sacrificing someone he dammed his own soul ? or is my interpretation just different to the other reviewers

A funny film putting husband against wife, burglar vs burglar with a good end, a good use of shadow and slam I enjoyed the roll and the unnecessary effort taken by one of the burglars however the cat and mouse race to the art work seemed a bit to long, much like the speed limit the maximum time is not a goal a tighter edit could have really made this film something special

Well done above reviews have covered the majority of points story was pretty hard to follow unsure if this was intentional but I like the different filming styles in the two timelines one stable tripod vs a very handheld in the second timeline agree that i was questioning where is he now but also it can be good to leave people with questions it makes it memorable

Best actual animal ultra made in CHCH good storey albeit brief.
it would have been good if at the end we had just followed the inside the cat cages in a montage in different sets and eventually the handler shows up and steals it. would have helped cement the cat as the main character and added a layer to the love storey without actually needing the cat
Technically good although i think the audio may have peaked at one point

I feel like this film could have been better if it had opened on a daughters struggles rather than the fathers research breakthrough i think this would have helped with building the relationship between the father and daughter and helped the ending
One of my pet hates after watching these films for a few years now is teams that shoot at broadcasting school it a big world out there go and explore it
Over all in all technical aspects it was a good film well done

Below reviews have all hit the nail on the head it was a big build up well acted I was expecting the janitor to be dead or caught doing something wrong
However everyone was talking about the crocks to which the detective was surprised and wanted information on the crime ... what was the crime ?

Great movie, great storey well shot a good use of shadow that added to the storey my one note would be a bit more time at the start to tell which kid was talking as I thought that the kid talking was lying to the other kid about his life that we were seeing flashes of until the end when it all made sense, however that might have been just me writing down notes to soon
Also as a note this was a better Ultra than a lot of the ultra teams so well done I look forward to a second viewing as this is a likely finalist

An original take on the back from the dead genre which was funny at times however not as often as the canned laughter would have us believed (it was a bit over the top). The film suffered from audio issues throughout with peaking voices and storey was more of a snapshot of the life there was no real beginning middle and end however I did enjoy the movie well done

Great film with good acting, was the an original song ? if so that was also very good. good use of make up and custom to show time passing however moving somethings in the background bench would have helped or doing the vlogs in different places. Zooming in on the calendar seemed forced you had done a good job writing and setting it up that it felt unnecessary

A funny musical with a good storey, good lighting and sound, the doctors room staging was very good and a funny use of shadow, the 48 hours to master singing joke at the competition was a bit cringe but overall a strong contender for best school team, maybe even more

The start of the film setting up the grave seemed out of place with the rest of the film, the people watching the news scene was very funny however they said breaking news and when we cut to the news we had to wait through some celebrity gossip before it was breaking news. a great hand coming out of the ground. My other notes say I thought the shadow/ reflection were good and that the shots focus could be improved but I really enjoyed this film it looked like it was fun

The final shot was very artistic, however the specifics of the story were hard to follow and the sound quality could be improved

Strangely close to a bad seed movie for the action genre, however a good movie, following people matching on tinder and going on a date, ending in the women setting up the man while robbing the house

A good movie making learning fun with a musical dance off about science, shame about the audio issues

A night walking a girl home turns sinister leading to police interviews and flashbacks a well made movie with a twist ending that could have done with a few more seconds for the audience to full appreciate it, nevertheless a solid short film

A crazy journey in the 4th dimension with some people that caught santa delivering presents a enjoyably amusing movie

2 hitmen kidnap 2 girls and plan on hunting them for fun, the girls manage to survive (genre) and get vengeance (theme) on the attackers, however whoever the hitchhike with at the end seems evil without explanation. The sound quality could be improved

A down on his luck taxi driver who is kind at heart gets a second chance at life, passengers in the taxi lip sync to songs related to the story of the movie but don't really add to the story for the musical genre

I women stumbles into another world and falls in love (as we are told by the monologue love story seems to be rushed over) they try to live in each others worlds but cant fit in, a unique approach on the alien genre

Coming home to find a dead body, the lead character calls his buddy to help dispose of the body a well edited and comedic film with an odd end the apology at the end indicates you might have run out of time

A cross dressing red riding hood is chased around and forest by the wolf, red set some traps then makes it to grandma's house but has lost her pills, the wolf drops them off not sure why wolf had a change of heart

A story which occurs in one evening (although technically a night movie good have gone further with the genre) and follows one male and one female character getting ready for a date there isn't a lot of taking and the theme of love chosen didn't seem fulfilled when the male character changed his mind at the last minute with no clear reason.

A well shot short film starting with a 13 reasons why vibe but turning into Making a murderer as students at a school mysteriously disappear and the lead is left painting a sea where one of the missing student bodies was found

A lot of drug references for a team that played in the school heats, the love quest gets distracted by fast food in true stoner fashion and the movie that seemed like a good idea but didn't end up that way, a cool drone shot

Same house and cast as the last movie, looks like you lads have fun, did you win the pizza from the quick texts? anyway combine with the v from the fridge seemed to be over doing the sponsors, the movie did meet the genre, however i did prefer your last movie more, well some parts had good cinematography others could have been more inspired however virtute scientiam complete

a good ghost story style movie with a good sound track and excellent special effects overall a good movie

Guy falls in love with alien, explains to friend who helps him understand alien culture through comic book ... or so we think, a well shot film with a good story and the best alien I saw in any film and a great end

A movie of self discovery, that didn't quite hit the musical /dance genre with the kind of poem recital, a refreshingly honest take on cross dressing

Band practise ends with the lead stuck in a toilet and has to 'survive', a good take on genre and good film with a complete and easy to follow story that is well written and acted causing the audience to laugh with the thought of drinking toilet water. One thing to work on next year is attention to detail, the seat in the toilet probably used for the high shots can be seen in some of the reverse shots

Mockumentary following a want to be bogan heading to a party, called out for not being a bogan changes becoming a hippy, some witty writing and an overall good film, however to expand as film makers stay away from mockumentary and work on better sound quality

Hard to follow, one camera shot very zoomed, starts with a person bring her brother, people start dying and yelling in dark

Z grade revenge movie on a broken phone - where actress walks off set and is replace by a balloon, funny gags boon hit actor in head, knife tied to balloon pulled by remote control car, good sound/sound effects & music, minor detail where I am not sure if breaking the 4th wall and having the director talk when the actress left was necessary

a movie about a girl campaigning on behalf of her brother (who wants to stay in power) to raise the minimum voting age, a team assemble to take her down, they kidnap her and ask her why, then the final speech she says not to lower the age. an interesting take on the crime genre, who is really committing the crime? 48 hours references seemed unnecessary, sound quality could have been better but a complete story

Starts in black & white 2 people walking and reading books, their worlds collide as they do and colour and sound comes in, they begin dating one is a secret agent who's past catches up with her and she is killed the boyfriend (and a random friend) then go seeking revenge Film was well shot however sound could be improved some shots had no sound if there was no dialogue however the silence was very jarring

A character doesn't 'fit in his body' seeks help from therapy and 'herbalist' with some so bad it was funny shots (flying and collision) but a good end highlighting the importance of following the directions on a bottle overall an enjoyable short film

A well shot movie following a women jogging in forest who a see boy and him follows to the car crash of that boy and his family boy a good short film however the background noise in forest is on a short loop and obviously repeats several times

the watch and counting of hopscotch were good call backs well written a good short film well shot particularly falling into pool

Santa interviewed by FBI for various humorous crimes but santa knows what you've done ... good concept to the movie it flashes back showing one of the agents backs stories well shot movie however I felt the flashbacks lacked something

4 Charaters in 4 different locations talking via online chat interesting medium of story telling a taste of how 48 hours could be made the plot seems to follow a characters revenge or blackmailing others for committing a murder a last summer the storey felt unclear and unresolved

Interesting take on survival - car tampered with, mugged and car stolen ( why didn't they just steal in first place) characters have to journey back to civilisation leading to arguments well shot movie

a good sequel still managing to be an entertaining short film set days after last film good job with costume and actors looking like it hadn't been almost a year

Vengeance theme done comically and uniquely with a very patient 'actor' however it did not meet my definition of a musical/dance movie (classical music plays in background) however if this element is ignored it was an entertaining short film

A break up can be the end of the world if your dating a mad scientist a funny well made film that I hope to see in the finals

This film was the best in the heat - two people dating in different scenarios with good effects, possibly an original soundtrack and a funny ending really capped off the film hopefully will get to watch this again in the finals

A funny mockumentary with piss take songs about smoking, water and other things. the film started strong introducing the characters and their previous jingles the film could have continued but strangely chose to focus on writing jingles about faces, it seemed like the focus of the story could have been on something better given the previous set ups maybe the team had brought a lot of masks before the weekend and wanted to use them possibly when there were getting the vaping equipment. Overall still an enjoyable film

The majority of this films story was told on one camera setup (off set) with some cut aways to show some jokes, this lack of movement brought the pace of the story down
The film focuses on extras in zombie movie discussing life and annoying other extras with an extreme end

good short film with ok sound and shots the story telling favoured emotion over action in this realistic crime movie a tighter edit would have improved the film

Some great alien effects at the end however the overall story of this film was unclear, this was not helped by poor audio quality

Robbing bank 2 girls - good special effects, with some nice shots (camera follows gun and roll), overall story could have been clearer

A great Horror Comedy focusing on stolen lunch from the office good acting and effects, though the fridge shots were an importing part of the story i thought the edit on that part could have been a bit tighter, but overall a great film

an office drama that did a good job of the jealousy theme

Due to the actions of some Santas Christmas has been cancelled forever, this mockumentary interviews Santas about what went wrong. the film was well shot with a good smash cut

A well written comedic alien movie, with some great sets good lighting and cinematography a definite finalist

A couple going through a divorce leads to the lead having a heart attack and flash backs of mistakes in life. good cinematography, edited and sound

This film has an interesting approach on the night movie genre with a comedy about surf life savers at night with funny dialogue and a training montage, the film was well shot given the limitations of light imposed by the night movie a good film

A well shot movie which follows a fight siblings in three different times, places or universes, I hope to see it again at the finals but not sure how the judges will mark the very minor female character

A reasonable sequel at the start, with some good action sequences and intercut chess moves, turns strange at the end

A bitchy game of never have I ever turns into a action packed pillow fight, with some witty and crude writing the highlight, the overall storey lacked a purpose and ending

3 elves accidental kill Santa and must save Christmas, good scene with Mrs Claus however the present delivery seemed rushed and could have been done better overall a good take on the Christmas genre

An outside the box sequel which takes the theme of transformation to another level, however a good movie with a good flashback update, witty writing and a good basis for a story however the ending could have been stronger

two cops that don't play by the rules suspended after epic action sequence, strive for redemption by solving the big case some witty (writing computer in back of car and listing all of themes), however the ADR sound with levels all over the place made it difficult to tell who was talking

Female character foresees peoples death some sound issues like "action" at the start of a shot

Millennial who cant afford avocado's and house, some good songs dad song and rap were my favourite, a good story line

Good Movie, witty writing, good action montage good make up a solid movie and patient acting for a dead character

Nice edit and cinematography however a lack of talking made the plot unclear and the poem voiced over was difficult to hear. A man followed evil to die but this was fought off by a woman the movie.

Ultra meant this film was void of any real plot to an audience member that cant remember the original movie, while the acting, cinematography and costumes were all good with some witty writing the film got ultraed

Deaf woman frustrated, partner in lab accidental discovers substance that response to sound improves deaf persons life, good visual effects and smash cut overall a good short film

Great story, good acting, well scripted, great effects on the talking microwave, good development of the relationship shown through the montage, strongest film of the heat.

Alien Infection Story 3 boys head down to river some good shots but the audio was weak in the wide shots a literal take on the genre and theme

Demon banished to earth takes form in various objects falls in love gets a body, good make up and effects film ends in quickly after crash but good short film

A party at night held by character who is new to school they wake up mid party make friends everyone wears pyjamas to school the next day. The overall story could be stronger

12 year olds ipad runs out of battery during power cut rediscovers other toys scooter, barbies etc good message that children should spend less time on devices well shot and edited. I look forward to next years film

Solid Short film with some good acting and a good thriller vibe. The relationship between the two characters could have been stronger at the start which would have given more justification to why one character sacrifices themselves and a better ending.

Unique take on christmas genre emo Christmas mockumentry 3 girls hate christmas try to make christmas drama and yelling over various things like food however the overall story could use work.

Little red riding hood revenge on 'wolf' who killed her grandma - good action in sword fight / editing/sound effects good strong female character one of my favourite of the heat

A mix up of the drag seen in this heat girls in drag and top hats sing a little song as they welcome people to a dinner party, at this point the film showed good potential however as it continued the overall story was unclear as to why they killed boy then dress him up, showing good potential particularly with the difficult genre however the story needs some work

Literal take on transformation theme chosen with an amusing waxing scene and walking in heels, however the story needed development

Original take on bad seed movie, good twist ending, silent film style a good short film

Solid acting and a good take on the time travel genre, edit was a little slow but overall a great film

A humorous film, a few sound issues which detracted, this film would play better to an audience who did not know the area and could clearly see you were driving up and down the same street. Good character development and some witty lines overall a good film

A classic take on the cat and mouse genre. great cinematograph, drone shots, and editing comedic hiding behind trees and running back past each other during the car chase. Some more wit in the writing would have really helped this film shine. Overall a great film and look forward to next year

another solid entry by submission impossible, some great acting and well written further back story behind the characters relationship would have added to the tension but i guess that was the cost of the 5 minute time limit this year. Comedic and a city finalist for sure.

A Solid film well shot, acted and written, the pace of the film could have been faster in places but a good take on the genre

A good film the differences between the past and present were well done and achieved the laughs, The song and music video were well shot and I would say a contender for best original music. The documentary part was rather slow and could have been enhanced if some of the interview shots had taken place in different locations eg picking kids up from school while asking questions which would have added to the comedic differences between the two worlds while adding variety and pace to the story telling. Overall a solid entry into 48 hours and look forward to next year

great horror feel through the movie, with a great twist ending, some camera movement would have added some pace to the movie as well as potentially adding to the horror vibe

Great movie and costume, great story and character development I hope to see this film in the city finals

A great take on the dystopian reminiscent of the the island with a Lottery to freedom.
Combined with the over the top health and safety politically correct world which may indeed be approaching
Love the commitment to the smoke machine

Great cinematography and drone shots. a very emotional before and after bromance, the relationship needed to build more in the before, some more dialog may have helped to develop the characters relationship in the before scenes. Overall a solid film with great editing acting and cinematography.

A great take on the real time genre with a great twist, well shot and acted. Look forward to seeing Poolside again next year

A strange film with a great monologue, one film doesn't mean one character, this team is full of hilarious potential and really need to push the envelop next year i believe that result will be spectacular. I think some more movement of the camera would add a lot more energy to the film.

A very original take on the cat and mouse genre
Unfortunately technical problems ruined the flow of this film
The plot was difficult to follow at points

Great film, great to see such talent coming out of broadcasting school.
Definite City finals entry
Hopefully all the cast and crew continue to enter the 48 hours competition

The decision to go for a silent film was bold overall an entertaining story although I thought the comedy of the errors genre could have been taken further.
Solid acting however a quicker edit would have enhanced the film

Was this the same team that entered the great hillbilly film last year where someone chased something on a string and then got shot ?
If so it was a great sequel.
An interest take on the time travel genre, I think this team has a lot of potential and I look forward to next year

Great twist, well acted and shot, one of the most creative uses of prop that I saw.

One of my favourite movies of the heat a great puppet movie, great emotion on the puppets face well written, well shot
Definitely hope to see this at the final

Another solid entry by Strang entertainment I look forward to seeing rewatching to seeing this again at the finals. An original and yet classic Strang take on the rom com genre with such a fast passed edit you really need to be able to watch it again great use of all of the required elements and an amazing variety of shots for a 48 hours film can't wait for next year

Great film could not believe this was a high school team writing and editing definitely rivalled some of the veterans in this competition you so be very proud of what you accomplished and I look forward to seeing how this team develops

Modern take on the puppet genre good audio and editing really looking forward to seeing how this team develops

Classic take on the top uni genre love rebellion teenage mayhem, solid story characters and film well done

Great to see a st Thomas team representing. Stick with it loved the action sense flawlessly work d into the rom com. As part of Strang entertainment an St Thomas old boys team at heart I look forward to seeing how the St Thomas lads team develops

My favourite film of the heat Well written good acting original take on the lovers on the run genre I hope to see this team again next year

Great horror feel to the movie good colouring brutal blood effects so key could have been developed more with less running but it worked with the genre a shame that it was disqualified otherwise it would have done well I look forward to seeing how this team develops

Great take on time travel, great use of an old cell phone good character delevopment for such a short film and good rack focus, your audio mix was weak during an over the shoulder shot in the kitchen. But overall I ne of the strongest films of the heat

Great edit , it would have been even better with an audio mix ( just fading in and out between shots) as the "great" on the toast sounded odd along with the background static. Some music may have also helped I. This area overall good film good writing good original take on the mystery genre look forward to seeing how this team develops

Good concept/take on mistaken identity. audio quality was unfortunately a little poor at times the story telling could have been enhanced with some camera movement pans, fast cuts as there where some moments of blackness which do after overall a solid film looking forward to see how this team develops

The funniest film in the heat . Great take on cat and mouse genre. A long couch conversation could have been enhanced with some cuts pans or different angles but loved the rap battle

Great acting and editing and unexpected ending good take on the genre some times a you got a sense that some shots could have been more polished but overall one of my favourites of the heat

Great ending, unfortunately there was a bit of an audio sync issue in some shots due to the adr , I would suggest trying to to move the camera more during shots instead of just tripod this would give more energy to the film and help it flow better. Some great make up skills I look forward to seeing how this team develops