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Great concept for a short film. Believable and strong performances from the entire cast (the reaction from one of the kids at the end was priceless). Did feel a little like it dragged and could have benefited from being a little tighter. However, that’s a very small gripe on an otherwise very good film.

Great film from one of the most talented teams in this competition. The animation is always superb in Mukpuddy films, but it’s their story telling and characters that stand out in this one. Can’t believe one person did all the voices?? Loved the Jeff Bridges like voice of the main character. A main contender for the top prize.

Another film to use subtitles. Won a well-deserved editing prize. If there was also a prize for best use of genre then this would win hands down. Looking forward to seeing this one again.

Probably the biggest crowd pleaser of the night. Technically stunning (the fire sequence caused a few gasps around me). Songs were amazing! Vocals in particular were faultless. Should and will be a contender for the top prize.

Great embracing of the genre. Good script, catchy songs, and strong performances. And as you would expect from these guys it looked and sounded spot on. Will go very close to making the Grand Final. I for one hope to see it there.

I don’t want to take anything away from the winning film (which was brilliant in it’s own right), but ‘Mi Amgio Manderena’ was the standout film in my opinion and must have gone very close to winning. I expect it to be in the running for the national prize. Was a complete short film. Stunningly shot (deserved it’s best cinematography award), but more importantly the story was captivating and engaging. Great performance from the lead, and the ending got a huge reaction from the audience. The Mexican style of the film was beautifully done. Can’t wait to see this again.

Excellent performances dragged this film up in my estimation. Use of the prop got one of the biggest reactions of the night! Looked good, but was let down by some audio issues.

Loved this film. Great story, well-crafted and strong performances. I really wish these guys would stick to a team name! They are difficult to keep an eye on, but always deliver. A good chance at making the Grand Final. Great job

While this film was nicely animated and had some good gags, it just failed to capture my attention. It attempted to lampoon disaster movie clichés, yet it sometimes felt overly reliant on this kind of self-referential humour. Still it was lego! And who doesn’t love lego?!

One of two films that caused the most discussion amongst the group I was with. Some loved it, some not so much. I am somewhat on the fence. It was well crafted and driven by an outstanding and nuanced performance from the lead (best actress must have been a close call this year for the judges!). I didn’t have a problem with the moral “ambiguity” (as suggested above), it just didn’t register with some in our group. All around I found this entertaining.

I struggled a bit with this one. Didn’t find it overly engaging, so unfortunately got a little bored. However, was redeemed by some top-notch performances. Looked great, though the sound quality was lacking in places. This is one those unfortunate cases of where a team was probably marked on a tougher scale due to their fantastic film last year. In isolation this film deserved its place in the final.

This movie had a real charm. Very likeable performances from the cast and had some great laugh out loud moments. Personally I thought the gross out humour missed the mark a little (but that’s just a personal preference). A few technical issues detracted from the film as well.

A well deserved runner up in Auckland and will be a contender at the nationals. A wonderful performance from the lead, beautifully shot, and expertly directed. Loved the way the elements were used as well. A masterclass.

A few of the reviews above have said they don’t think this qualifies as a dance movie? I disagree entirely. Thought it was a very innovative approach to the genre from a team known for their experimentation (I thought ‘Brothers’ from a couple of years back was superb). This one was not without fault, but beautifully shot and well acted. Good job. 7/10