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Saw this on the live stream on the Grand Final last night. Absolutely loved it - I bubbled quite a bit. Think the judges got the top three the wrong way round - this should have taken out the competition.

With some breath-taking opening shots, I was sure this was going to be another top contender for rubber soul, but something just didn't quite gel together. The sound levels seemed to be a bit off, which is unusual for this team. I genuinely feel that with a second viewing, the short would grow on me - the concept was clever - but I just didn't quite get it first time round.

One of the most memorable shorts of the night. Still laughing - the use of the bread slices was so bad it was great - and totally worked and was keeping with the film. Loved the end.

Well executed, chilling, horror movie. Nice twist at the end. Would like to see a sequel where 'Daddy' has to work out which is his real child.

I think this team were first-timers and was thoroughly impressed. They handled the genre really well and their concept was original. Solid acting throughout. Look forward to seeing more from this team in the future.

I always enjoy seeing what technical wizardry this team will come up with next - some awesome special effects. Sound issues made the storyline difficult to follow. Handled the genre well and the doubling up of the actors on screen was well executed.

This team are fast becoming one of taranaki's top teams. This short was cleverly executed and had some awesome comedic moments. My only critic would be that it was more mocumentary than rockumentary. I did at one point think that all the training in the gym was in preparation for a dance-off, but apart from a couple of skips and a strategically placed ghetto blaster, it didn't really adhere to genre.

This 2 person team get my admiration and respect for creating multiple characters effectively. Competently adhered to genre. Loved the granny under the blanket. Some nice shots in there too.

Adhered well to the genre. Some great characters and some very funny moments, but storyline didn't quite gel together. Loved the camp director in his shorty shorts and the canned laughter.

I really enjoyed this quirky short - shame about the sound issues. Some great acting and clever twists. Look forward to seeing more from this team.

Would have been better suited to the musical/rockumentary genre. A valiant effort, but because I didn't take notes this year, nothing really stood out in my memory for me.

I really liked the concept of this film, maybe the initial swearing at the beginning was justified in setting the scene, but after that it just became gratuitous. The storyline was strong - it didn't need the strong language - there was a child at the screening and I cringed when the 'c' bomb was dropped.

You need a strong, charismatic actor to carry off this genre and Flap Snots actor was awesome. Loved the fake buddies and the seduction of Scarlet. Would have been a top contender for me, ticked all the boxes, but for the reflection of another person.

Gutted this team missed the deadline. Clever, funny short with great acting.

Nailed the genre - totally didn't expect that ending. Well shot and the actors played their roles credibly.

I really feel for this team - this is the second year running they have missed the deadline by minutes. An interesting take on the revenge movie and a clever concept though I feel the execution missed the mark a bit. Again was distracted by people talking in the audience, so possibly a second viewing would clarify things for me. Keep up the good work - as the saying goes - Third Time Lucky.

Beautifully shot, poignant short, that used the genre well. Ticked all the boxes and a possible winner.

Definitely a contender for the Incredible Strange - Best of the Worst Award. The team had the misfortune of getting the musical genre and hats off to them for what they did. Not sure if it was supposed to be funny but I had tears of laughter watching it. Whether intentional or not, you guys deserve a high five.

Very very clever and think it is a great take on the time travel genre - to quote from the 48hr website 'There are no easy genres, and seemingly difficult ones are opportunities for teams to manipulate their chosen genre and create something truly innovative. Don't be afraid to think outside the square.' I think Tanked Engine acheived this. Cool animation and the narrator was great - David Attenborough you have competition. I always look forward to Tank's original ideas for film.

Good take on the horror genre. I seem to remember there were some technical glitches. The actors were strong (but be careful to maintain the accent - German hitchhiker slipping into kiwi). I liked the scary voice. Good strong ending with a twist. Well done.

I liked the concept of the computer game. Sound levels going up and down were an issue and so I couldn't really follow the story line, therefore not sure if they pulled of the shock ending. Didn't help that people in the audience were talking near me. I'll watch it again when it is in the screening room because I feel like I missed something.

Liked the quote at the beginning. Some nice camera work. The sound effects and music tended to overshadow the dialogue which made it hard to follow the story line. A little bit too arty for my taste but a good effort.

A little confusing - the story line was hard to follow - less time on piano playing and martial arts shots and more on story development would have made this clearer. Would like to see the team attempt to do a film without martial arts in it - getting a tad repetitive.

Good strong entry by a young team, loved the concept and adhered well to the genre and character. Didn't have an issue with the parking scene (see previous reviews), the character was a diva and it was her parking spot. All round good effort.

Blown away by this teen team. I think this is their first time entering and they give the old-time regulars a good run for their money. They seemed to tick all the boxes - great editing, great cinematography, clever, but simple story well executed with some great comedic moments. This team should be in with a shot for winning best teen team nationally and are a serious contender for taking out the Taranaki competition. Well done Guys, you rock.

I think this team struggled with the genre - musical/dance. As with last year's entry the team is technically strong and I thought they did a great close-up shot. The dancing scene could have probably been shorter. You guys have the technical ability, now work on your story telling and you could go far.

A great concept and good use of the genre. I thought the film was well shot and I like the moral of the story - if you're going to have a shitty day, you're going to have a shitty day.

Nice, original take on the genre - a female only population in the future. I didn't quite follow the story line but a good effort from a young team.

Laughs aplenty as usual for a Rubber Soul film, but I felt this film wasn't as strong as in previous years. Dinnie, as always, is great as a lead actor and oozes personality. Some awesome aerial shots. I agree with the previous review that the ending felt like it was put in there for the sake of having an ending and was a bit random. Was a bit disappointed that the teams that got Film within a Film genre all went with the making of the making of a documentary - would have loved to see a Trueman Show/Tropic of Thunder type attempt.

Best team intro by far. They handled the horror genre well with good use of camera, sound and lighting. Noticed one continuity error - lead actor moved away from mirror but the next shot was of his alter-ego in the mirror and you could still see the back of the actors head. Apart from that I thought this film was a strong contender.

Nailed the genre and there were some nice touches to the film. Not sure I quite bought the mummies - the actors should have left the jeans off. Another film with a Tarantino touch. Didn't quite follow the story line - the music throughout the film was a distraction more than an enhancement. All in all a good effort.

Quirky comedy, with some nice touches and a hint of Tarantino. Loved the purple car. Lesson here was be nice to your tradespersons and pay them on time.

A team with potential but they didn't quite nail the genre - I didn't get the ending, but possible due to some sound issues made the plot hard to follow. I liked the Saddam Hussein mask - very sinister. Looks like they had great fun making the film (a couple of shots included the actors trying to supress some awkward smirking)

I really enjoyed this film, good strong ending and it was one of my favourites of the heat. It had the potential to be a strong contender but for one issue in my opinion. The lead actor had a great look for the role of the geek, the theatrical over-acting was not necessary, subtlety would have worked better (no disrespect to the actor - he may have been following direction). All in all a good comedic entry and they nailed their genre well. Another team to look forward to in the future.

A strong entry from a young team. Strong storyline and some good comedic moments. The pace was slow, not sure if it was down to editing or direction, basically it was camera shot of person then they say a line, camera shot of next person then they say a line etc - it probably needed a more natural flow but that should come with experience. I hope to see more from this team in the future as they do show some great potential.

Probably the strongest film in the heat. It's great to see this team go from strength to strength every year. Some really nice shots, good storyline with a strong twist at the end and some superb acting by the lead male and female.

Really enjoyed this funny short. Not quite sure how it fitted into the Mistaken Identity Genre. Sock porn, where the lead sock battles sock sex addiction. One of my favourites of the heat.

This short was a mockumentary, but not really sure how it was a film within a film. The three lead actors gave strong performances. All in all a strong entry, nice but weird ending. Look forward to seeing more from these guys in the future.

I cant decide whether I loved this film or hated it. There was sound issues which made some of the dialogue hard to hear. It was weird but fun at the same time - reminded me a bit of a Jamiroquai music video. The ending was a bit weak, but all in all the team show great potential.

The character of Morgan was well adhered to - good american accent. I laughed out loud at the nervous poos. I feel though that the airplane 'ballet' was a bit of a cop out on the musical/dance genre. Great cinematography, some awesome aerial shots of Taranaki.

Loved their film last year, but this one fell a bit short for me this year. They had the misfortune of getting rom-com as their genre (I would not wish this on my worst enemy). They had the necessary ingredients for a rom com - man and woman get off to disastrous start but due to time restraints of short film - their chemistry was not given time to build, so felt a bit rushed. (Incidentally I noticed in the credits that the 2 leads shared the same surname - hope that's because they are married and not siblings)!

Technically a well-shot short with great effects. Unfortunately I could not work out what the story was about - felt a bit like an acid trip flashback - not that I would have any idea what that felt like ;)

Had a bit of a 'Blair Witch Project' feel to it. The tent scene was well shot - nice effect. Great use of prop. I didn't quite follow the storyline and felt they had over-use of sound effects - sometimes less is more. All in all a good effort.

Well executed, quirky short that adhered to their genre. I like the invisible horses - nice touch. The film was marred with sound issues - the wind seemed to play havoc with several of the film entries this year.

I enjoyed this film, the storyline was quirky but somewhat hard to follow. There was some very good, natural acting by the leads. Technically strong but with sound levelling issues. Love the team name!

Another film with Facebook stalking. Nice concept of Cult leader using his members to stalk a female. A young team with lots of promise.

One of my favourites of the heat. Loved the thought bubble coming from the cat. A non dialogue movie with great suspense and a funny twist at the end. Great cinematography.

Vic has an empty life - as his sleep-deprived visions keep telling him. I liked the harlem shuffle type dance sequence. There appeared to be some sound issues at the end of the film but all in all a solid entry.

My favourite of this heat. The 'Ewe' in the title is a therapist for abused animals. Bread and Butter obviously never heard the term 'Never work with Animals' and good on them for taking the chance. This short had a mocumentary feel to it and I found it clever and original and tied in well to their genre.

Facebook / wi-fi drama. Some nice work.

Didn't quite nail the genre. The concept of a parallel universe was great but the storyline was hard to follow. They had some fabulous special effects and I loved the 'Alice through the looking glass' means of reaching the parallel universe. My advice to the team would be - next year keep the story simple and you'll blow the audience away with your technical ability - definitely a team to watch out for in the future.

Beware of drunk texting. When the film began, I assumed it was a comedy but had a surprising dramatic twist with a serious message. I have seen other films try to do this and fail, but grazed knee pulled this off well.

Cool, fun story, I liked the dilemma of the conflicted robot, the card slot was awesome. Loved the actors doing their own sound effects. I didn't get the end of the story though - maybe needs another viewing. Visually good but there were some sound issues.

I understand this film was DQ'd as technical problems lead to them missing the deadline. The young team coped well with the musical genre and I found the film fun and quirky - however they probably went a tad too far in one scene (I laughed and cringed at the same time).

In my opinion the converging storyline genre is a hard task - 7 minutes to build up differing storylines to a mutual conclusion would be near on impossible - but this team 'rose' to the challenge admirably. I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

Vic is immobilized in his dreams - nice concept. In his dream he is terrorised by giggling Zombies (wasn't too taken by the idea of giggling zombies - but it's a new take, so good on them)

My favourite of the heat. Great adherence to genre. Nice concept of dream machine to cure insomnia and use of the lead actresses voice as narration was well executed and made the storyline clear.

Some nice touches to this short - I liked the loner playing solitaire. Lead actress looked suitably lacking of sleep. Story based on Vic being invited to school reunion and dreading seeing a girl who used to bully her. The film showed some great potential but the ending fell a bit flat for me.

Visually this film was strong - there were some nice effects. Personally I felt the film was too quiet and some sound effects/music could have helped build the tension, however I can see some great potential with this team.

First time entry, I think. All elements competently done. Vic is a love-sick stalker - will winning the girl of his dreams cure his insomnia? Look forward to seeing more from this team in the future.

Glad to see a film with a strong ending (nice twist). This team shows a lot of potential.

This short had a great sinister feel and was full of suspense. Being a Dog lover did slightly alienate me to the film. All the elements were there and some great acting by the lead ... and the dogs were pretty good too. Didn't quite get the link between the character being traumatised by the puppet Sweep as a child and his vendetta against all dogs as an adult - this could have been developed further, but all in all one of my favourites of the heat.