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Very quirky film, not the best in Heat #2, but nice effort!

Wow! Why was this disqualified? Was a good film!

AMAZING film! The story, the camerawork, everything! EXCEPTIONAL work for 48 hours y'all!!! Only thing I'd say is maybe shooting darkish scenes during the day then color grading them to be at night? Reduces camera grain :)

Like how you stayed on last years track and made a musical again! Likes the music, cute girls too :)

Average film, cameras were a bit noisy in the dark, but I liked your sense of humour guys! I agree with ROBstar, seemed like a bunch of vines haha, hit the nail on the head there man!

I agree with RObstar, the credits seemed longer than the film haha, nonetheless great effort!

Boys! Should have used more of the drone! I only remember one shot in there! The action scene at the end was well executed! :P

I honestly really enjoyed this film!!! Not the best camerawork but I can understand that, the amazing story make up for it! LOVED the sand intro too! You go girls!!

Jordan Perry! Amazing camerawork man, I was wowed! The story fell behind a bit, I'd call it a bit glamorized but that was enough for me to enjoy it!

Naww, disqualified huh? Better luck next time!

What film was this? Wasn't very memorable :(

Nice film for your ages boys! Thought it was pretty cute at some times haha :P Bit of work to do, but there always is innit :P