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Loved this one. Really enjoyable. Story was developed in the perfect amount of time. Fight scenes were well choreographed and realistic. Don't normally like cheesy endings but the wink worked perfectly in this film.

Unclear whether the bitchy girl was real or not. Singing to Mozart was at times barely understandable. The movie producer's reaction to the composition didn't really make sense; she contradicted herself with no reason for doing so in terms of furthering the story.

However, original and funny idea with singing to Mozart for inspiration.

Poor acting. Some technical issues with sound. The 'twist ending' was cliche. I realise that you probably had limited location but was very obviously filmed in a school.

Why was the memorial picture on a playing card??

Non-Dialogue doesn't mean no sound. Sitting for 7 minutes watching two guys playing poker was extremely uncomfortable without any music or sound at all. Also, showing shots of the gun tucked into the back of the guy's pants was completely unnecessary.