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I really did like the concept of this film.... I did.

DAMN THIS TEAM FOR BEING DISQUALIFIED! Very funny and entertaining. I think most of the humor was from the ADR.

Cute Intro

Ooh hey all girl team, thats cool!

Pacing fun at beginning.

First Jew Joke.......

Umm what?

Second Jew joke.....


Third Jew Joke......

WTF this film sucks......

Very entertained, well executed. Audio was slightly distracting. Left the audience with a weird vibe but well done.

Good incorporation of the bent wire and other random elements. Wish the audio was a bit more consistent. Although it added some tension at points.

This film was the most entertaining of the night. It was well timed and edited. The VFX were cheesy and fun. Solid performances by many.


Had my vote!

I was hoping for another animation.... a bit bummed it wasnt.

ADR is hard to pull off especially in 48 hours. There were some humerous bits I enjoyed though.

I was hoping for something slightly more coherent.

Fun little film, the main actress was great! I wish there was more of her!

The fight scene was my favorite part, it was ridiculous.

Superbay wasnt a bad touch either.

Nailed the Genre.

Going on other themes I believe that yeah some of the shots visually were not so inspired but altogether it was VERY ENTERTAINING.

The song is stuck in my head....... an ear worm for the ages.

Well done guys!

Thought the main actress was great. I didnt understand the point of the whole "French Film" aspect althought it was executed well. The story to me was not so mysterious. And also the use of dialogue was a bit meh.

Lovely music