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From the opening title card, the audience could tell where this story was going to begin, in the best of ways. The title Red River alone was enough for some audience members to cringe. And if anyone thought that was going to be the only source of cringe, or humour, they would soon be wrong. We find our lead in a spot of bother, in a bathroom, period showing, and no means to stop the flow. A sequence of hypothetical scenarios follow what might happen if our character were to use items lying around in the bathroom to contain the flow. Plenty of gross, cringe gags. Nailed their gross out, cringe comedy genre for sure. Loads of fun and definitely worth watching this film again

This film could have been quite an offensive story if not done right. Two kiwi blokes who's secret identity is a couple of girls who just want to get loose on the town. Fortunately for us, this was executed very well and packed with humour. Loads of gags. Great surprise reveal also. This film definitely embodies the 48hour spirit, fun, hectic, yet oddly satisfying. One of my faves of the night.

Potentially a high-school team here, not sure. Either way, there's some talent in this young group for sure. Solid performances, shot and edited well. To make the generation gap a specific physical event, where one crosses over to is a great premise. Lots to be proud of here for this team. We'll done and looking forward to watching this film again.

This film was shot well, and executed well, which was definitely made more difficult by doing ultra, split screen. So well done there. Story was a little bit slow through the middle, which could have been more active. Good payoff at the end though. Overall, good movie and worth watching again.

Great film and smart choice to cast a very good boy with a heart condition (handsome old doggo). Def earned some points there. Great story, executed fairly well. Only criticism would be the humour. There were a few moments where I was unsure if a moment was supposed to be a joke or serious. The use of awkward camera angles and movements while in the bath for example. Other than that, very well done and would watch again for sure.

Loads of fun and humour. Great work. Very technical also. Story line was great and executed quite well. We'll done.