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Not really sure what was going on but the POV shot was prettty sick.

I agree with hihello about attempting dramatic films in this competition, it's so easy to make the audience laugh because they all empathise with your efforts but it's not as easy to make them fall into a serious story. Some nice storytelling ideas portrayed within though and if the technical side was a little more polished it could have been a very emotional film. Good effort!

Not a bad effort but it looks like musical threw you guys. It didn't have the strongest story but there were a few funny memorable moments.

Every year there's a good percentage of teams that make their 48 hour films about making a film, its a legitimate idea but no matter how well it's done it just doesn't seem original to me.

That being said - this was really, really well done haha. I enjoyed it and like everyone else said it had great cinematography, cutting and everything. Very polished. It was a not very original idea made superbly in every aspect. I would keep on eye on this team because if they come up with a really good premise for a film, they'll destroy us all.

I have a feeling this team might be new to the filmmaking world and considering this, they did a good job. Stay in the world, have fun!

Some real commitment to the role by the lead here which kept my interest. It's tough doing a movie that you want people to take seriously when the filmmaking ability isn't quite up to scratch yet though. It wasn't bad but just not quite good enough to pull off a serious storyline just yet which might be why you got some laughs from the audience during the heat. Keep practicing though and you'll get there.

A good example of a team that doesn't have much filmmaking ability but a great sense of humour so made an abosutely amazing film! There should be more like this and they should be included in the finals, long live the amateur filmmaking competition!

A bit of a slow burn this one, could've been a bit more pacey or maybe just needed tighter coverage. Would've like to have seen big close ups throughout, might have helped sell the story a bit more and with less carthartic-sounding music. Not bad though, enjoyable enough to watch.

I think this film could've been about 3 minutes long and really interesting. You had a cool idea but you just need to know how to shorten the parts that don't matter so much. I think having a good idea is pretty much the hard part though, the know-how will come, just keep making stuff!

Really good short film but I reeeeally didn't like the titles for some reason! I think if the questions could've been asked as if by an interviewer of some sort it would have been a lot better for me but yeah, hilarious guys, slammed it.

Not bad, cool idea and look. I thought that the track used for him running through the neighborhood could've been more of a 'thriller' style track than a 'suspense', just to push the genre and to aid the fast, jump cutty nature of the sequence but yeah man, definitely not bad.

I thought this film was alright; looked good, sounded good, actors were good. A little strange that the main chick only started caring about the time limit when it was down to 2 minutes when there was a montage of her just fuckin around for what was about 15 hours and then just sat talking/sleeping for another 30 haha. And what was meant to be on the piece of paper that made her figure out the code? Also the guy asks the girl whats in the room and she says "an envelope" and then he asks "whats on the laptop?" haha.

I'm not trying to poke fun though, I still quite liked it. The 'Observation Room D' clue made it kind of predictable but still a fun journey to watch.

You guys obviously know what you're doing! Clean, solid film, very entertaining.

Looks like you guys really struggled with the genre. Whether voiceover in a non-dialogue film is cheating or not could be debated but the fact that it was used throughout the whole film to tell the entire story pretty much sort of seemed wrong to me. I think that the voiceover is a pretty weak storytelling device in general anyway that should be avoided (I used it a little in mine so I'm a hypocrite but oh well), but even when the film wasn't using the voiceover to say the words that couldn't be said, it looked really awkward.

The non-dialogue genre this year was one of the hardest to get and you guys gave it a go with quite a complicated story so well done and good effort but maybe try to simplify next time!

Nice idea but it looked like you weren't able to come up with an ending for it which sort of disappointed me. But an endless film can only disappoint if it catches you for the beginning and middle which this one did, intriguing plot and characters had me wondering what was going to happen next. Good effort overall.

I was really impressed with this film, I'm not usually a fan of the fully serious 48 hour film but this was the perfect storm of actors, script, music and look that it actually worked really well in a 7 minute format. Nicely subtle inclusion of the elements as well, you guys should be proud.

Very well made film. I especially liked the ending when you put Vic on the road in a very cliche 'gonna get run over effect shot' shot and then suddenly the other character dies, hilarious play with the convention there!

I found this over-thrillerfying a not very thrilling story idea but you thrilled it up very nicely haha. I did enjoy it and it is a legitimately realistic subject matter which is cool to see so yeah, really good effort.

Hard genre but a more than decent attempt at it by this team. A little slow paced I thought but a funny, simple idea pulled off well is all you need to make a very watchable and fun short film. Well done!

I can't even comprehend the amount of work this would've been! To make this in 48 hours is really challenging yourself which is what people should be doing in this competition I reckon.

I liked the killings and the music stings used for them, I think a little bit more score throughout might've helped to increase the tension though(as much as tension can be increased in legoland haha). Nice soundmix though, you created a nice audioscape for a film that effectively had no source sound. Solid short.

Quite slow paced and some strange storytelling methods (the guy licking the knife and looking to camera scene was weird to me, he was already obviously a creepy character). It had quite a cool, stylistic grade though and your actors looked like they embraced their roles, keep trying!

If there was maybe 30 seconds more on the front and 30 seconds more on the end I think it could have been great, I was enjoying it until it finished at what seemed like 90% complete! Some good acting and editing, I just thought some kind of setup and conclusion to the events would've really helped, good effort though guys!

This film did have a story but it just got weakened by the amount of interviews I think. A lot of the interviews were actually very funny (The dude who wanted to be a cop was hilarious!) but what might have helped is cutting out like half of those interviews so that it didn't get so repetitive and the story remained a bit stronger, could've been an amazing 4 minute short film I think. Speaking of the editing though, the comic moments were cut really well - short sharp n funny!

Not the most solid story but some pretty cool technical ideas, it had really good look!

The story seemed interesting but didn't really have much of a conclusion...some sweet gags though and it was shot and recorded well! Nice.

I realise that musical is a horrible genre to get even if you have musical ability - how to shoot it, how and when to include it not to mention making original compositions. It's a hard genre and you gave it a go, the girls did a fine job singing and the acting wasn't bad either. I just wasn't a huge fan of the story and the ending just sort of left me hanging. At least you've done it now, the learning experience of it is done and if you get it again I bet you'll be able to more than top yourself.

I was a little confused during the montage of scenes of earplugs not working but this has to be the hardest genre this year (along with musical I suppose...) and given that, this is one of the least confusing non dialogue films I saw. On top of that it was actually quite a solid story, although I didn't quite catch how the girl was related...a neighbour? Nice job with the soundmix, making it audibly interesting is really more important for this genre than any other and I think you did a great job of that!

Seems that you were a team just out to have some fun and it looks like you had it! I like that instead of putting the website images on the computer screen and shooting it, you attempted to comp it onto the screen in post haha.

Some good comedic ideas, I thought the reveal of the male cop not wearing pants hilarious and then later the reveal of him on the phone call right next to the female cop really funny as well, should have kept that gag going and done some more reveals of him, it was great!

Maybe tried to do a little too much but what a wicked sweet location to have for an action flick haha. There weren't many but the flashy transitions weren't entirely necessary I reckon, good effort trying to up that intensity with those muzzle flashes/blood spurts and sound effects though.

I think this film looked amazing, obviously some talent behind the camera. Storywise it seemed to have a few gaps and it was hard to tell flashbacks from present time when the whole thing was black and white (if there was a present time...or flashbacks) but the music tracks you found were great and really helped a struggling story. A really good effort.

I thought this film may have suffered a little bit from 'look what we can do!' but I think I understand where you're coming from, I love epic shit and this film ended up being fairly epic. There was some pretty dutch tilt shots which I thought were cool and the tracking shots looked really good too. Maybe a little more of the relationship between the two battling characters at the top could've helped before they started summoning their powers but I do think the actors were funny throughout and imagine it was fun to watch at the cinema.

50 seconds of credits at the top of the film (good looking credits though they maybe!) followed by a one minute voiceover scene in the lounge with nothing visually happening made this film really hard for me to get into. I did quite dig the ending and it was shot quite well but I just think the pacing wasn't as quick as I'd like. Obviously a team with some talent though, I look forward to seeing more entries from you.

This was quite amateury but because you guys didn't give a shit about it neither did I really haha. The casual way it was acted, and I'm guessing mostly adlibbed, made it really funny to watch. You'd be a cool team to watch at the heats.

I couldn't really spot the story either but it was intriguing enough waiting for it haha. Non dialogue would've been so hard and I think you had the right idea making it short since it can be quite difficult to hold an audiences attention for 7 minutes with no dialogue and on top of that the camerawork and effects were pulled off well to get you through the 2 and a half minutes.

Kind of confusing but easily done with a converging storyline genre in 7 minutes and the sound was a small issue for me with some parts being really loud and others being barely audible. The acting was hilarious enough though that it kept my attention though, good stuff.

The slomo shots looked amazing and same pretty cool pull focus action going on too! I hope I don't offend but I thought the acting was so bad it was good, I wanted to hear more conversation between the bank manager guy and Vic, so much ham and cheese i could make a delicious sandwich haha.

Didn't actually think this was too bad guys, quite a unique look about it and the alien sounded legit. Could've used more substance, it kind of looked a little bit like a trailer, but a trailer for quite a cool movie haha.

Wasn't entirely sure what was going on but didn't matter to me, I got the jist and just believed in the idea. It was a little weird being all serious then becoming quite comedic then back to serious but it was a pretty wicked addition to the techno-thriller genre regardless!

I'm giving you a 5 but I just feel like I'm uncultured here, I just didn't get it sorry! Experimental can be interesting, which this definitely was, but I had no idea what was going on haha.

One of the better looking shorts I've watched and it was a cool song you guys made for it but it did seem a little out of place, good to know you were ready for musical though haha. A bit anti-climactic I thought but it was still quite a watchable film you made.

Some of the creepiest moments I've seen in this competition! Good use of the sound and time ramps to get your heart pumping, and those were some pretty cool credits haha. Seems like the team is still experimenting with what works in camera and editing but didn't take too much away from the story.

A good idea with good storytelling but a bit of room for improvement on the actual film-making side of things. Good use of 'the ticking clock' throughout and the POV shot - if it wasn't a required element (and maybe held on a fraction less) it would have been a really nice subtle clue for repeat watchers!

A well shot and professional looking film, you jerks, better luck next year!

I felt the music playing for the majority of the short got a little repetitive but there were a lot of nice shots and the robot arm was pretty badass, nice work.

A nice little film, well conceived and shot with some nice ideas in the mix, well done!

I had no gripe with play with the genre, there was a crime...why does a crime genre movie have to be like a serious crime? Funny, clever, well shot and paced. Enjoyment received.

Everyone's already said it - absolutely amazing bloody film, a finals contender for sure if you made it in time blah blah blah...really good job guys, thoroughly enjoyed.

It looked like you guys were experimenting as you went which is fun to watch and it is quite a challenge to go shooting in public like that but certain story points after he was being controlled seemed a little weak to me, it remained intriguing though so yeah, good effort!

Good effort I reckon guys, not the easiest genre to get and you made a story that was understandable with it (which can be a big challenge even with dialogue in this time frame). Could've been simplified a bit but you've got some future talent here I say.

Loved the straight faced humour of Vic and the lawn mower gag (I'm gonna rip that off at some point in the future!).

I thought you'd make finals again for sure with this! So different and original and cute and all that jazz. Guess the judges children never wrote them songs haha.