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Another challenging genre. This film had some good original scores and some good acting. However, I really didn't follow it all that well. I was confused by the evil side-kick and felt she was too much like the "agent".

Ok this was a funny movie with a good story. Rabbit really came alive and I enjoyed watching it. However, in terms of this competition it felt a bit of a cop-out and think there were others in the heat that deserve better accolade.

This film started off so great! The "interview" acting was superb! However, the story was not easy to follow. And thematically ... It was NOT my cup of tea!

I thought this film had some fantastic elements. Another difficult genre to achieve. Some of the camera work on this film was ace! The story was a good idea but needed to be clearer and more succinct. Good try!

I really liked this film. It was a great (first) effort. Non-dialogue is a hard genre to achieve and for me this team succeeded. Another clever idea of nothing is as it seems. It had a real thrillery/psychotic feel. Great camera work and art direction.

This was one of my favourites in the heat. It used a clever technique of narrator being punter seeking advice from barmaid about his latest screenplay meanwhile a real-time portrayal of these events were being played out behind him. The acting was great all round and the editing was slick. Some characters could have been more clearly defined as got a little bit lost at times as to their story but overall a great effort! Loved the old guy dancing at the end too!

This was a funny film with a great story idea. I think this team did well to entertain - especially as the last film in a late heat! Some sequences were finely put together with clear images, story telling and good acting. For me however, this film was too long in places and some fine tuning in the editing suite would have given the film a snappier story.

This was my favourite movie of the heat! It incorporated all the given elements so smoothly, ending on a magic P.O.V shot at the end. It portrayed distinguishable and unique characters from (absent) dogs that wear slippers to meditating insomniac samurai masters and was superbly acted by all. I just want to keep on following their stories! This simple double crime story unfolded clearly and timely and was kept alive by funny characters and delivery of lines. In places the camera work lacked some of the finesse of other films in the heat but overall this was an awesome effort. Some may feel short-changed by the ending, but for me, I was left begging for more - which can only be a good thing!