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This film had some great acting and some really nice shots. I thought the plot was great and it was a nice way to see teenagers portrayed: It was silly and sweet and funny. The *creepy older woman* was clearly playing a *trusted older friend* role which seems to have been misinterpreted.

I was really confused for the majority of this film. But that was the point. I knew that the story ws trying to hint at something with the flashes of "other" footage which was used wit much restraint: but to great effect. It took right until the ending for the whole story to sink and goddam I enjoyed being kept in suspense like that. The use of the compulsory line was clever if a tad cheesy. The found footage style of film was great for 48 hours because I'm not able to pass comment/judgement on sound/lighting quality. Nice acting.

Yo, guys, wow. The premise of this is not something I would expect myself to enjoy but I really really did. Excellent makeup and set designs. Each shot was both beautiful and alarming. I appreciated the fact that the whole film was composed of a select few shots which kept the plot bouncing along. Great use of earthquake effects! Great acting and use of compulsory elements. Lame ending.

You guys, this was really weird. I wasn't sold on the 'lets make THREE FILMS' thing and wish you could have used your humour/skills/gears/props to make one film with an actual story. IDK. Too many kids.

WHAT HAPPENED? Rating this one highly because as *bad* as it was, it's flaws did make it funny. The vaccuum cleaner without vaccuuming sounds! The ending! The fly in the opening shot!

I just REALLY like mockumentaries. They seem to make the most of everything: shitty jokes, weak story, bad lighting, weird accents, bad camerawork, et al. The mockumentary shines light on your team's flaws and makes them damn hilarious. As was the case with this short, it had some funny jokes and locations but for the most part was just making fun of itself. That end scene where the interviewer disappears into the bush killed me! Good because mockumentary, but good nonetheless.

IDK if I 'got' this movie but it looked fucking amazing: beautiful shooting/production. I just can't comment on the content because I really don't know much more then their being an adult child.

Firstly I'd like to shout-out to some *classic* lines from my fellow reviewers:

matix: "This is what 48 Hours is all about punk rock DIY get in there and do it!"

wellingirl: "Dude, your husband is a lazy liar who was more interested in seeing your dog than your child! I know it wasn't all that serious but I felt disappointed for her."

You guys, YES, SO MUCH YES.

The lighting/sound/tech sound of things wasn't the greatest and the acting was so-so but this was just a silly story with some really funny lines. The Nashi joke hooked me. And the sack to kidnap the kid! Nice one!

Oh man, this was SUCH A GOOD HEAT. Actor did a great job at being an actor, kept us interested despite the first minute or so of the film being predominately shots of his face to-from bed. Great style of film and was shot well enough. Ending was *whatever* and loses point because I just didn't care about it. P/ cool set though. I'm always amazed by hospital scenes that are actually set in hospitals: you guys got mean hookupz.

For most of this film I had no idea what was happening. There were just two people with bits of paper looking/seeming equally as confused as I was running about the place with fishbowls. And then he came back and said something re: 'you're not dying today, I am' and then it all made sense and I was pretty into it. The lighting was weird but the music was nice and seemed fitting. The crossword seemed ominous when the film wasn't particularly so: I liked that detail. The fish thing was cute I guess but I didn't buy it. The "she used to be a mother and I used to drive" line was subtle, telling, and heart-wrenching. This was a great concept for a short film and wasn't *quite* pulled off in the 48hours but I trust that this team have the potential to do more a bigger time allowance.

Beautifully shot musical with a high level of production: technically this was stunning. It even made the grotty Dixon Street toilets look nice! There was a great opening shot and it was nice to see Cuba Street. It was mostly funny and witty. The singer was great and the actors were pretty but idk man, urine jokes go so far and then it's just annoying. This got annoying pretty quickly. I blame Traces of Nut for all the unnecessary children in 48 Hour Films this year. Sure you have a good looking child, I DON'T NEED TO SEE IT.

Writing directly from my notes (scribbled in pitch black because this film was DARK): Illegal song in intro? u guys. weed. lol. bitch lol. Music annoying. Sound good. IDK what's happening. Why??

Sorry team but I still have no idea what happened.

For the most part this was a really good film. Combining mockumentary and musical is kind of genius, "motivational mondays" was the perfect segue into a musical while retaining some 'edge'. Some good jokes and well written/acted characters. Production quality dropped significantly in the second half but remained funny with the shot of the team dancing in Frank Kitts Park.

This film was border line boring with poor acting but had some good elements: the shock ending was interesting and actually made for a pretty good story - too bad the script was lacking. I thought the compulsory line being sung on the background was a FANTASTIC idea but was not executed well in this instance. Cinematography/sound were ok from memory.

Enjoyed the fake facebook account in the intro. Also enjoyed the stills that spun into the center of the screen - very 1995 - very tumblr swag wow. Speed dating was a nice idea and the team clearly put a lot of effort in. I see where they were going with the genre and I am undecided as to whether or not the nailed it - indecision points to the negative. The team did a good job of working with what they had.

Fucking killed the game with this one. A feminist comic book x tarantino splatter style film was my favourite and took out the audience vote. Low production but great premise matched with good editing and perfect costuming made it *kick ass*. Hoping they make it to the finals!

OH YOU GUYS THIS WAS SO GREAT. LIKE, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT AND I WAS GRINNING THE WHOLE TIME BECAUSE I LOVED IT SO MUCH. All-caps levels of amazement! Really sad to see you were disqualified - I imagine due to late hand-in though could be to length, it seemed quite long. Such a quality film both in terms of production, scripting and acting. Characters were built quickly, all having a go at some excellent dialogue. So many good elements: the misogynistic troll, the magic key, the witch, the harp, the bubble, the smoke, the uniforms. I'm in awe of you KanonBros.

- Came back to edit because I remembered the tampons being thrown at the troll. Oh man. Dying.

Kooky film where a woman entirely clad in black (incl morph suit) danced around for ~7 mins pretending to be a shadow. Musical choices were generally off which let it down. Very low-fi production which is why the film almost worked - in hi-deff it would have looked awkward with nowhere to hide the imperfections of the costume/story. The shadow ball was excellent! Unfortunately they had some troubles with the weather meaning there was a variety of sunny and overcast shots - not the greatest when the shadow woman supposedly gets stuck on other shadows!

Story was a direct rip-off of '50 First Dates' - with a twist. Without the twist, I liked it. The ending didn't flow, was awkward and was just generally unnecessary.

Moving film that sought to make you feel those big feels. Really good fist of the genre, great use of props. Cinematography was wonderful with some interesting shots. The repetition of the hallway/bedroom/dolls shots helped drive the storyline. Despite (perhaps even due to) the quality of this it left me feeling like I'd watched an extended 'end domestic violence' government ad.

Enjoyed this film. Having the interior of a car as the major set worked but would have lent itself to more involving dialogue. The sound dubbing was slightly off and didn't match the atmosphere of the car. Story was pretty good though, I really felt for the guy when he was left with the gun and the getaway vehicle.

I believe the above reviewer has his films mixed up. This was not a musical but rather a clever time travel story where a man spoke to himself while floating in the sea and upon chanting a incantation (title of film) was transported back in time for a brief time-frame in the attempt to correct a lie (he is Morgan, duh). Mostly enjoyed this film, particularly the opening shot of him floating which was stunning. Felt that the last scene in which he travels back to visit his child was forced and unnecessary - also was that kid just alone at home? Is that ok?

Only note I took was "I liked it" and that about sums it up I guess. The tale of a woman getting over an ex by becoming friends with a mermaid and thus becoming friends with herself. Well, that's how I remember it anyway. I'm a sucker for a BFF rom-com which this essentially was. Light, cute, funny. Editing/lighting/sound/cinematography were all lacking hence the lower score.

After seeing 5 heats so far this year, this is my favourite yet. The story was whimsical and sweet - silly without being ridiculous. Some great dialogue in this film -my notes have "AQUA-PRISON" underlined. All actors did a wonderful job and were very convincing, I think I like this movie too much and may be buying into it idk idk idk idk. Beautifully shot, perfect sound.

With a title/premise like that I was set up to hate it and OMG did I not. Great mockumentary that paid attention to the little things such as having the crew *accidentally* in the shot - funny! Oh and the subtitles! And the blacked-out swears!

I am amazed that this film is under 7 min it seems to have so much story: excellent scripting and editing! This film had it all: humor, bank heist, bandaged and wheel-chaired thief, police officer/uniform and A FUCKING PLANE. There were some great scene changes and the majority of the filming was slick. I wasn't fond of the weird indoor shots that were mostly blurry, am not sure what they were meant to add.

I'm a HUGE fan of Keeping Mum and this film tapped directly into this with it's churchy black comedy script. The storyline and the acting were spot on, the song was hilarious - HOW WAS I THE ONLY ONE LAUGHING? The sound and lighting quality let this film down, but didn't effect the story.

Great job. This was a standout in the heat, a film I really enjoyed. I found the story to be intriguing and not predictable, the ending played out well without becoming cheesy. The actors did a good job - if a little 'showy' at times. Costumes were nice, sets were nice. Unfortunately due to a messed up list leaving me lost in terms of film order, I did not take any notes on this film so have nothing constructive to offer - keep it up!

OMG YOU GUYS. I DON"T EVEN KNOW. 10/10 because I want to watch this on youtube when I come home drunk. "Morgan Foster you are a lier". English subtitles. Wigs. Spanish dubbing. Nonsensical.

Beautiful use of the sunlight. Was a perfect day for shooting this film, and the team worked with it well. Looked great. Good idea but I wasn't completely sold on the story. It didn't have that gripping-the-edge-of-your-seat feeling that an against-the-clock film needs: the girl was dead from the beginning, he seemed ok to swim, I don't know, maybe I have no heart at all. Sound appeared to cut out completely at one point.

I liked this take on the genre: boy finds a button that takes him back moments in time to allow him to correct his *fuck ups* usually revolving around his feisty girlfriend whom he neglects unless he wants sex. Consistently funny, well told story. Sound was not the greatest and dialogue felt forced at times.

I shed an actual tear watching this. Everything about it was beautiful: the shots, the sets, the actress, the editing, the pony, the weather. Dreamlike and hauntingly serene despite the clearly panic-stricken actress. Seamless; flawless.

I was so enamored with this film that the notes I scribbled down (blindly, while staring at the screen) read as follows:
- INTRO!!!!!!!!
- Sulky girl <3
Ending wasn't *shocking* per se, but film was fantastic so who really cares?

Mockumentary of a 'survivor' which was funny and well told if a little repetitive. The twist at the end albeit hilarious, wasn't the most interesting way to incorporate all the essential elements - but hey, perhaps that was the point.

Excellent job of the genre! So hard approaching "shock ending" when the audience is waiting for the plot twist before the film even starts. This approach ensured the audience were left confused - or at least laughing! Collage style of film was abstract and beautiful. Wonderful entry.

Nice film! Lead actress was adorable and did a fantastic job. Very relatable and sweet, good job at the genre. Wasn't thrilled with the ending but, hey, we had 49 hours!

Perfect cat. Story was *whatever*. Didn't buy into the pervy old man - ugh.

Offensive. Just, like, bad taste. Making funny of those who can't make fun of you, whatever. The bitchy Morgan Foster was great.

Lead actor playing a Rhys Darby type. Beautifully shot, the round the world piano sequence was incredible. Great set locations. Quirky story which was both interesting and easy to follow. Only thing that could be a let-down was the sound which wasn't perfect. Nice job!

*WARNING: Plagiarism in action in reviews below.*

Creepy ladies is creepy. Alice in Wonderland drug trip vibes. Killed me with the Shania references.

I liked the tent as a portal to the library. The night time shots showed nice lighting. Was sweet and endearing but didn't have *enough* to make it great.

Great actress as romantic interest, she played the part earnestly which made a funny and rather creepy film. Nice use of props/sets.