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In the Victorian age verbal tussles are the fashion, and a man goes toe-to-toe with a sharper rival (a prig that bullies ex’s) only to start another fad in the middle of the confrontation. A bit of a romp with some nice visuals and funny lines. Great acting from leads and cameos and a clever take on an odd genre. The music helped tie it together and the period theming (a fad itself?) worked well. An odd Oscar Kightly joke?, otherwise complete film with a solid story arc.

Mother of a son killed in a teenage bullying/binge drinking incident torments his former bully. Some very good dramatic acting but particularly from the Mrs Dickinson character. Nice use of the single room to build tension, we couldn’t escape facing the issues the film confronted us with.

Charming man moves into neighbourhood of bored woman. They become lovers but he has an affair with a younger model. She seeks revenge. Interestingly set in the 20/30’s with some nice moments (think producing the tee towel, wiping the crutch then straight to in bed). Lead female sold the 20’s persona with raised heeled walking, an arrogant outstretched hand and pouty looks. Reasonable twist.

Arrogant bearded man looses his hirsuteness and pursues eventually regaining the errant hair. Great opening with the pies, and some very nice stop-go shots of the hair on the move. Perhaps needed an extra challenge in there for our beard-less lead (who by the way looks a lot better without) to overcome. Final scene and freeze was nice with seagull in background and patchy, re-stuck, beard disintegrating as we watched. Nice work.

A computer programmer obsessively films his ex-bully’s girlfriend from an adjacent apartment. He gets drawn into a conflict over the bully’s death. A film of mixed emotions, wasn’t clear where my sympathies should lie. Some funny lines (“that doesn’t even make sense (sic)” and some great shots of the body. A surprising ending.

A hindsight view of a night out for a now severely injured teenager. Viewed from various perspectives as the evening develops. Some impressive bits of dialogue, some smooth shots and solid acting (lead actor and sincere seeming girlfriend). Great for 48 hours work. Thought that the body-switch device could have been more clearly used (perhaps more POV shots?) and that the final dramatic act could have had greater repercussions beyond the main character. Unusual Whitby hitchhiker.

Hmm. A paramedic goes to the scene of an accident only to then be involved in an accident himself due to a disappearing colleague, only to then go to a house of horrors where we find he is an ex-bully to only then be chased through the streets. These guys have bucketloads of potential, the bones and partially intact flesh of a very funny movie that used some old school techniques well (the ambulance with superimposed passengers, all the running scene, the face in the basin etc). As mentioned by others some cracker lines, such as “I paramedic’d myself out of there” and “In-cider-you” and good acting. Mocked the horror genre well. End needed work unfortunately and technically patchy in places but I was charmed.

A guy seemingly running away from home encounters another, also lost in life. Understanding, if not redemption, occurs over an elaborate native bird related analogy. Liked the guy playing the ‘fantail’, solid grasp on crazy and comic timing (although the middle section of dialogue perhaps dragged?) Otherwise got to the heart of the road movie with a metaphorical journey for both characters. Technically some shots on the road just a tad too fuzzy. Nice decision shot at the end.

Guy in counselling seeks to regain his confidence by adopting a superhero persona and righting past personal wrongs; with largely hilarious results. Good bit of acting from both leads, some twistedly funny moments and nice details (ie using a cell phone in an old telephone box in the dead of the night). As others have said sugar throwing was gold. Great song.

Man on date next to wind turbine deals with precocious/possessive baby. Some really nice moments in this b and w silent film, very expressive face on lead male and well behaved baby. Sounds a little crude but I loved the bit when the baby did the fingers.

The commander of a military unit that has just received orders for a final charge writes to his spurned sweetheart. She sings a song of lament. Different take to most on the difficult musical genre. Loved the dust coming down from the ceiling in the opening bunker scene. Lighting in some shots detracted. Perhaps the featured song could have been a duet instead?

A former bully, a military man, abuses his wife and then, homeless, steals back a possession critical in his former life only to suffer the consequences of his previous misdeeds. Some nice shots in there (ie girl in fire), great use of a horse and some splendid cooperation from the Otaki police added to this film. Got some audience laughs but I couldn’t quite figure out its intentions.