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A suitably mawkish performance from the main character anchored this film, which otherwise could have been rather unfocused. Loved the creepiness of the virtual friend, even if jealous murders from an artificial companion are a little cliché. Cinematography was fine, though lighting was a little off at times and the 'office' was clearly someone's house. Still, excellent visual effects both in the bonding and cutting scenes, a delightful repeated shot of Vic sadly eating his sandwiches and a great Shyamalan-style 'tweest' at the end (that I thought was pretty clear) made this film pretty damn impressive. Well done, guys!

Oh Monkey Beetles, what a mixed film. While I did eventually grasp what was going on (the man's wife's asthma kept him awake till he snapped), I felt this was not really made quite clear enough and the 'breathing' sounds that were supposedly keeping the protagonist awake were unconvincing in the extreme. After a cinematographically promising opening, the repetitive nature of the camerawork, especially in the therapist scenes, was a disappointment. The script was rather uninspired and given the genre, the twist was visible several miles away. That said, the lead actor did a fantastic job. His slow descent into insanity was rendered convincing and strangely sympathetic by his performance, and the denouement - which could have been groan-worthy - packed a real emotional punch. A definite contender for best actor, methinks - bravo.

Best use of the line, hands down. Beautifully shot, especially the church scenes, with the most adorable old duffer you could possibly imagine providing a eulogy about his departed buddy Vic. Sound, for the most part, was crisp and clean, but a few of the jokes (like the 'half of everything' scene) fell a little flat and there was no real narrative tying the vignettes together. Still, good good visuals, (mostly) good jokes and a standout performance from the eulogist made this film one of the best of the night.

Once again, gentlemen, you've wowed us all with your inventiveness. Every year the EFG pull another idea out of the hat, each less likely than the last, and make it work. Sorta.
A hilariously off-the-wall concept and great dialogue were the stand-out points, but the story aspect was less developed. After the initial introduction of the immobilization (great job there, by the way), much of the film was simply Vic's robotic ramblings, which, while amusing, started to get a little wearing as the film dragged on. The entire short seemed to be an excuse for these funkiest of gents to make jokes in a robot voice, and as such it felt... empty? There was little audience investment in the situation or the characters, which I felt limited the film's ability to provoke mirth. Passable, if prosaic visuals and clear-enough sound make this a solid 3/5 effort. Hopefully next year the EFG will write a full story, rather than a collection of gags - I for one would be overjoyed.

Damn guys, you nailed the genre! Pitch-perfect concept, good direction, a believable leading man - excellent. Loved how the paint appeared on the shirts, and the different colours. Nothing amazing on the technical side of things, but absolutely nothing wrong with it either. A strong candidate for city finals, methinks.

The film felt unbalanced, with too much time dedicated at the start to events that had no relevance to the story, and not enough at the end when the actual meaningful events took place. The legend of 'The White Lady' needed to be expanded on, and the dialogue felt unnatural. Still, decent technically, and definitely not terrible - Hope you guys try again next year. Half a star deducted for the incredibly hamfisted incorporation of the elements.

Oof, I can only imagine how this man felt when he got his genre. Nevertheless, a commendable try by an (almost) one-man team; A valiant effort, Sir. Just keep an eye on your sound, most of the telephone calls and a little of the main's dialogue was unintelligible.

First off, lovely script - very seussish. Loved the ending, and the scenery was, at times, gorgeous. Sound issues, but as it was screened while the audio equipment was still being fixed, I'll assume it was no fault of the team. It did seem a little over-exposed though, and failed to really sell the chase - while it was an excellent comedy movie, it didn't really feel like an action movie - it felt like the team would have been much more comfortable making something else. Hope you get something you like better next year, I'm expecting great things.

Alright, first things first: I am a team member, and I'm giving five stars - rather than the four I think it deserves - to balance out any points previous reviewers may have deducted for shoddy sound. Craig was still wrestling with the faulty audio system as our film was being screened, rest assured that the actual audio track is as smooth and buttery as you could wish.