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I liked the story and very good robotic acting. There were a few shots where the framing was a bit high - cutting the actors off at the neck, but other than that very easy to watch. Some very funny moments. Good effort guys, well done.

Absolutely beautiful, but I didn't get the ending. I felt there was something that was going to tie all the different stories together, but I wasn't sure what it was. Non dialogue is a hard genre to get though and I think you did a really good job. Too bad you were disqualified.

Short and to the point. Some fantastic acting and really great cinematography. For some reason it didn't blow me away, but it was a solid effort.

Wonderful visuals but personally I like films with a story and this didn't have one (as far as I could tell). So while I could appreciate the effort and some of the images were funny and disturbing at the same time, it didn't do it for me. Impressed at what you managed to do within 48 hours though.

There needed to be more to heighten the tension in this film. As people just disappeared with no one else noticing it, there wasn't fear at what was happening. Also as the previous comment said it was difficult to read the fortune cookie slips of paper so this didn't add a lot to the story.

Also would sign up for the bunny onesy. Some awesome moments and top notch performances. I agree with the other comments that a bit more punch to the ending would have transformed it. However all in all thoroughly enjoyable.

I can honestly say I have not been so unnerved by an ending for a really long time. Cute natural little kids and then bang!

I wasn't quite sure that this movie was intentionally funny, but it got such great laughs I think it deserves points even if it wasn't intentional. Interesting idea for a plot, so all in all well done.

Obviously a lot of thought went into this film to make it complicated and interlocking, but I'm afraid I got a bit lost with the story in terms of when certain events were meant to have taken place in relation to the visit to the psychic. Very ambitious idea.

Witty dialogue, awesome exploding sheep's head - what more could you want? Really enjoyable film. Good going guys.

I liked this. It definitely grew on me over the however many minutes it ran. It just had a good feel and didn't take itself too seriously.

Wow so impressed. Great story, well executed, lots of gore. Maybe not so much as a horror as a zombie rom-com, but I loved it all the same. I'm very sad that the zombies did not thwart the evil humans. Will watch this one again when it's up in the screening room, but imagine that won't be until it goes to the finals.

Such a shame this came in late. Would have probably topped it for me if it had - I did find the out of synch audio a bit jarring, but was so blown away by what you achieved with a very tricky genre. Very nicely done. Always be ambitious! Even if you end up thwarted by traffic lights :)

I liked the fact that no attention was drawn to the critical moments in this film, leaving it up to the audience to see it/or not. Hard luck losing 4 fiancees though. Very suspicious.

Will have to watch it again to decide what made this film not stand out for me. The reliance on the narrator was a bit overdone. Not a bad film...

I liked the visual effects in this movie, but agree with a previous post that it felt like it didn't really fit with the genre. The concept was good and quite well executed. It was also well done pulling of a genuine twist and highlighting it with the change in aesthetics. Good job.

I quite enjoyed this film, but felt like there was something missing from it. Nice production value and quite good dancing too.

There was something charming about this film, despite it being quite a bit weird. Definitely inspired some genuine laughs. Agreeing with previous posts that Alanis Morissette is inept at irony. But there was one line that was truly ironic in the song... Maybe not such an achievement. Anyway well done.