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I loved the 'mockumentary' aspect of it. Audio was iffy at times in terms of syncing but there was humour in all the right places

Acting and makeup was really good in this film. Hard hitting and thought-provoking. I like the way it looked and the dialogue was well written.

GREAT cinematography, I loved the shot of the blade as it tracks back and onto the characters face. Well shot and well acted, humour also in the right places. Nice work team

Liked the heartwarming ending. I felt it should have introduced the male character a bit more (would have liked to learn more about him). You did so well with one of the hardest genres :)

Great dialogue and awesome unique twist at the end. Would have liked a bit more variety in shots. But for the aesthetic you were going for, it worked well.

Nicely shot, and great aesthetic. Liked the twist and music fit really well!

Great work guys! The main characters acting made the film! Shots were well used and nice use of the video on the Tv screen :)

Great cinematography! Awesome use of the split screen, reminded me a little bit of Jordan Peele's 'Us' (2019). Didn't really get it though

Really nice opening shot and some great dialogue, was a little slow at times but I thought it was great overall

Really good editing and got the point across really well.