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Frankenstein style black and white concept was a great idea but the "oh its was just a dream" type story was all too common. Good use of props and cheesy actions made me laugh.

Strong message and heavy theme delivered extremely well to the audience. Felt a bit like an advertisement for anti-suicidal helpline at times but very well made short film indeed that left the audience thinking. Well done!

"Picture perfect" of the lot that had beautiful shots and angles. Loved the atmosphere but the story build up took a while and wrapped up rather suddenly.

This film made me rather dizzy but it had a good concept of tournament excitement and buzz. Would have been more memorable with a stronger ending.

Certainly got the audience attention with the typical japanese style horror theme. It wrapped up rather suddenly and left me slightly confused by the ending but great acting from the kids.

Obvious professionals that had all. Great story, great actors, captivating and detailed for perfection. Well done!