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I really liked the idea of the film. The title is really fantastic too! The story didn't seem to go anywhere however which was a let down. I would have liked less of the guy racing to find the girl and more of his final moments. Would have been great to learn about what he did that he needed forgiveness for and to really make the audience connect with him before he passed away.

The other problem was that I was left wondering if any of the Deathday dates were even real as it was Morgan giving them out. From the start I wondered this and it kind of made me less interested. Even at the end we don't know if the guy actually died at the time on the card either. Takes a bit away from the drama.

I didn't get the story for this film. Some really nice cinematography though and I did appreciate the cutting between characters/actors in the chair in the same spot.

This is a hard film to review...

The earthquake tremors were handled perfectly technically with great sound and practical/camera effects. The art department was fantastic and had fairly strong characters. Seriously felt scary during the tremors too!

The style did seem a bit all over the place with it's mix of sexual comedy, serious drama and terror. The real let down was in the camera angles. It felt very repetitive with the same 5 or so camera angles seemingly being repeated over and over. It was pretty hard to get a sense of where each of the characters were in relation to each other (minus the two that actually interact towards the end). Dare I say I wasn't so sure about the comedy sections as the story is so close to home for many people after Christchurch (referencing the breast scene mainly). I understand trying to defuse a tough situation with comedy but for me it didn't quite work and felt almost inappropriate when used in this type of film after recent events. Ending wasn't too clear either (that may just be me though).

There appeared to be little to no plot at all. Very disappointed and unsatisfying. The random slow-mo shots of bubbles and pillow fights were bizarre as well.

Personally LOVED this film and thought it was the best in the heat. Though some of the other films in the heat had better cameras and more experienced actors etc I thought this film came across with its own unique style and was laugh out loud funny.

Loved all the little comedic elements like the parents clearly being the same age as their son and the art department for the speed dating along with the Facebook profile at the beginning. Also the chemistry was fantastic between the lead and his love interest.

It was quirky, lovable and funny. What more could you ask for?

I personally thought the green screen was quite good (though the lighting in the car was much too harsh). Story was okay. The ending was pretty good with a role reversal of sorts happening.

Quirky with some good laughs about a flat's lack of milk. Enjoyed the joke about the flatmate usually eating his weetbix without milk!

Great characters and cinematography! Some good laughs in here as well! The first act was really great but the ending was a tad ho-hum but overall enjoyable!

Fantastic use of blood and guts here! The neighbor was a hilarious addition too.

Beautiful cinematography, grading and lighting with some great locations! Story and editing felt like it let it down a wee bit but overall the presentation was great! The horse and the slow-motion running shots were the highlight for me.

Fantastic intro and really great camera work and music! Did a great job with crafting the team dynamics that matched the style of the film. The ending let the film down however as it was very vague and seemed completely out of the blue rather than a good set up twist/shock. Up until the last few scenes though the film was killer!

Laughed a lot during this short. Great comedy and good use of a 60minutes style interview! The twist ending didn't match up as well as I would have liked but overall still great fun.