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Awesome work guys. Tight, clever and agree with meeeeeeeee - very slick. Sound writing and characterisation nicely balanced humour and gore. Cinematography elegant. A great short, worthy of more than the heats IMHO.

An enjoyable effort

I really liked that this was trimmed down; that you seemed to step back and judge that it's not about using up your seven minutes, but something of interest, be it very short or otherwise. Fun stuff.

Nicely done, guys! a lovely bit of pathos for the genre, and suitably impressive puppetry. Enjoyed this a lot.

Not the easiest genre to tackle. Sympathies. Nice treatment and good mood.

couldn't really get an handle throughout on where you were coming from, sorry guys

Good on you guys! Musical is a bitch. Started with some punch, though as time went on, delivery jarred with the opening treatment. Became a bit more comical than I sense you were trying to achieve, but I liked what you were trying to do.

An ego trip on the 30 sec intro made me instantly go looking for ways for this film to redeem itself. It did. The tall guy was excellent, though I fear without him this was nowhere. Some nice shots, and the creative idea held up almost to the end.

A good laugh! Aurally and visually muddy at the start, but redeemed. A good take on the genre, but the toilet interruption idea was at least one scenario overworked so it dragged a bit. Very funny end idea. Nice work. I'd love to see these guys again next year.

I liked the expanse of this, and mood, the shooting was lovely. Let down by a lack of real tension given the subject matter; it had promise it subsequently didn't deliver on. Some of the acting was nicely natural (mother). A better plot that eventually answered something about 'why' could have pushed it up the field.

No real surprise and it killed my interest with its repetitiveness. We kinda got it pretty early on, could have done with a true shock somewhere, rather than continual shockfest. Some nice touches, like the outro.

Good work for the genre. Loved the stop anim intro, shows talent. Ultimately lagged, needed to be tighter, shorter. The idea was OK, just required better deployment of it.

Hilarious, but not all for purely cinematic reasons. Seems these guys tried hard, and occasionally that came off nicely. Needed to tighten up things, and acting needed more polish - or perhaps lines the actors could deliver to genuinely rather than awkwardly.

Interesting idea, but faltered. Though sympathies, this is always one tough genre. Sound let it down often. A few cringe moments, some wavering pace through shots, and some resulting laughs that I felt we're quite intended.

started with real flair. Interesting shots. Acting let it down a wee bit. Hard to follow for a while, and could have done with a clue from the kid scene to the next which then defined the next few relationships on the basis of that scarring. Perhaps others 'got it' quicker than me tough. Nice all round.