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I'm a veteran participant in the 48 Hours. As a team member in previous years I've been an actor, camera operator and editor, but these days I'm the team leader and a director, editor, writer, and D.O.P. for team Noise and Pictures.


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Funny stuff, some jokes well told by the actors and images (like the bear shown post-attack). You made good use of whatever that space was you had to film in. I liked it! Not an amazing story, but the telling of it was good.

Had a genuine horror feel to it, even if it was a bit heavy-handed and technically a little clunky (although, not that bad for a 48 hour film). Well done making a horrifying horror. Good committed performances from the actors. There have been few really successful, horror films that aren't comedies in the competition, so good on you guys for having a good stab at it. Nearly a really good film.

I don't care what the rest of you say, I liked the neighbour with the weird reaction who swore a lot. That was comedy. It seemed like the film could have pushed more into that kind of comedy in other areas of the film. That could have made it even funnier. The Mum almost had that kind of delivery in a few moments as well, but the tone wasn't quite consistent. I liked the kid with the broken arm getting whacked repeatedly, but there was an opportunity to follow that up by having a door slammed in his face later on that was missed.
I liked the nice tidy, funny ending. The match cut seemed pretty forced until I thought about it right now and realized that maybe you were going for a deeper meaning involving the ending of the film. Maybe I'm slow. I didn't think the swearing was that bad, even for kids watching. It just needs explanation, like all the swearing kids all observe all the time. Anyway, I laughed, I enjoyed it, I thought the story was pretty solid.

This film made me laugh. It was a cute, silly idea. This heat and this film reminded me how the production values don't really matter as long as you're enjoying something.

Some good jokes and a premise so far fetched it was funny. No real substance, but I laughed, and I like laughing.

Although I didn't really like this film, I did appreciate the attempt to pull it off. It's tough to make a film with a sincere darkness and not rely on jokes to please the crowd and this team has had a good crack at that. Well done for trying something a bit different.

Well, I was shocked by the ending. I certainly didn't see it coming. I was entertained. If you really did make this in 4 point something hours, Nitro, well... wow, that's kind of a miracle. Not really a great film, but I enjoyed it.

I cracked up. Classic 48 Hours film. 'Screw the story, let's just put in the good bits!'. This was a strange, disjointed, entertaining film. I don't know how it worked so well, but it did.

Non-traditional take on the idea of Time Travel. I'm not sure it quite came across in that sense, but it was a worthy experiment and the film was interesting. More of a creepy horror, the actors gave some good natural performances and the cinematography made good use of darkness and hand held shots to show us only what we need to create the atmosphere. The story though, was really told through the editing, which was done well, and seemed like it had really taken some thought.

This was an ambitious film; a Rom-Com staring very young actors with sexual themes, and I thought it came out remarkably well. The two young leads did a great job and even gave credibility to material that could have been really crass, but instead remained quite sweet and endearing. That was until a woman appeared on a computer screen, pushing the youngsters to have sex. That character was, I think, ill-judged and came across as some kind of sexual predator, but I don't think that was the intention and I still enjoyed the film. The film used some good Rom-Com conventions, but there was still a good vein of originality.

Solid premise for a race against the clock film initially, but then the story lost it's way a bit, I thought. The ending didn't really relate to the rest of the film, and although I appreciated the attempt at a meaningful emotional conclusion, I hadn't really connected with the characters, so it didn't really do it for me. Some good ideas in there though.

This is the kind of film I always hope to see in the 48 hours: plot and character driven fun. It wasn't technically the slickest film, but it was funny and enjoyable and you wanted to know what happened next. The little girl expressing things from her point of view and her growing relationship with the kidnapper was the highlight. I also really liked that the lying was a real plot driver.

This film really drew you in. Definitely one of the better films from a really good heat. I really wanted to know what was going to happen in the end. I was really expecting some big surprising finish, which didn't really come, but I enjoyed the ride anyway. If only the ending lived up to the rest of the film! Amazing make-up. There were some serious facial prosthetic jobs and more. Well done.

Very compelling cinematography. Really showed how good every-day locations and scenes can look! I thought the music production was done well; it sounded good, although, the same song did just seem to run throughout, without a lot of variation. I didn't like the story, but I am impressed at the quality of the production, especially given the genre. Good, committed performances from the actors.

Good acting. Some very nice shots. Some very dodgy sound, some of the time. Pretty good story. This team is on the verge of being pretty slick. Didn't quite nail any aspect, but overall this was probably the best film of the heat.

The second animated film with a voice over of the heat. Voice overs just don't work unless you get the production of them right. They so often seriously lower the quality of a film. This film was far from being the worst in that respect though. Not too bad, but really I'd urge any team to really consider how well they can do a voice over before employing one. Anyway the film... I have a prejudice against animations. They're usually rubbish, especially in the 48 hours. Despite that, I didn't hate this film, so that's saying something. I laughed at some bits. The ending made me laugh. I would have preferred to have actually been shocked, but funny is good too.

None of the characters in the film were particularly likeable, which always makes a film hard to enjoy. The actors were competent and you could follow the story, although I'm not sure I totally bought it. There didn't really seem to be much mystery or puzzle in the film, just the playing out of a creepy, criminal scenario. Some good shots and use of the location.

Some fun performances from the actors, particularly Morgan and Crystaal. The guy who thought he was David Attenborough did probably as well as you could with the one joke he was given to work with. It did make me laugh at times. I thought the doco style of characters addressing the camera worked quite well. Another reviewer found the film offensive. I laughed at the "but seriously, he's very badly brain-damaged" joke, but I'm not really surprised someone took offence.

I remember thinking there was some really interesting writing in this film. I really liked the premise and the library in the tent was great. Sometimes I thought I wasn't quite getting all the details I was meant to, but over all I thought it was an original idea with some compelling moments.

I loved some of the weird scenes and dialogue in this film. There were some great ideas. Loved the singing ladies and the weird characters throughout, but the film was let down by terrible audio and it seemed very long. Perhaps this is why it was disqualified. Seems like this team could make some very entertaining films with better technical know-how and script editing.

Fun film to watch. More comedy than real romance, which is probably harder to pull off, but I enjoyed it and the costumes were great. Definitely one of the more likeable films of the heat.

Some very nice visual images and some unique humour. I thought the counting to 24 scene was great; I thought the humour was very much intentional and that it worked. The film's approach to it's genre of musical could fairly be called avoidance, but it was a creative avoidance. No real plot, but enough amusing moments to keep me entertained.

I thought the idea of the object of affection in an obsessional relationship being an inanimate thing was pretty good. There's lots of scope there. I just thought that that needed to be more the focus of the film; there were scenes that didn't have much to do with the obsessional relationship. I really liked the scene where the lead sat on the scooter, imagining riding with the wind in her hair and sun on her face. You could really see that, even though we didn't actually see it. That's what the film needed more of: fun or interesting scenes about the core obsessional relationship. Well done to the young cast members.

At first I didn't like this film at all, but then a few nice shots and a couple of sweet moments and I cared again. For some reason the harmonica in the tunnel was what brought me back on board. It wasn't exactly clear that there was a converging story line, but with a bit of a leap of the imagination, it's there. Very few films that lose me at the start, hook me back in by the end, but this one did, but I felt like I had to do some of the work myself. It was original and that's awesome.

There were some really good visual ideas and a committed performance from the lead actor, but the story didn't really do it for me.

Some good work by the cast in this film, but ultimately we as the audience can't really sympathise with any of the characters. There is some misdirection in the film, which is a good idea, but it leads to an unsatisfying conclusion.

For me this was one of the more enjoyable films of the heat. I really enjoyed the vibe and energy. The dialogue between the two leads was well done and very funny. It wouldn't take too much improvement for this team to make some really, really nice films. Visually, I thought the film suffered a bit from having a lot of shots from inside the car, where a lot of overexposed exterior was in the frame, but hey, it's tricky getting those car shots right some times. I thought the fight in the opening scene was pretty clunky and the resolution of story wasn't really great, but there was a bit of pay off at the end and the film made me happy.

Intriguing premise. I might have enjoyed more pay-off in the story; more explanation, maybe. On the other hand, the mystery of it is part of it's appeal. I'm not sure. An original film, that was very different to the rest of the films in the heat.
The make-up really set this film apart; it was good and creepy.
The whole film had the tone of an episode of The Twilight Zone or something like that. I like that.

An action thriller about a man manipulated in to being a kind of hit man for shadowy bad guys. I admire this team in their attempt to pull off a straight drama, with a young cast. They commit to it. You can see the team working hard to make a film in a genre, without poking fun at it. It's a big ask and although the characters and the story are a bit cold and hard to love, the team get some good work in to their film. There's some nice action cinematography and lighting in the climactic shoot out scene for example.

This comedy stalker film cracked me up. I loved some of the dialogue. I lost it on "Who sends cookies like this?". Lead actress was great, carrying many of the scenes with her performance. Thanks for a genuinely enjoyable film, team!

I thought the way the shots were used to put the scenes together in this film was very competent. For a young team they showed great ability to put a film together in terms of the cinematography and editing. The acting performances were committed and commendable as well. I felt gutted for the team that a crucial sound effect was out of place, since the rest of the film was technically good. I've been there. It didn't detract too much though.
The film is about a couple of wannabe hit-men, which was fine for creating some drama, but really, it's hard to be sympathetic towards a hit man, even if he is an insomniac. I wasn't really emotionally engaged by the characters as much as I would have liked to have been, but I was still impressed by the film.

This was a charming, funny film that had me and the audience cracking up. A teenager feels she hasn't truly experienced everything a teenager should, and so, with the help of her friend, sets out to get through a bucket list of teen must-do activities before she turns 18. The lead actresses are great and the antics are lots of fun to watch. The performances and the premise really seemed like something that could make for a cool TV show. I thought is was really well edited too. It was really nice to see a story based on charm and character. Very sweet.
Great work from a young team. I loved it.

Just watched this in the screening room. Cool film. Some very pretty shots, good acting and I liked the ending. The film-makers really did a good job using their required elements; It was a solid crime film and the line of dialogue was used really well for example. It was quite an economical film; everything in it was a necessary part of the story, which I guess is what you want in a short film. The story in this quite short film kept me engaged all the way; I always wanted to know what happened next, but if we were made to care more about the characters in it, it might have gone from good to really, really good. Having said that, it does really well with so few scenes. In the 48 hours I guess it's probably pretty smart to put all your effort in to a tight film, like this team has. Well done.

This 'scary tale' exploited the one-shot format well to keep up the tension of the story. I'm not sure if the story would have stood up that well, if shot more conventionally, but I guess the one-shot genre was always going to be tricky to deal with and likely to take over a film. I thought the team did really well to sync the voice-over narrative with the action on screen as well as they did. I loved the red flower petal blood; it was very visually in keeping with the tone of the film. The film makes use of a very simple location, but manages to turn it in to a fairy tale world. Nice use of the required line at the end of the film. It's a shame the film wasn't eligible for competition; I'm sure the audience would have rated it well.

Some classic kiwi deadpan acting and some good jokes made this a fun watch and the plot made sense (even if it was built on an absurd premise). What more can you ask for? I loved the understated performance of the 'kind-of-like-a-wizard' uncle character and the final line from the mother was a crack up. The idea that everything hinged on fixing an ornament with super glue was funny. I liked that there was secret dragon-society; the tattoos were a nice touch. For me the film was one of the better ones in the heat at pulling off intentional jokes. With some technical polish, this team could make some great films.

This film's team gave themselves a tricky task of presenting parallel realities in the film. I admired their ambitious efforts and the look of the film helped with that idea. It didn't quite make it as a whole idea, but there was some good work in the film.

A film very much in the have-a-go spirit of the 48 hour film fest. I really enjoyed watching it. If you measure it by professional film-making standards, it doesn't come off well, but the film had an originality and personality that made it more valuable than any star rating it's likely to get. Looked like a tiny crew (I think I only saw one guy stand up to take his bows) so well done Monastery Amateur Film Club!