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A rating on a film like this is irrelevant, this is the best bad film you're likely to see in this comp, see it

An excellent offering from a consistently brilliant team. Definitely got the biggest laugh of the night with one particularly vulgar (in the best way) line too, great stuff

I'm not sure if it came together into a cohesive narrative but it sure was good fun. Tone wise it was brilliant, kept wondering where they got all the cameras from..

Some really beautiful shots but it felt like this team couldn't quite figure the genre out, plenty of talent on display though

I've got to agree with fallback. This film started very strongly but lost its way and became a little confusing. Great makeup though.

Very impressive production value. This film was thoroughly entertaining with some incredible special effects.

What a way to start the night. This film was flawlessly acted with an excellent twist and the best use of the required prop I think we're likely to see this year. Again, they absolutely nailed it. Best film in the heat, and likely to be a real contender in the finals.

I feel bad giving a negative review to 4 14 year olds but we're all judged under the same parameters, right? This was a very sincere effort from a director and editor clearly very interested in filmmaking and will certainly improve immensely with subsequent efforts. This quest concerns two boys hunting in the woods, and a villain who looked suspiciously Arab.. Although the film overall was a bit of a mess it looks like the boys had fun, and the effect where the villain gets shot in the head was cool.

A twilight homage with some really funny moments, but overall didn't really work. Great effort though from what appeared to be a young team.

Technically proficient and excellently acted. This one-room comedy maintains a fairly consistent tone and is funny in its simple observations. I thought the fight scene seemed out of place, but otherwise very enjoyable.

A man gets pulled over in the country, and there's something dodgy about him right away. Although this is more comedy than crime it works great as the police officers turn into weird crazy people, who deserve to be whacked. Again, Roger Harper Experience has shown its knack for adept humour and silliness even with such serious subject matter (when you think about it).

Very slick and very funny, exactly what you'd expect from these guys. Bill or Ben (not sure which one) gets his arm stuck under a somewhat rotund woman after spending the night with her. So 127 hours meets shallow hal as he tries to escape in this very self-referential short laden with NZ celeb cameos. Again, very funny.