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First off - the team intro was fantastic.

The film's literal interpretation of the "opposite's attract" genre provided an interesting lens through which to examine the current climate of over-polarized politics and beliefs. The mockumentary Police 10-7 format is a tried-and-true 48Hours approach. Overall - I thought it was a clever premise that maybe missed an opportunity to make a deeper commentary or statement.

As always, Cool Story Bro have produced another polished 48Hours short. A simple premise elevated by fantastic performances from the leads. Sheena Irving as the 'awakener' was definitely a standout. Nice work, team!

The film so good they played it twice!

This film definitely stood out as an audience favorite - with its sometimes awkward pacing and gags seeming to land pretty effectively. Animation is always an endeavor with 48, but animated split-screen is a whole nother ballgame. A fun, funny, impressive effort from a talented team.

Chess Club are a national treasure.

Their instinct for genre-satirizing comedy is on show in this tight, funny, buddy-cop parody. They do not disappoint.

This film was a stand-out from the other school-team entries. Musical is a challenge for the best of teams, and these students took the challenge head on. While the music was maybe a bit repetitive, there was obviously thought put into the lyrics and performances added to that. I was particularly impressed with the cinematography - and thought that the carefully composed and held shots really made this film stand out. Keep making stuff, guys!

A very clever approach to solo 48. Fantastic use of miniatures and lighting, great VFX & motion graphics, and really solid acting and writing from the sole creator. This is what 48Hours is all about. This was easily one of my favorites of the night.

A heartfelt spin on a superhero family. Solid performances from the leads, good comedic timing, and great editing that allowed viewers to follow the narrative even during frantic action and arguments. Cute little story with a wholesome ending and good gags.

Feel-good coming-of-age friendship werewolf splatstick? Yes please!

Mitchell's Here has taken the animated route the last couple years of the competition - and their experience shows. A nice, heart-felt story with simple (but slick) animations, a tidy edit, and smooth sound hits all the right beats. For is an admittedly ridiculous premise, Self A-Were is genuinely moving. A big kudos to the voice actor whose performance in both of the lead roles made me care for cartoon werewolves.

I wish I didn't know what yiffing was.

No further comment.

A unique premise with an emotional twist. Great performances from the ensemble cast, and a fairly polished technical execution. It's not easy making people laugh and get emotional all inside a 5 minute run time, but Attention Seekers attempts just that. That being said, it's possible the emotional ramp at the end was a little jarring. Youth suicide is a sensitive subject, and if the mark is missed, it can feel a little heavy handed. It's possible the shift in tone towards the end of the film may have left the audience with a bit of whiplash.

Dirty 30 are all but guaranteed a spot at the city finals (if not the nationals) with this entry. A technically excellent and thoroughly polished short that parodies the ill-effects of social media most of us know all too well. Points for an original twist on the werewolf myth, and impressive make-up, cinematography, and editing. It's possible that this same story could be told in a 20 second skit - but what it lacks in depth, Beast Mode more than makes up for in execution.

The concept and message behind this film were solid, and while it may have suffered technically (musical claims another victim!) - it was still thoroughly enjoyable. Whether or not it was for the intended reasons, a good portion of the audience genuinely enjoyed this film.

Following up their 2017 win, Cool Story Bro has produced another solid dramatic entry to a competition that otherwise leans toward comedy. An original premise, great performances, and slick camerawork help to create a confronting tension that leaves the viewer feeling uneasy (by design!). Only complaint is that the sound was quite low in places - I'm not sure how much of this was the fault of the filmmakers or venue - but once the story got going it was easy to overlook.

Chess Club - always a treat. This year was no exception. Their literal take on the "fish-out-of-water" genre coupled with an inspired navigation of their 48Ultra requirements results in a fun, visually dynamic short that plays well with the audience. It's about time we saw a fish-person cast in a leading role. Go fish people.

Also worth mentioning is the ridiculously intricate team intro which seems to be growing in absurdity and talent each year. You always know you're in for a treat when Chess Club's tiles slide into frame.

I think maybe Cool Story Bro Film may have gotten bad directions and ended up at the wrong festival, because I'm pretty sure I just watched an NZIFF short. This is a seriously impressive film, both technically and creatively, and boasts a resonant, relevant message rarely seen in a 48 Hour submission. A very endearing take on the "Buddy Film" genre, I'm a big fan. I expect to see this film go all the way.

Chess Club never fails to impress, and their 2017 submission is no exception. Morgan Foster Presents: Mindcreep Cinema is a perfect marriage of hilarity and horror - an unconventional sequel to their 2014 fantasy-adventure Mind Creep. While the film may star legendary mage-man Morgan Foster, the real magic on display is Chess Clubs creative and technical wizardry. Between the tight concept, exceptional sound, and stunning cinematography, you'd be forgiven for forgetting this film was conceived and produced in 48 hours. Bravo, Chess Club, bravo.

When I heard Cidade de Dudes had received Z-Grade film as their genre, I knew we were in for a treat. While 48 Hours has seen plenty of accidental z-grades submitted through the years, it takes a special self-awareness to craft a film so deliberately awkward it's hilarious. It's a fine line that distinguishes hilarious bad from actually bad, and Cidade de Dude navigates this tightrope with ease, demonstrating a fundamental understanding of z-grade films and their tropes. From over-the-top American accents and stunted, staccato dialogue through to the repetitive, heavy-handed score and pseudo-art-house aesthetic, this film is an ode to all those films we love to hate. Nice work team!

Animation takes time, a fair bit of it. And if there's one thing you don't have in 48 hours it's a fair bit of anything, least of all time. That didn't keep Mitchell's Here from taking on the challenge. "Floored" blends both live-action and animation cohesively to tell a simple story with an important message. With a fair bit of polish, and an excellent performance from the lead actress (in both live action and animated roles), Floored is a tidy, creative, and self-contained film with plenty of laughs.

10/10 would watch again.