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Loved the items linked to the flashbacks. didnt understand the body at the end. symbolising something?

I thought the Saw bit was good, but the editing was a bit rough. Acting was a shame, the characters weren't as solid as I first thought. In terms of the idea it was great, original way to take the One room thing.

Hmmm. Nice idea, but some shots during dialogue was too long and could have been cut to several shots of different angles.

Loved the fact that the storyline rounded off properly, you don't get that too often. Enjoyed the Principal's voice, a very Severus Snape/Clint Eastwood feel to him.

I agree with Jonny, could have been longer and a bit clearer, but easily one of the very best of the night!

Dragged on a bit at the start, but once the ball started rolling it was great, one of the highlights of the night! Loved the dancing during the credits.

Great idea, dragged down by poor camera quality. amazing blood effects, but the rest of the editing wasn't as great. little kid as Prime Minister was hilarious.

Wow, amazing idea, hilarious puns (Ben Guin, Pam Debear, etc). Hate to say I thought the ending was a bit weak, but the use of the wire was really smart.

An entertaining way to take the genre, could have done with more movement in the second half. Over all, a funny movie with some witty dialogue.