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Nice flick! Dark and twisted.

One thing I'd focus on for improvement: Lighting the scene. The outdoor stuff looks great because it was sunny, and sunlight makes stuff look good. Indoors is trickier, depending on what resources you have. BUT you can still light a scene better even with a low (or no) budget. Find a reflective surface (white cardboard works fine) to use as a bounce, borrow some lamps and look up some tutorials on lighting a scene online. Good lighting can add a lot in horror, long shadows on the face adding creepiness and so on.

Anyways. Nice work and keep at it, some good storytelling there!

So bad it's ...

Pretty fun film overall. Clearly a lot of work went into it! I normally don’t like guns in 48 films, mainly because it’s NZ and we don’t have guns (well, you know, pistols and automatic weapons and such). But in this film it works, because of the OTT epic silliness of the film. It’s Mad Max, Rambo, Suicide Squad all at the same time. I think.

Charlie Flowers character is fantastic. Creepy in a fun way. With a superpower thats hinted at near the beginning and revealed at the end. Nice touch.

Pacing is a little off, especially during the sniper scene, while well executed (ha!), went on a bit too long.

The spilt frames worked really well most of the time, working best when showing Charlie and the action side by side. The night scene shots were fun (I always avoid the night shoots if possible). Love the use of fog (did you have a smoke machine?).

It's a good bad film but if I had to suggest anything, it would be to embrace the bad side more, go all in with it. Some of the outdoor shots were really nice and well exposed, and could of been dirtied up a bit. Film grain in post, or an aggressive ND filter so you could dial up the ISO during the day to get that noise in camera.

Keep doing what your doing tho, it's what make 48 so fun.