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The opening scene with the guy & girl was so well done, proved to be a great little twist of where you expected the film to go! After that I got a little bit lost about what was happening though, but I did like the visuals. The camera work and acting was fantastic

Visually this film was fantastic! It's a shame that it can't be a contender. I was a little lost about what was going on, but I loved the editing/camera work in it.

The opening in particular was hilarious! The acting was great as well, I loved the one liners from the guys at the beginning. The only issue I had was sound was a little bit loud at times, otherwise awesome effort for 48 hours!

Awesome effort for 48 hours, top notch performances, and a great reaction from the audience! A contender for Wellington for sure. I might go and purchase a bunny onesie now ;)