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I thought this film stuck to the genre really well while also being quite unique and new.

Great animation and in particular integration of the animated character into the real world environment especially when she helps with the phone call, I thought the two actors were strong as well.

The film had a nice opening but I thought the 2 minutes leading up to the phone call felt a little slow in parts.

All up an enjoyable film, well done !

Saw this film at the hamilton finals and thought it was one of the top shorts.

Great idea of losing the body and I thought this suited the genre really well. Some really funny and original set pieces for the body to go through and I thought the two main leads really did well with there reactions.

The scenes at the bus stop could have been trimmed a little I thought.

The ending was great, I could see it coming being that I'm from hamilton and the composition of the shot but I still thought it was reLly funny.

Deserved to be in the finals.

Great look in this film, the cinematography was well done and the use of locations and all the empty cars really helped with the last person on earth genre.

Thought the international shots looked great but they didn't add much to the story.

Great performances from the two leads especially the girl who had to carry the majority of the film. The writing and dialogue was really well done too.

I thought the ending was a little underwhelming.

Overall a really cool film

Thought you did great with a 2 person team and you did really well with the genre especially since it was your first shot at comedy.

You both did a great job with the multiple characters that you played and I liked the ending with the follow up messages.

Could have been made shorter in a few parts and I am kind of torn with the birds eye view shots, thought they looked great but I'm not sure they fit with the mockumentry style you went for.

Really liked the intro that you did too, simple but good.

I really liked the beginning of this film, had some cool performances from everyone and it felt real .

The film looked great and it followed the genre well but I too thought the swearing was a bit much in the middle of the film.

Overall liked the film I just thought it a few pacing issues in the middle with the money.

I really liked the opening of this film too and some of the locations were really cool like that bit in the tunnel.

Thought the editing was well done and the music and tone of the film was cool.

I thought it dragged a little in the middle when he was on the computer.

I liked the ending with the death but I'm not quite sure if I fully understood it.

But yes really thought you nailed look and feel.

Funny film with some great reaction acting from all the actors. Liked the nod to ghost although godfather part 3 is probably the better comparison.

Liked the use of those video inserts too, could see the ending coming but still enjoyed the film.

Overall a really nicely rounded short.

Fun film with some great performances from the actors, liked the pov shots at the beginning and reminded me of that music video from the 90s.

Thought is captured the mistaken identity genre really well and had a nice funny pay off at the end. The opening morning shot in the bedroom felt a little too dark for me but I am watching it on an ipad so it might be that.

Overall a fun film that I really enjoyed.