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Good twist at the end that nearly made the movie worth watching. Overall though, just too cringe to watch as the lines of dialogue, and insults that 50-year-old men find funny were forcibly thrown out by the unlikable characters.

Best use of genre was well earned!

This film is so cringey that it hurts to think about it! You really understood what the term meant and delivered a fantastic film.

The bed scene - whispering sweet, extremely cringing nothings to each other was a brilliant moment. I never saw the ending coming but a second watch highlights how well the premise was set up.

Good luck for the national finals!

I loved this film. You guys really managed something special here. I know that a horror film is something not easy to set up and payoff in the space of 5 minutes but this film easily delivers. That clown laugh gave me literal chills.

Everything about this film is perfect. From the amazing cinematography, creative use of the elements, to stunning costumes and set design.

It was so wonderful that the elements were used to drive the plot line forward and not awkwardly placed anywhere. Your use of wind was creative and teams should definitely look towards this to see how to incorporate the elements in future years.

After sitting through so many average films during all the heats this one was just a breath of fresh air. I was so sad not to see it place in the city finals but cannot wait to see where you guys go in the national finals! I'm definitely rooting for you to take it out!

This film has such incredible cinematography that it certainly deserves it's placing. Although it did take 2 watches to understand(ish) the film, I just have to say it actually gets better with every watch.

The circulation of the story explains a lot - but also just raises more questions than answers. Is the man in a continuous loop? Is that why we see him waving up at the building in the first shot and conclude with him waving at the same building?

I think that Ultra 100% makes this film - Sorry Andrew - but your complaining and pain during that weekend has birthed a beautiful film.

I'm so excited to see how it goes in nationals!

This film is such a cleaver and refreshing take on both time travelling and periods.

I also think that the two female leads delivered strong performances and there was good comedic supporting roles from the males.

I really enjoyed the allegory and think that it hit the nail on the head with the issues of discussing periods and talking about them, and especially the awkwardness of a young teenage girl's first experience. It's definitely still a topic that many men are nervous to approach and I think that you've done a wonderful job with the script!

Such a cool, fresh take on the holiday genre! Cheernobyl was such a brilliant name!

The costuming was amazing guys and set design was equally great! I just wish that the story arc was stronger as although I can easily picture the holiday cake face, but the resolution to the story wasn't as memorable.

Overall, I was sad to not see this film in the city finals but don't let that bog you down for next year! I looking forward to seeing what you pull out of the hat!

Although this film had a good use of the genre, it just felt very flat and left the viewer with more questions than answers.

Firstly, the lead female actress was fantastic, however, this just consistently highlighted how weak the lead male actor's skills were. He struggled to sell the lines and there was very little on-screen chemistry.

The 'end of the world' ending just seemed a bit of a convenient way of wrapping up the film without any real resolution. Maybe an actual break up with the two characters would have served a more effective finish to the film and a figurative (rather than literal) 'END'. Sometimes smaller is actually bigger.

Also, surely there were better complications to a relationship that would have served the premise of the film better, as instead the story ended up playing into an archaic stereotype that women aren't trustworthy.

Arh! This film is so funny! You guys really hit the nail (or blade?) on the head with this film! Normally mockumentaries feel tired in 48 hours, but this felt so refreshing and was a very creative way of incorporating ULTRA. The charming lead actor definitely made this film, as his comedic timing delivered one of the best performances in this years competition.

Although the ending was slightly confusing, I took it to mean that nature really had come back but in a kind of Blair Witch Project moment.

This was definitely in my top 5 and I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys do next year!

This film is an exception piece of work and definitely something to be proud of! The film is so playful and fun whist delivering a captivating story that holds the audience's attention from beginning to finish. Throughout the whole 'We're coming to find you' song I was on the edge of my seat and I love the shot of the explosion from outside the window! The shot is so creative and delivers on the built up suspension in an unexpected way! This film is so complete it's a pleasure to watch and I knew it was something special from the first viewing, yet it still provides the same feeling with each time I've seen it!

I'm ecstatic to see it in the national finals after (as AJ has highlighted) being so disappointed that it didn't place in the city finals

P.S. The payoff of the golf club is something to be marvelled!