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I just watched this again on youtube and i understand the story a whole lot better. After seeing your 2014 film, i think your actors and actresses are fantastic. The sound and music worked very well and i loved the use of the line. A very convincing performance and i look forward to seeing your future films!

I think this film had a clever idea using the genre well but i thought it was roughly put together.
The cuts were not very clean and the sound was not very clear either. I think with more time and precision, this could be a brilliant film. The two young boys did a every good job but i have to say i was confused by the story line until the very end.
Well done!

I thought the Gangsta Pirates film Axiom was made very professionally. The sound was very well done and i loved the flashback scene of the dead body being dragged, it gave me chills! The acting was brilliant! I was very impressed with the standard of it and I can see some of your actors and actresses doing big things in the future. Every year your films improve in the quality and overall it was a very good short film. Your cuts were clean and the music was epic, i would like to congratulate you for such a great job in only 49hours! Perhaps in the future a more light-hearted story line would go down better for the audience, i got a little confused during the beginning as to why Morgan was lying to her friends with such extreme stories but all made sense when Morgans mum confronted her. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance, thanks Gangsta Pirates!