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This film was hilarious. Well done with sticking to your genre, following the general cliché of a romantic comedy with a new twist. The female lead was a little off with the acting, I feel like you guys don't normally work with film. The quality was alright, but it kind of went a little surreal at the end. But it was alright, in the end.

This was so adorable, but like most of the films in this heat, it kinda droned on, and didn't go anywhere. It was super cute though. Just make it more interesting.

It was a little cliché. You could hardly hear what the dude was saying. I think you may have tried too hard, and it didn't work. The storyline was somewhat there, though, and it could have been good if you had more time.

This would have been SO FUNNY if you had a BETTER CAMERA! Also, the toilet thing was a little confusing. You should have just stuck with this woman who was extremely paranoid about ebola. You could have made that work.

Watching this film, I distinctly remembered Team Dolphin's film from last year. This film is so significantly dolphin. And I love you guys' films. Keep doing what you're doing, but please, get a better camera, and better editing software!

Too much. Just, too much. It droned on for too long. The idea was funny- somewhat cliché- but funny. The shots were just too long. Mystery films never have long shots. They have extreme close ups and quick jump shots and everything is constantly moving. This film always just..................Boring

This movie was quite, um, cliché, at the start. But I feel like you should have done MORE. You could have made it so the pills made him a bad boy with slicked back hair and a leather jacket. You could have made it so they made him turn huge and angry like the hulk. You could have done more. There's no limits to film. The crazier you go, the better it is.

This film would be so good if the voiceover match wasn't so cringeworthy! You guys didn't actually have to have good singing for the music. I feel like it would have been funnier if the singing was shit, even though their voices were actually gorgeous (Like seriously. Y'all should go on X Factor.) Even though the storyline and lyrics were genius, the bad voiceover kind of distracted me from it. Also, it should have been shorter.

I LOVED THIS FILM. The storyline was good, it ended at the right place, there was nothing unnecessary or excessive. This was the only school film that stuck in my mind at the end of the night. Someone has got to get you guys a better camera, so it can look pretty too.

Another pretty looking movie. It's a pity it was disqualified. The shots were gorgeous and the editing was beautiful. But I feel as though the story kind of droned on. It started to stop making sense. The storyline was all blurry. The ending was funny, but a little unnecessary. I feel like you should have ended it sooner. But it was extremely pretty looking. Well done on that.

What a wonderful idea. I loved the dialogue between Harper 'Adam' and God, and the whole journey through 'restarting the earth.' Cinematography was BEAUTIFUL. Which is why it's such a pity it wasn't edited well. Half of it was voiceovered well, but the other half you could hardly hear what Harper was saying. The bus stop encounter was a little cringey, and you could sometimes hear people talking in the background. So, this could have been a beautiful film if you had more time.

First things first: THE MATCH CUT WAS AMAZING. Well done guys. Second of all, great shock ending. The whole cinema gasped when it was revealed. I liked the whole idea, with the handheld footage. But, there were a few questioning moments. Like, when the kid was shocked with the toaster and killed, everyone was surprisingly chill, then SUDDENLY EVERYONE WAS RUNNING AND FREAKING OUT, then chill again. And the dizzying camera footage when they were running made me feel a little nauseous, but I'm not sure if that was on purpose or not. The shock of the toaster was a little amateur, but it was done quite well for a high school team. I've seen adults do FX worse than that, so you're all good.
All in all, great film guys. Well done.