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Wonderful, well deserved runner up! Really pulls on your heart strings.

Intense, great concept! Well done all! Made me laugh and squirm like the good splatstick that it was :)

I had a hard time believing this team only had two people in it, because I was legit sold on there being multiple people in the house!

Lovely cinematography and quirky, clever story which leaves you fully feeling the emotions of the dog and following his perspective of events. What a star!

Great job, guys. Definitely deserved your Grand National & City wins.

I flipping loved this film! A moving story that feels just like reading a children's fable.
Really wonderful work guys.

The build up in this film was great. Good tension and production values. Really enjoyed the rules of the heist. Sadly, it's ending failed to make a point or an impression.
Good effort though!

I'm usually a big fan of AKMSA, but a guy who wants to kill a girl for rejecting him is not really a joke that landed well with me. It would've worked better had the girl been successful in her attempt to strike back, which would've flipped some expectations. Cool gory FX made me squirm, but the story definitely could've been better.

Creative and unexpected use of the genre.
Well done !

Simple, fun and beautiful cinematography.

This was the funniest horror I have ever seen. So very creative, disturbing and a laugh a second. Wonderful effort, guys! Not sure it was meant to be as funny as it was, but it certainly had the feel of a Korean horror crossed with Braindead.

Well I thought this was creative and looked really stunning, it lacked heart and purpose. Some interesting ideas that needed more time to be fleshed out, or some way of connecting the audience with the character's journey. Great effort though. Interesting choice to shoot on 8mm - suited your dystopian genre.

Telling the story from the perspective of a poisoned cookie was highly entertaining. Felt a bit drawn out in places, but got plenty of giggles. Well done guys!

Could see the ending coming miles away. The seance was a bit random and set us all up for a ghost story, so was a bit disappointing. Would've been kooler as a dinner party - kinda like Hitchcock's 'Rope'.

Some great jokes here. You guys looked like you were having a lot of fun!

Some great jokes here. You guys looked like you were having a lot of fun!

It was very hard to follow and a bit too drawn out. Was a good idea that needed some better direction. Really loved the locations and lighting though. You guys did well!

So well made! Really enjoyed it!

Not a clear plot. Still don't know how it fits the immobilized genre. The pool scene was very well executed though - really creepy.

Not a film of surprises, but a very slick one. Converging storyline was perhaps one of the hardest genres, and you guys did great with it.

I'm a bit confused why this is a non-dialogue film when so much narration was incorporated into it. It was too overly complex for a few minutes worth of screen time, but the locations were great and I really enjoyed the ending. Good effort guys!

I found this movie WAY too weird and pointless. It was one strange punchline after another, rather than an absorbing story. It was impressive how they managed to do animation and music though - well done guys!

I think this film could've been very clever, but suffered from a lack of time spent on making the plot cohesive and instead became very repetitive and the fractured timeline didn't really help the story much. Needed to be much clearer. Having said that, there were some good moments I thought worked very well.

The elements of the film were clearly thrown in, rather than tastefully incorporated into the story. Needed better direction. A good effort though, as it had an awesome location and a good frankenstein style.

A clever film, but was let down by some poor acting and aimless dialogue. Great SFX though!

Wonderfully timed humour - especially loved the random Chewbacca scene! The campy acting suited the tone of the film, even though the expositional dialogue was a bit much at times. A great effort and incorporated elements well!